Spanish pronunciation: DEE-na.
Also used in Spanish. It is considered both a Spanish form of Dinah or a short form of names such as Bernardina or Claudina.

There are 3,860 bearers of this name in Spain. (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística).
Beautiful. Simple yet elegant.
When I see the name pronounced /ˈdaɪ.nə/ (DIE-nuh), It sounds WAY too close to the word "Diner". I still think it's pretty, I just don't get THIS pronunciation.
Pretty name.
Also Polish:
My name is Dina. The best thing about the name Dina is that it's very international. I was born half Russian/half Kazakh and in both of these cultures the name Dina exists. In Russian it's short for Diana, in Kazakh it's short for Dinara. Now I live in the UK, and this name is known here too. Since it's a Slavic, Scandinavian, Indian, Arab, Jewish, European, American name, it is international and free from prejudice. For example when my Middle Eastern landlord read my name on paper, she thought that I was Middle Eastern too and accepted me before she learned I wasn't, same with job interviews. People feel close to those similar to them, and since my name is so international, they assume that I am from the same place as them. It's an easy to say name too. Also, there are not so many Dinas in the world, I certainly haven't met someone other than me yet with that name. This is good news because it means that no one really had any bad previous experience with someone with that name. It's unique! I would recommend it for mixed race children like myself because I would not suit any traditional Russian name, my eyes give away my Mongolian roots. This sums up Dina for me.
Another pronunciation is Dee-Nuh.
Beautiful name.
Dina Džanković is a Serbian-Bosniak beauty pageant titleholder, who won the title of 2005 Miss Serbia and Montenegro on 18 December 2005. She is the last person to have this title due to the dissolution of the former State Union of Serbia and Montenegro in 2006. Džanković is an interior architect; however, she currently works as a model and fashion designer.
Other spellings are Dinah, Dyna, and Dynah.
My name is Dina. I get it from Bible. It is common name in Croatia. I love it, because it is short and there is no need for nickname.
When I think of Dina I think of a loner. Not my favourite name. If this was my name I might have gone by a middle name, which I sadly don't have.
The name Dina was given to 156 girls born in the US in 2015.
Dina means "day" in Sanskrit.
My name is Dina. I was informed it was Scandinavian, which is where my family is from. You can see it in the word scan-Dina-vian. The particular meanings behind the word are varied.
My name is Dina. I really like this name even if some people say I spell it wrong and I'm suppose to spell it Dena. It's a short and unique name. I'm arab and lots of Arabs have this name as well so this name doesn't have to be a Hebrew name only- it can be many language names. From all the sites I've checked they all said that the name means judged but others here have different thoughts so I really don't know what the actual meaning of my name is. Also, in Arabic it is written like this: دينا.
Why must the English language butcher every Biblical Hebrew name with its Anglicized long vowels? DEE-na sounds MUCH better than DIE-na.
It doesn't sound very pretty, but its unique! :)
The name Dina was given to 183 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Dina is also the Georgian and Russian form of Dinah.

In Georgian, Dina is written as: დინა.

In Russian, Dina is written as: Дина.
Unfortunately, there's also Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's mother. Can't stand her or her daughter.
This name is also found in Italian, where it is either a feminine form of Dino or directly from the Biblical character Dinah.
Dina is often short for names ending with Tina, even though it makes more sense just to use Tina.
Dina is also used as a feminine name in Egypt. A famous American actress with this name is Dina Meyer. As a woman's name, I regard it as a nice, refined name.
I have a cousin named Dina, she is 13. I don't know any other Dina's, and never have. Even when I was younger I thought this was a weird name, but still none the less ok. :)
I've always heard it pronounced Dee-na, not Die-na. I prefer it pronounced the first way too.
I find it bland, boring, and unimaginative, but it's not a horrible name. ''DEE-na'' sounds better, as ''DIE-na'' brings dinosaurs to mind.
Princess Dina is a fictional character from fairy-tale "Královský slib". She was played by Lucie Vondráčková.
I think this name sounds so really beautiful. I love it. A friend of mine has a cousin named Dina, and she pronounce it "DInna" and not "DIIna" as I always thought it sounded like. Well, I was wrong.
When I hear this name it makes me think "Dina the dinosaur". Not sure why, but it makes it all the more unflattering.
Dina, Mina, Nina, Rina, Tina, etc. There's a whole bunch of names with the INA ending. It's starting to get boring in my opinion.
If it's Dee-nah it's Indian, if it's Die-nah then it's Indian.
Dina is also a Hindu name and is pronounced DEE-Nah or DEE-nuh as first stated and means Sympathetic.
Dina is Hebrew for avenged.
There's the movie "I am Dina"; A film by Ole Bornedal based on the novel "Dina’s Book" by Herbjørg Wassmo.
I grew up with a girl with this name, and we all always pronounced her name "DEE-na", not "DIE-na". I know because when I was little I used to confuse her with another girl named Diana, and it would've taken me a lot longer to distinguish the two if their names sounded the same!
It's pronounced "DEE-nah"; I don't like the pronunciation "DIE-na" - it sounds risqué.
I like Dina more than Diana. Simple but still pretty name, even if it reminds me about that Swedish word "yours".
Dina (DEE-na not DIE-na) Araz was a character in season 4 of 24.
My friend's name is Dina, and personally I love the name. She has a twin sister named Mina, and in Swedish Dina and Mina means "yours" and "mine". Well, their parents didn't know that when they moved to Sweden from Turkey, so... But I still think both of the names are beautiful. =)
Dina is the main character of a book called Skammerens Datter in Danish. It is written by Lene Kaaberbøl.
Dina is the only daughter of Jacob (later called Israel) and her brothers are the famous 12 leaders of the Jews. I think Dina is the same as Hinna (the mother of Mary the Virgin). Hope anyone better knows about this and can correct my information.
Dina Merrill
Birth name-Nedenia Hutton
Philanthropist, studio owner, producer, and actress with numerous film and TV credits most notable "Operation Petticoat" and "The Courtship of Eddie's Father". The New York-born socialite and celebrity was born in 1925 the daughter of financier E.F. Hutton, the founder of the Wall Street firm, and heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post of the Post cereal fortune. She is one of the founders of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. As an actress, socialite and model, she made the cover of Life magazine on January 11, 1960.
I work as a reservationist for an airline. When I have a customer that has the same name, they usually are born in the 60's. When asked most say they were named after a popular actress of the time, most likely Dina Merrill. This could explain the sudden popularity at the time.
It was the name of an ancient Jewish princess.
The name Dina is also a Slavic name. It comes from the Slavic word for God (Gospod), from which the words Mr (Gospodin) and Mrs (Gospodina) come from. That's where Dina comes from. The namesday is on the 26 December.
It's an Arabic name too. Means believe.
Dina is pronounced Dee-nuh. This is an Indian name, completely separate from Dinah (Die-nuh).

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