I'm loving this name for a girl. I think that it has a lot of class, and it sounds really beautiful. The only reason I wouldn't use this name is because of its relativity to Donald, a name I don't like for obvious reasons (Trump, and Politics). But, I would still use it. I like it a lot. It reminds me of a very smart woman, sort of like a librarian with glasses. It also reminds me of a girl who is the life of the party.
Donna Beneviento is a character from the 2021 video game, Resident Evil Village. Donna is one of the four lords that rule over the small Transylvanian village that the main protagonist, Ethan Winters, must defeat in order to rescue his infant daughter, Rosemary Winters. Donna can be described as a quiet and mysterious antagonist who communicates through her creepy ventriloquist bride doll, Angie.
Donna sounds terrible and ugly. A big no for me.
Although I admit it sounds really cool, it still sounds like a spoiled 15 year old who has her own car and breaks her parent's rules.
Donna Pinciotti was a character from That 70s Show.
I love it very much and think it's got retro-cool.
While this name sounds a little bit too hard, it is still somehow an elegant name. Looks serious, but actually good. Donna is a quality name!
The description says the name Donella is Scottish. Yet it's also Italian and used in Italy from the words "Donna" meaning woman/lady and "ella" meaning she.

The description also states the name Ladonna is African American. In Italian when "Donna" is used as a form of address it is preceded by the feminine article "la", so it makes sense to conclude the name is of Italian origin. It isn't used in Italy, yet though it's a name containing a prefix that's been adopted by the African American community, its origin isn't particular to it.

Certain names with a capitalised prefix preceding a capitalised name, such as those indicating the son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter of, are common to many languages. Otherwise, notwithstanding the orthography is grammatically incorrect, a capitalised prefix preceding a capitalised name is particular to African American origin, so unless 'La' preceeds a name that is capitalised, such as LaDonna, the name/spelling of Ladonna, or any name shouldn't be assumed necessarily, primarily or solely African American of origin.
I'm of Italian descent with a decent knowledge of the language. In Italian "Donna" predominantly means woman, but with a first or last name, it can be used as a form of address to mean lady. I've always liked the name Donna and its meaning makes it one of my favourites. It isn't used in Italy but in other countries, people of Italian descent have sometimes been known to use it for their daughter, or make it part of a double name, such as Donna Jo, Donna Lee, etcetera.
I never used to think too much about being named “Donna” however since losing my Dad and finding the reason behind being named Donna was because of my Dad’s love for the song by Richie Valens “Oh Donna”... also, my fathers name is Richard making this a very sentimental name to me now ❤️❤️.
Pretty, but it would sound grown-up on a little girl.
In a recent episode of the American soap opera General Hospital, the character Carly's newborn baby is named Donna.
Gerard and Mikey Way's mum is named Donna.
Very dated and bland. It's not a terrible name, just boring and not a great choice with so many prettier sounding names out there.
Very distinctively 1950's-ish.
Very feminine and ladylike name. I really like it, it's so beautiful and nice. When I think of a Donna I think of a 14 year old slim red headed girl with freckles and green eyes. It may sound close to the names Don and Donald but it’s still my all time favorite name. I really wish my name was Donna.
This is a very 50's name. I have known 3 women named Donna, one a relative and 2 co-workers. They are the kind of people who are nice to your face, but talk about you behind your back. You could say I find Donnas untrustworthy. I am only speaking for myself, so your experience may be vastly different.
Donna Strickland is a Canadian physicist. She is the first Canadian to win a Noble Prize in Physics, and the third woman ever to win a Nobel Prize in Physics.
In 2018, 51 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Donna who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 52nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Very old fashioned, and it reminds me of the Italian word Donna, meaning lady.
I Just named my daughter Donna-June Valentine. I was never hugely fond of the name Donna, but my husband wanted to name our daughter for his mother, and so we decided Donna-June had a nice ring to it, and it also continues the theme of hyphenating our daughters' names. First born daughter being Hazel-May and now her sister Donna-June. Although I wasn't a huge fan of Donna at first, it has grown on me. Also, I like DJ as a nickname so it's fun, classic, and playful.
I named my daughter Donna after my mother that passed away. My daughter is now 16 years old and I hope the name Donna comes back more. It's a beautiful name and I couldn't see my daughter named anything else but Donna.
Another name it can stem from is Donatella.
I think it’s too close to “Donald” and “Don” to be a good name for a little girl. I’ve never thought it was very pretty.
How has no one mentioned Donna Fletcher (Grady's wife) from Murder she Wrote? That show is the first place I ever heard the name, Donna. Which is probably why whenever I hear someone say this name I instantly think of her. Love that character.
My name is Donna and I was named after my father Donald. I am proud to be his name sake and feel I have lived with a wonderful name. Thank you Mom and Dad and I hope the name "Donna" becomes popular again.
It is a beautiful name, very elegant and ladylike.
Donna Lynn Dixon is a retired American actress and former beauty queen. After meeting and starring together in the film Doctor Detroit, Dixon has worked in several movies with her husband Dan Aykroyd.
This is such a lovely name. It's not as popular as it used to be, but still well-known, and it would be refreshing to meet a modern baby or child named Donna.
Donna Feldman is an American model, TV host, and actress, best known for her appearances as a series regular in the TV show "Fashion House" as well as a cameo in Don't Mess with the Zohan and models for covers of magazine covers, fashion editorials, high-profile ad campaigns, and television commercials.
I love the name Donna, I find it very pretty. I've named one of the characters in a book I'm writing Donna after debating between Donna, Nora, and Dina for ages (she goes by Nightfox in the story).
I could not imagine an adult having the name Donna, a nickname given to me in 1942. I knew no grown up adults named Donna. I thought I best change it to an adult's name when I started Grade 2. I had not been at this school for too long, the previous year, and so I thought no kids would remember me. When the new teacher asked for my name, I boldly said,"Anna." To my embarrassing red faced surprise, fourty kids shot up their hands and said, "No it's not, it's DONNA!" And the nickname stuck.
It is a beautiful name & I think eventually it will be popular again one day. As for it sounding like a white trash name I disagree as the name is derived from the Latin & Italian as meaning lady! I know a Donna so maybe I'm a little biased but she's not old, fat, church going or a married settled woman nor an alcoholic but a fun loving, light hearted, slim trim woman! The woman whom I think of when I think of Donna is an actress of the 40's & 50's Donna Reed & she was a beautiful woman! I'm an old movies buff so like I said maybe I'm biased about the name.
Eh... sounds like white trash.
The name Donna was given to 159 girls born in the US in 2015.
This is pretty much a RARE name. Pretty name, not used much.
Ladonna is the African American version of Donna? Really? Please delete that. Insensitive!
Donna Hayward is one of the main characters on the surreal early 90s TV series "Twin Peaks" (played by Lara Flynn Boyle).
Donna is a beautiful name, even though it sounds like doner kebab. :P.
Donna Loren is an American singer and actress.
I have found many think the name Donna is very sexy! Donna Reed was an icon of the mother and so like a Madonna but I also think of Donna Mills, who played a vixen turned powerbroker on "Knots Landing." She never married which I find intriguing.
This was never my favorite name, however I now absolutely love Donna Noble, the 10th doctor's third companion. She was, in my opinion, one of the best companions of all time, not to mention one of the smartest. It might seem corny to like a name (or consider it for a child) simply because of a television show character, but I really believe that some (really many) characters in literature have enormous impacts on us and can be truly great role models. I think Donna Noble is a positive character who grows immensely over the course of her travels with the Doctor (though of course she doesn't remember any of it). Long story short, thanks to Donna Noble, I may consider this as a middle name (or maybe a first name) for a child.
Might I mention Donna Noble? (As if I'm not going to be the first...)
The name Donna was given to 185 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Yes, Donna is out of fashion at the moment. But it is still a nice name. It is not a "yuck" out of fashion name; it's a pleasant out of fashion name. I think if I were a young Donna of today, I would call myself Donni, on an everyday basis, as a little bit of an update. But I still would feel happy enough with my given name, Donna.
This is my mom's name. I think it's really pretty but it doesn't seem to be popular anymore. In fact, it would sound odd calling a young girl Donna, to be honest... But with the popularity of old-fashioned names nowadays like Sophia and Isabella, Donna will probably make a comeback within the next two decades.
Donna Noble is one of the Doctor's companions in the British TV show "Doctor Who", played by Catherine Tate.
Some other spellings I've seen is Dawna which I find more feminine and pretty.
Truly a name from the Dazed & Confused generation--teenagers in the 70s (born in the late 50s, early 60s). In fact, whenever I hear the name Donna, I think of Donna Pinciatti from "That 70s Show"--which is also why I can't picture this name on anyone but a redhead.
I commented a few years earlier that Donna was a very dated name for me, and associated with the character from "That 70s Show," but I've recently come to really love the name. It wouldn't sound out-of-place at all on a child today.
Donna sounds like the good girl from a 1950s sitcom family or like Donna Hayward from Twin Peaks. I like it more than I did at one point.
This is one of my all time favorite names, it's feminine yet strong, sexy and elegant yet short and simple all at once! I also know that some people spell it DANNA which I think is even prettier than the usual spelling Donna.
A famous bearer is American dancer, singer, and actress Donna McKechnie (born November 16, 1940). She's well known for her Tony Award-winning role as Cassie in the musical "A Chorus Line". Other stage credits include "Company", "Sweet Charity", and "Annie Get Your Gun".
My mother's name is Donna. Her and I joke about how when she is a grandmother we can call her the Grandmadonna.
I liked this name back at 12 and 13, but now it just sounds quite tacky to me, like the name of some mean high school girl from the 80s. I don't like the fact that this means 'lady' in Italian either.
It's rdiculous that ayone has ever considered using this as a masculine name. It means "Lady" in Italian, is derived from the the Latin "Domina" which was a term of respect towards upperclass women, and is the origin of the Noble English Women's title "Dame."
There was a West Wing character named Donatella "Donna" Moss, who was probably my favorite character on the show.
My sister's name is Donna and so is her stepmum's. I think the name sounds common and boring, but obviously her father doesn't!
On Full House D.J.'s first name is Donna Joe.
Donna Pinciotti is the name of a character on the ever popular "That '70s Show." (Eric Foreman's girlfriend.) I think that fits. It seems like a very 1970s name.
This is my grandmother's name, but her parents spelled it Dauna.
Donna is a great name. I think Donna sounds really friendly, beautiful and sophisticated.
From Indo-European *dem- "house". (from The American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots)
Donna Moss, played by Janel Moloney, is the dedicated assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman on the American television drama, The West Wing. Her full name is Donnatella.
Donna is Gaz's girlfriend from Two Pints! A legend too I might add.
Derived from Latin "domina", meaning "lady" or "woman of the house". Historically, it did mean "lady", but, as language changes, its meaning (since at least Mozart's time) is now predominantly "woman", from what I have seen.
Donna was Catherine Tate's character on the 2006 Doctor Who Christmas Special, "The Runaway Bride."
Donna is a very feminine name. Sometimes it is spelled with only one n. Nonetheless its pronunciation is the same.
There is a novelist named Donna Anders.
Donna Williams is one of the co-founders of the virtual pets website, Neopets.
The Donnas are a rock band.
Donna Reed, leading lady of 1950's television. Probably best known for her acting role as Mary in "It's A Wonderful Life" and later on in her own program: "The Donna Reed Show."
Donna Summer is an American pop music singer best known for a string of disco music hits in the 1970s that earned her the title "Queen of Disco".
Donna Tartt, author of The Secret History and The Little Friend, has given the name a somewhat more intellectual image. I otherwise associate it with girls like Donna on Beverly Hills 90210.

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