Sounds like the name of a villain.
― Anonymous User  3/4/2021
Ugly and reminds me of a witch.
Bubbles293739  8/25/2020
Another spelling::, Drucella (relative of Clyde Barrow).
amanh  8/17/2020
Way too dated and it also sounds like truculent.
Hushpuppy  5/27/2020
The name Drusilla reminds me of the TV show The Waltons- that was the name of the pond.
Pami  5/12/2020
someone-  4/2/2020
Yeah, too close to "Drizella"... Cinderella's ugly step sister, for my taste...
Alrighty Then  1/6/2020
Ugh. Reminds me Godzilla and witches or Dracula I don’t know.. but there is ZERO WAY I will use it.
nylonpanda  9/21/2019
Drusilla is the name of Wonder Woman's younger sister.
lizanna86  6/29/2019
This name is pretty but cringingly old fashioned, and mostly unheard of.
― Anonymous User  3/4/2019
Probably one of the worst names I can think of.
Curious me  9/22/2018
This name sounds really unattractive, and it reminds me of Drizella, one of Cinderella's awful stepsisters.
kayisforkeen  8/12/2018
My name is Drusilla. It means: "covered with dew".
Drusilla1957  3/17/2018
Drusilla does not mean "covered in dew".
lizanna86  1/19/2020
Drusilla is a gem of a name. It sounds fresh to the ear and would make the bearer sound intelligent :) Just my opinion, I like it.
Goldcrown  4/4/2017
A nickname could be Silla, Drue, or Dru.
Eileen1209864  4/6/2016
Such a beautiful name. While I prefer the Drucilla spelling, this one is good as well.
queenhelen8797  12/2/2015
My name is Drusila and it's hard to live a life where everyone hates your name, because they think it's stupid or ugly.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2014
Drusilla is a character on The Garfield Show who is Jon's child cousin.
― Anonymous User  7/1/2014
Eeewwww. Priscilla is much better.
― Anonymous User  1/31/2013
I really like this name. I am thinking of using it as a name to change mine to. It really feels like a strong, powerful name for a woman, I think that's why many people don't like it, because it is not all prissy and girly, but I think that's great. I like Dru, too - ready made shortening. Perfect!
chocolatefrog  5/25/2012
I read that Emperor Caligula's sister was Julia Drusilla. As Julia is the family name signaling a descendent of Julius Caesar, Julia Drusilla was always mentioned as simply Drusilla as her sisters were Julia Agrippina the Younger and Julia Livilla.
ninjato  5/1/2012
Drusilla Fawley is the great-aunt of the titular Jude Fawley in Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure.

I also find this name appealing, especially with nickname "Dru," but there's still an immediate witch connection for me that I think would be hard for a kid to shake.
bmente  12/3/2010
Very dark and Gothic sounding, but still extremely beautiful. Though, instead of 'Dru', I'd probably shorten it to 'Silla'.
snarryvader81  8/10/2010
Not a huge fan, but my first thought was that kids would call her "Drool silla".
Jamesina  7/7/2010
This is a wonderful name which should definitely be used more often! :)
walesgal92  4/3/2010
This name has a lovely, elegant, and dark quality about it. It is very eccentric, perfect if you want your fictional character to stand out. But I'd never name my child this, and even if I did, it'd be as a middle name. Oh, and I love the nickname Dru, it's so cute, for some reason.
DestructoGirl  5/17/2009
It seems to be getting a lot of heat, but I happen to like this name very much--and I even like the "Dru" nickname. And yes, in the Disney version of Cinderella, Drusilla and Anastasia are her sisters.
erb816  3/23/2009
To nitpick, actually Cinderella's sister was Drizella. And I happen to like the name Drusilla. It's beautiful, in an odd way.
mymymetrocard  5/2/2009
It was actually Druzella, which you could probably consider a spelling variation of Drusilla.
ragexprincess  8/20/2009
User 'mymymetrocard' is right, Cinderella's ugly sister is called Drizella, not Druzella - according to Wikipedia.
― Anonymous User  5/2/2010
Drizella, really? Oh, what an awful name. Sounds like "drizzle". :-)

But really, I find Drusilla to be a great name.
erb816  5/11/2009
I really like this name now. I used to think it was silly sounding and ugly, but if you think about it, it's beautiful in a dark way, with a cute nickname, Dru, to go with it. Dru-Silla.
7up  9/6/2008
Drusilla Beyfus is a prominent English author, journalist, and broadcaster; her daughter is fashion journalist Alexandra Shulman.
Jonquil  8/30/2008
This name is really pretty. I especially like the "Dru" part.
jasmineenimsaj  3/12/2008
I'm not sure, but I think that one of Cinderella's stepsisters was named Drusilla. Or at least in the Disney version.
Wunderkind_Princess  11/19/2007
A famous bearer of the name Drusilla was Livia Drusilla, later known as Livia Augusta, the wife of the first roman emperor Octavian Caesar Augustus, and mother of the second emperor, Tiberius. She was one of the most powerful and politically influential women in the Roman Empire.
kollaps  9/1/2007
Drusilla, with the nickname Dru, was a long running character on the US soap opera, The Young and the Restless. The character was portrayed by Victoria Rowell.
― Anonymous User  7/25/2007
Drusilla sounds like it would be Dracula's wife's name. No offense to anybody with that name.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2007
Drusilla was Caligula's favorite sister. They were supposedly lovers, too.
Laurea  2/11/2007
I think it's an okay name. There's a character in some comic, called Pibgorn I think (no idea what it's about or who wrote it, sorry), who is a demon I think. Or a fairy. Can't tell.
― Anonymous User  1/7/2007
It's a nice name, but if I named my kid this I want to just use a nickname like Dru.
― Anonymous User  9/23/2006
Drusilla is also the name of a character in the Worst Witch.
― Anonymous User  6/24/2006
Drusilla is a character in Faulkner's novel The Unvanquished: beautiful, aggressive, intense, and austere. She is devoted to the old order of vengeance and associated with the strong fragrance of verbena.
prisca  6/13/2006
I know a lot of people who don't like this name but I think it's lovely. It has a very dark quality that I appreciate.
black_lace  5/18/2006
Nice for a book character or for a film character but I wouldn't dare call my child this name.
Cardwitch  3/29/2006
This is one of the most hideous names ever.
poetic_freedom  3/10/2006
Drusilla is a cook in the household of Helena and Constantius in "Priestess of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diana Paxton.
Alane  10/14/2005
Drusilla is the name of an unbalanced vampiress from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel television series.
sodivine  7/19/2005
A Yiddish form of Drusilla is Dreizel / Dreisel (drie-zul).
Miss Claire  12/5/2004

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