I like the name Étienne because it has a natural sound!
This feels feminine to me for some reason.
Etienne from Thomas And Friends.
I'm a woman and my name is Etienne. In Brazil this name is mostly female but it's still a very unusual name.
In Brazil, Etienne (often spelt Etiene) is most commonly a female name.
Ètienne is pronunced with a soft E at first and some like this, Eh-ty-en I hope its helpful.
George-Étienne Cartier (1814-1873) was a Canadian politician.
Étienne St. Clair is one of the main characters in the book "Anna and the French Kiss" by Stephanie Perkins.
Étienne Daho is a French singer, songwriter and record producer. He has released a number of synth-driven and rock-surf influenced pop hit singles since 1981.
In America this would be considered very feminine, and would definitely provoke teasing of a male with this name.
Etienne Saqr is a Lebanese militia leader of the "Guardians of the Cedars" militia during the civil war. He is considered a War Criminal and Traitor by the government of Lebanon and was sentenced to death in absentia while he currently lives in exile.
The name Etienne was given to thirty-two baby boys born in the U.S. in 2013.
Étienne is a minor character in "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" by Brian Selznick.
In my opinion this name is too feminine for a man. Plus, it's sounds too nerdy. As a middle name it could work, I suppose. I only like it when used by French people in the French language.
French Canadians pronounce this name : ay-TSYEN.
The name Étienne has been consistent in popularity in France for over 100 years. I think it's a great name that deserves more use :)
Etienne Aubert was the birthname of Pope Innocent VI (Pontificate between 1352-1362).
Ok, I know it's masculine, but it seriously looks feminine. I would have never guessed it was French for Stephen. I guess if you're in a French speaking country, it's ok, but definitely not in an English speaking country!
Étienne Aigner: designer of women's purses & leather goods.
Rutger Hauer played Etienne Navarre in the mid-80s movie Ladyhawke. He was under a curse that turned him into a wolf every night; his lover, Isabeau, became a hawk by day.
The name is okay, but I have NO CLUE how they got it out of Stephen.
It must have been something like this:
Stephen comes from Stephanos (Greek), Stephanus (Latin), Estephanus (late Latin), that lead to Estephan (which gave Estefan, Estevan, Esteban in Spanish speaking countries), Stéphane, Estephe, Esteve, Estienne, and finally Étienne for France.
The 'nne' may be a remnant of the "n" sound heard in the southern dialects ending forms of Estefan/Estevan/Esteban (Occitan, Spanish...)(personal guess).
Take Este(f)an and remove the "f": we're almost there!
The distortion from Stéphane to Étienne is late (XIVth or XVth century)(Wikipedia)
Both Stéphane and Étienne are current nowadays in France.
I found the missing link. My guesses were right, it seems..
I found the first names Estehan or Estehen on the net. It proves that the "f" from Estefan collapsed into an "h" which disappeared then through time.
So we have : Estefan - Estehan - Estehen - Estienne - Étienne.
This phenomenon is seen in a form of Occitan, the southern France dialect :
Ex: Son (English) : Fils (French) : Hilh (Occitan) : Hijo (Spanish)
Woman (English) : Femme (French) : Hemna (Occitan)...
Étienne Eugène Azam was a French surgeon, famous for studying one of the earliest recorded cases of (what is now known as) multiple personality disorder.
Etienne is the name of a great character in Francis Temple's books 'The Ramsey Scallop' and 'The Bedouin's Gazelle'.
I'm not too sure about the pronunciation that is given here. I'm not French, but I learned French in school and I've been in France about three times.
Ay-TYEN seems to me like somebody is trying to pronounce it correctly but does not succeed. (Sorry, if this sounds too harsh, I don't mean to offend anybody)
It is hard to translate the E in Étienne into a phoneme that also exists in English, but I think "Eh-TYEN" would be closer, with the "Eh" pronounced like the first "e" in "gender" only a bit lighter.
Ailidh is wrong; the pronunciation given is accurate.
The sound Ailidh is describing (the 'Eh' sound) is spelled like this È, not like this É.
Maybe the example I gave ('gender') wasn't the best one, but ay-TYEN is definitely wrong. It isn't the correct French spelling. I have never heard any French pronounce the name like that.
And I know about the difference between é and è. I learned this language for four years. And though my own pronunciation might be very German, I have met a lot of French people. My teacher was French, too. So I know what the language is supposed to sound like. ;)
Saint Etienne is a British electronic group popular during the 90s.
Étienne is the name of a character, played by Guillaume Canet, in the film The Beach.
This is a very good strong name not very common in America. Most people that hear my son named Etienne love it.
I love this name, but I would only use it in a French speaking country. It sounds a bit too much like ATM to be used in an English speaking country.
My brothers name is Etienne and he hates it. When he was in school everybody called him ET and told him to phone home.
Etienne has always been one of my top choices for a boy's name, but I have also seen it used as a girl's name. I do not know how well that would work in a French-speaking place, but it seemed really edgy and hip to me in high school!
I really love this name. It is not very common and it sounds special and beautiful.

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