Dumb first name but ok middle name, pretty much same as Roberto.
I like Eduardo for a name. It sounds elegant and has a sweet romantic charm about it. The meaning: “Wealthy guardian” is also really strong, which I like.
Overall, I think Eduardo is a really nice name.
Eduardo is the name of a villain from Eddsworld.
Eduardo Blasco Ferrer was a Spanish-Italian linguist and a professor at the University of Cagliari, Sardinia. He is best known as the author of several studies about the Sardinian language. He was born in Barcelona and died in Bastia.
In Brazil (Portuguese) diminutives of Eduardo include Dado, Du, Duardo, Duba, Duca, Duda, Dudu, Duduca, Duquinha, Dux, Edu and Dudinho. [noted -ed]
A famous bearer is Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook.
Eduardo Verástegui - Mexican actor.
Eduardo Noriega - Spanish actor.
I love this name, it seems very proper and masculine which are qualities I look for in male names. I would use this name as a first name only if I were to raise my child in a Spanish or Portuguese speaking country.
I hate how it's read in English. You need to say it with that Spanish "r" or the name just doesn't sound the same. Nevertheless, it's on my list.
This name is ever so common here in Brazil, I know two Eduardos.
One of the main characters in "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends" is called Eduardo. As his name would suggest, he speaks both Spanish and English.

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