I've noticed in almost all of the comment sections on Welsh names "ei" is either pronounced "eye" or "ay" depending on where you live in Wales.
Most people pronounce it like Ei-ra and sometimes ay-ruh.
This is a pretty name.
I always thought it to be pronounced EYE-ruh. I love the meaning and the uniqueness of this name!
This is my daughter's name and we pronounce it 'Ay-ra'. Although people correctly say that you will hear it pronounced 'Ay-ra' or 'Eye-ra' in Wales, where we are from, it was important to us that we got it right by Welsh speakers, not being Welsh speakers ourselves. We asked a lot of friends, colleagues and acquaintances whose first language was Welsh and they all pronounced it 'Ay-ra'. Both pronunciations are lovely though in my opinion.
One of my favorite names. Ever.
There was a character in the fifth season of Merlin with this name. Not to spoil anything for anyone but she's not a very nice character.
My ex-neighbour Eira in Ceredigion, a Welsh-speaking area of coastal Wales, pronounces the first syllable to rhyme with EYE.
This name is pronounced as [AY-ruh]
It's beautiful! I love Welsh names.
I think this is a wonderfully lovely name. :)
Gender: Feminine
Usage: Norse Mythology
A more feminine form of Eir used in Norway. Means "mercy" in Old Norse. This was the name of a Norse goddess of healing and medicine.
Eira should not be confused with the masculine name Ira, which sounds the same.
The name wouldn't be mistook for Era or Error because they are pronounced completely different. Where I live, we pronounce the word snow as "Ay-Ra", with "Ay" as in "Bay".
I think this has a good potential for a middle name or first, however it could easily be confused with the word 'Error' or 'Era', besides this it's a fine name.
This is a really beautiful name, and I love the meaning of it too.
I think Eira is a very pretty name. I think if I have a girl she'll be named Eira Rose.
Pronounced AY-ra ('ay' as in 'bay') in North Wales, and EYE-ra in South Wales.
I love the meaning of this name! I wish I knew the proper pronunciation. Is it just "Ear-rah"?
There is also a Swedish name Eira. This name is derived from Eir, the goddess of healing in Old Norse mythology.
I met someone today with this name, but previously I had never heard of it. I think it is a very pretty name.

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