Cooler than Erin.
I love this spelling, maybe because I like Eira? It sounds cute, and after a while it's easy enough to spell.
Erin( Irish ), also has had the meaning of "peace ".
I remember reading it (15 years ago) in a book of baby names and their meanings. Cannot recall the title of the book.
Erin Brockovitch, single mum lawyer who took large US company to court and won!
My name is actually Erin, but I prefer this spelling better. However, I would most likely pronounce it differently for a couple reasons. 1: I think it sounds better. And 2: I want it to sound different from Erin. I would say it Ehr-ee-ann. Sorry, those of you from Ireland. If it makes things better I pronounce every other one of your guys' names correctly.
I love the spelling! It's so much cooler than Erin and it looks feminine and sweet.
There always seems to be a lot of confusion between the pronunciation differences of Eireann, Erin, and Aaron. Eireann is pronounced ER-in (with "ER" sounding like air and "in" sounding like bin or pin). Erin is pronounced E-rin (with "E" sounding like bet or pet and "rin" sounding like bin or pin). Aaron is pronounced A-rin (with "A" sounding like bat or cat and "rin" sounding like bin or pin). This said, these pronunciations are based on a Northeastern American accent.
I prefer Eireann over Erin. It sounds much more beautiful and poetic.
I have never seen this name spelled like this before. I prefer it spelled like this, I think if you're going to give your child an Irish name you should spell it in the Irish way.
I love this name. It's a cute spelling. I don't imagine that anybody here would mispronounce it (anybody in Ireland, I mean). It's one of my favourites.
Eireann is a Gaelic word meaning "Western Isle" (referring to Ireland). The name Erin is derived from this.
The Anglicized form of this name is Erin.

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