Very graceful/classy!
Very elegant and stunning. I agree with some of the comments below on Aliana, only because of the nn, Allie vs Ellie. Also huge notebook fans here... adding to the top of our list.
I like Eliana. It strikes me as a charming, flashy and slightly adorable name, but without sounding childish. Many parents try to complicate things when naming their children, choosing names that are too far-fetched or worse, changing the spelling of the name to make it look more modern and unique. For me that is a mistake. I don't like overly common names either, but I think there are names that are original and little used that are not forced or misspelled. Eliana is one of them.
Eliana Gomez Blanco is a Maltese singer who has been chosen to represent her home country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Gliwice-Silesia with the song "We Are More".
This may be the prettiest name I’ve ever heard. I do agree Aliana is a bit softer sounding.
I really like it. Very elegant and beautiful meaning.
Classy with a cute nickname, Ellie. Aliana (nn Allie) is stunning too!
We’re leaning towards the A spelling as well. Huge “Notebook” fans and the nickname Ali or Allie is absolutely adorable!
Beautiful name, but I like the one with two l's better :)
Brimming with elegance! We heard the name Aliana recently and fell in love! They are both beautiful! We’re still undecided, although the nickname Ali or Allie is just so sweet!
Oh my word! Insanely gorgeous and stunning!
I have a good friend, her name is Heliana and she’s gorgeous, this sounds very similar!
This is the highest compliment I’ve ever given a name that I even think it’s better than my plain name.
Adore! With that said El- names are currently insanely popular in Great Britain. In the Top 100 we already have Elsie, Ella, Eleanor, Eliza, Elizabeth, Ellie and I've noticed Eloise, Elowen and Eliana mentioned a lot on name forums lately so it looks as though expectant mums who like El- names but want to avoid very popular names will possibly go with currently less usual El names like Eliana, making them more popular.
Also Bulgarian, spelled Елиана. You'll find various bearers on social media.
Beautiful name with an even more beautiful meaning.
Stunning. Also loving the name Aliana.. beautiful & stunning as well!
Very beautiful and elegant name!
Usages: CzechPronunciation: E LI A NAName day
February 11
Greece: March 9
Europe: July 20
USA: August 18(Information from name #351044 originally submitted by user Qwerty)
So pretty!
Gorgeous name. LOVE!
Beautiful elegant name! We are leaning towards Aliana (pronounced Alee ana) as it is a bit softer sounding and prettier in our opinion. Top of our baby girl name list. Absolutely LOVE!
Also occasionally used in Romania (you'll find bearers on social media).
This is so pretty :)
Lovely name. So beautiful.
I just discovered it and it's plain stunning 100%!
My good friend's name. Many people call her Elaina, which bothers her, but I think Eliana is a beautiful name! It's an Italian name meaning "sunrise," according to her.
I love the name Eliana. It's so delicate, & feminine. Plus you can shorten it to a variety of pretty nicknames. Ellie, Ella, Ana.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Eliana who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 664th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
My sister's name is Eliana, and I think it's so pretty. She goes by Ellie and her middle name is Jayne. Isn't Eliana/Ellie Jayne adorable?
Eliana is seen as a rather dated name in Italy. It is hardly used for babies nowadays.
Also feminine form of Elias.
I like this name, as well. It can also be understood as a combination of the names Elizabeth and Anna. It's beautiful, simple, pretty, and classic. I like the meaning of "God has answered" in Hebrew, too.
Eliana Lupo (Enna, 14 giugno 1961) is an Italian actress and director of dubbing.
Very pretty and feminine, soft sounding (:
My first girlfriend was called Eliana... she was the first child (of four) into a Christian family, so it makes sense with the meaning and all. Out of all the girls' names ending in "-iana," I have to say I like this best. It just flows really well, and it works with a lot of surnames.
This name is also in use in Germany and The Netherlands. In The Netherlands, the name has been in use since at least 1901. It has slowly been rising in popularity since the early 2000s, with 12 births in 2011 being the highest number for the name so far.
Eliana - (Eli-Ar-Nah)This is 1 or 2 of the girls names on my list for any future daughters I may have. I love this name!
Nicknames I like are El, Eli, Elsi and Ella.It means something like 'god has answered' I believe?
The name is also quite popular in Portugal so you might want to add Portuguese to the list! :) [noted -ed]
Italian pronunciation of "Eliana":Eyh-LYAH-Nah"E" is said quite nearly "Eyh," in other words very close to "Hey" without the "H." "Lia" equals "LEE-Ah," although transforms to "Lyah" when spoken at a normal pace (stress "I" to "EE," "A" as in "Father"). "Na" is as always, "Nah." [noted -ed]
"My God has answered", how beautiful! And this is a very pretty name and pronounced beautifully. Definitely a name worth considering.
The correct Spanish pronunciation is Eh-lyah-nah. It would only be read Eh-lee-ah-nah if it were spelled Elíana.
Since Eliana comes from the Greek "Helios" it is most definitely used in Russian. It would be written ÝëèàÍa and pronounced Yeh-lee-ah-nah. When writing the Russian characters into Latin characters Eliana would be spelt as just that, Eliana.
Eliana is the name of my aunt. I've always found the two meanings very interesting and lovely: "sun, light" (Greek, Old French) and "my God has answered" (Hebrew). Absolutely stunning, one of my favorites.
Pronounced Eh-lee-ah-nah in Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Italian.
Eliana Ramos was an Uruguayan model who died of anorexa nervosa at 18. It is a sad history, specially since her older sister and fellow model, Luisel Ramos, had died of the same ailment only six months earlier.
Eliana was my mother's name. It comes from the Greek ELIOS, the god of the sun. It therefore means the Daughter of the Sun.
Eliana is Hebrew and means "My G-d has answered".
I think it's a very girly and beautiful name. It's sounds like a princess's name.

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