It was the 16th most common baby girl name in Turkey in 2022, and the 31st most common in 2020. I don't know why people have suddenly decided to start using this name but I like it, so I hope this is not some temporary trend.
Hey! I have this name and I pronounce it like EE-LEE-ZA. It's really cool seeing that lots of others have this name, I always get called Eliza, Alyssa or Elisa (with an 's' sound) but I don't correct people because my name is tricky and they are close enough lol :) This name is really not common but whenever I see usernames with this name it really makes my day :D anywayyyy~ shoutout to my fellow Elisa's!
(you guys are cool by default I don't make the rules.)
A very pretty, wonderful name!
Somewhat nice.
Hello all,My name from birth was Elissa and has always been mispronounced (like Melissa without an 'M). I dropped an 's' unofficially and have found that at least 50% of the time, when others read my name, that it's pronounced correctly. This is a big improvement. I like the way my name sounds when said properly. "Lisa with an E on the front", is what my father would tell people. After using Elisa for over 11 years now (since 15 Sept 2009), I'm thinking of making it official. It's the same name, with the same meaning, just looks a bit different. Never liked Elissa because it was never said as Elisa. Even my family at home shortened it to Lisa. That was okay as dad thought it complicated with the spelling it has. Thoughts anyone? Does your name usually get pronounced correctly?
Also Gascon and Provençal: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Short for Elisabeth.
Finnish name day November 19.
As my username suggests, that's my name. There is a beautiful song by the BeeGees called "Elisa". I love it, and it also shows the pronunciation (it annoys me when people call me Eliza).
That's my name. I really like it but I think more people should know that here in Italy and in some other countries as well it is pronounced "e-lee-suh". It sounds like "Elisabeth" only without the "beth" at the end.
Apparently also occasionally used in Slovene:
I'm French and in France the name Elise is more common than Elisa (which is my name), and my paternal cousins ALWAYS called me "Elise" so I don't like them since that time and I'm really happy to not see them now! (Because of that I always called them by another name)So do not call people with other names- it hurt.
Also Corsican. You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
Also used in Estonia:
My name is Elise and some people seemed to think that my name was Elisa growing up. Even though I like both Elise and Elisa, I think more people should know the difference.
Ah, Elisa Lam.
Elisa, born Elisa Toffoli (Trieste, 19 December 1977), is an Italian singer-songwriter.
My cousin is called Elisa. The name is very pretty.
The meaning is God's vow.
It is pronounced Lisa with an E in front.
I love my lovely cousin and her pretty name.
Elisa Esposito is the name of a character in the 2017 film the Shape of Water. Portrayed by Sally Hawkins.
Elisa is the name of a Wii Sports opponent Mii. She is the tennis coach and champion.
Pretty good alternative to Lisa.
I absolutely HATE how Americans pronounce this name eh-LIE-zah! This beautiful name has nothing to do with lice or lying... It's pronounced Eh-LEE-sah.
My name is Elisa- I love it... There is actually two films with this name not one as stated on your site. The first one was released in the 70's. An Argentinian love story called "Para Elisa" the lead actor's name is Sandro who was and still is a worldwide loved and famous singer from that era. There is also the title song for the movie, also called "Para Elisa".
Very common in Italy in the 80s and 90s, this name is slowly falling out of favor and has now left the top 10 of most common girls names in Italy.
Elisa Carrió is an Argentine lawyer, professor and politician, who is an Argentine National Deputy for Buenos Aires. She was the founder of the Argentine political party Civic Coalition ARI (Coalición Cívica ARI).
My name is Elisa and people call me Alisa and I'm Italian and I love it so much. It's a really great name.
Elisa is also a Spanish name meaning "consecrated to God". It is also of Hebrew origin meaning "God is my vow."
I pronounce my daughter's name El-I-Sa in the United Kingdom.
The name is also used in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.
Much prettier than Lisa or Alyssa!
I prefer this name to Elise. Pronounced el-EE-sa, I think it is a pretty name, and I find it strange that I dislike the name Lisa when I like this name. This would be a good nickname for Elizabeth, more original than Liz or Beth.
Napoleon Bonaparte had a younger sister named Elisa Bonaparte (1777-1820). She was the Grand Duchess of Tuscany and named her only daughter Elisa as well.
I think the name's very pretty, I like it much better than like Alicia.
This name actually comes from Greek mythology, Elysian fields meaning "most beautiful" because in the underworld there were four places and this was the second level of heaven and it was said to be the most beautiful place like anywhere.This name doesn't have to be short for Elisabeth either! It can be just plain Elisa on the birth certificate, which I personally prefer.
This name is pronounced Eh-lee-sah in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
I think it is a wonderful name! It's very pretty and old fashioned. My name is Elysa with a y. I think spelling it like that makes it even more pretty and unique.
Elisa di Rivombrosa, anyone?
I went to school with a lovely girl called Eliisa, I love the name. She spelt it with double 'i' in the middle which I really like.
One of my best friends' name is Elisa. We pronounce it a-LEE-sa. She gets called Alise, Eliza, Alyssa, and a bunch of other names. Her real name is not Elisabeth though, just Elisa.
I don't really like this name, I used to but now I know someone not very nice with this name. It was very pretty BEFORE though.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Elisa here:
Elisa is one of my favorite names! I think it is so pretty, and I like the middle name Charlotte with Elisa. Elisa Charlotte!
Elisa as most of the names started with "eli" comes from the Hebrew "Elyasa" and it means with the help of god.
My friend's name is Elisa but she pronounces it el eez ah.
My name is Elisa and I love it, often mis-pronounced but when it is pronounced correctly, Lisa with an E on the front, it is strong, attractive and distinct.
My name is Elisa, and I really like it apart from the fact that it's hard for people to remember or pronounce straight away. I get called Alyssa, Eliza, Elise, Elsa, Elsie and Ailsa. It is pronounced the same as 'Lisa' with an 'E' on the front, ie: el-ee-sah. When I was in Italy and Spain and began spelling out my name to people (as is my habit), they were slightly offended because it's a common name in Europe. The 's' is pronounced more like a 'z' though, ie: el-ee-zah.

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