Elle is a good name. It's so pretty and better than Ellie.
I just don't think it makes sense to be called "L". For a nickname, yes, but not as your actual name. This one to me is like the name Lee. It works better as a middle name.
It’s pretty but I prefer Ella.
This is a very good name, in my opinion. It does feel a little overdone by now, like what a less-creative person might use as a pen name. I mostly associate Elle with Elle MacPherson, though there must be plenty of other famous Elles. This name is along the lines of Ella (of course), Claire, Evelyn, a newer Sophia, maybe Violet...those types of names. Ella sounds kind of overdone to me, and Elle is less so. I really love the look of this name, with the e at the end, but I like the e at the end of many names, like Claire and Clarke. I haven't heard this name pronounced much, but I wonder if it sounds too short and odd when spoken. I doubt most people would pronounce it "Ellie" unless English isn't their native language, and they're not that familiar with it. Overall, it's a fabulous and slightly interesting/quirky name that still seems "safe" and is commonly heard or known enough.
Most people think it's a dog name, I just prefer Ella!
I like this name, but all I can think about when I hear it is L from Death Note.
Elle is a North Sami-language speech synthesiser produced by Acapela Group.
I really like Elle, whether as a standalone or a nickname, but I do prefer it as a nickname for something longer, starting with El- or ending with -Elle, I think it makes for a very sweet nickname but feels a bit not enough on its own. I think Ella or Ellie feels fuller as a full name, but I'd still rather go with something longer. I just usually prefer longer names. Also a minus of Elle for me is that it sounds like a single letter, which makes it feel even more mini than it is. I don't speak even a bit of French, but I know it means she in this language, and since French is generally a popular and widely spoken language, a lot of people know this fact, I think it also contributes to a bit of an underwhelming feel of this name as a standalone.
But it's definitely sweet, and has a kind of energetic, bright vibe to it, whether it's a nickname or a full name. I am very much in love with the Sami culture among others, and the name Elle seems to be quite common there, so one of my strongest associations with this name are Sami languages. In which this name is pronounced as two syllables, so it also sounds more complete.
Elle Maija Klefstad Bær is a Norwegian Sami musician and member of a Sami band Rolffa.
Elle is not a standard Polish name, however it's had a little usage in recent years. Last year (2020) 2 baby girls were given this name as a first name. None got it as a middle name. In January of this year, 16 women in Poland had this name as a first name and 7 had it as a middle name. Quite a bunch of other English -Elle names have also been in mostly sparse use.
Elle means "she" in French.
I think it is pronounced like the letter L.
I honestly kind of like this better than Ellie. It's a lot more mature the Ellie and it sounds really beautiful!
I can't understand why people see Elle and think "elegant". I can only assume they are American. I think of the letter L, ELLE magazine and the She/Her pronoun. Of course it is foolish to judge a person (negatively or positively) because of their given name — I knew a sweet Elle as a teen and like the legally blonde character but the name itself is very meh for me.
Sweet understated chic.

To the anonymous comment saying only Americans find this name elegant I disagree! As a European (which I presume you are too) I can say that we do not have a monopoly on what is inelegant or elegant and in fact to think that way is rather inelegant :)
Even though I hate Eleanor, I ADORE this! It sounds SUPER mature and elegant.
Elle Lively McBroom is the oldest child in the Ace Family.
This name is too bland to be used by itself.
I would use this as a full name, NO DIMINUTIVE FOR ELEANOR.
Elle (pronounced Ellie) McLemore is a broadway actress best known for originating the roles of Eva in Bring It On and Heather McNamara in Heathers the musical.
One of my favorite girl's names. I think it is so pretty and elegant! I will definitely consider this name in the future if I have a daughter. I like Victoria and Evangeline as middle name ideas.
Very glamorous. Practically spells out o•l•d m•o•n•e•y………… Fabulous!
Elle Limebear is an amazing (IMO) musical artist.
Pretty, but a bit boring and just reminds me of the letter ‘L’. But that doesn’t mean it’s a terrible name— it has an elegant ring to it.
Missing something.
My name is Elle and yes my last name is Woods. I love my name, it is very pretty and feminine. The only downside is that some people think it is pronounced Ellie and call me Ellie when calling out my name at the doctors, getting a taxi etc. Ellie is not a bad name but it's not my name, it is Elle (L). You wouldn't pronounce the name Belle "Belly" so it confuses me why people pronounce it wrong. Other than that I have always loved my name!
Elle is pretty though I much prefer Ella. But the name Ella is hella overused, so.
Pretty as a nickname for a more formal name like Eliana or Elliana.
Much better than Ellie in my opinion because as I said in the comments in “Ellie” I hate the “ie” and the pronunciation. I like this name.
This is my name and I love it a lot. It's pronounced 'el' and it's very pretty. I always think it is funny how it's SHE in french. When I was younger I never liked the feel of the name so I go by Ellie. The only downside is, sometimes I feel more masculine, and it is a purely feminine name, being a pronoun for a female.
Boring and over done as of 10 years ago!
Elle Lively McBroom is a member of the family vloging channel, The Ace Family.
B o r i n g...
It's one syllable and it's so short-sounding.

Try Ella, Ellen, Elise, Elsie, Elsa, or Ellie instead.
I disagree with SaltyLemon - I think Elle is way cuter than Ella and Ellie. However Ella and Ellie are still very pretty names.
Sounds very pretty, but it seems sort of weird since it means "she" in French.
When it's pronounced as /ˈɛl.i/ (EHL-ee), it CAN also be a VARIANT of ELLIE.
Beautiful name. I know someone who spells it as "L". Both spellings are elegant and classy.
This name can ALSO be pronounced as /ˈɛl.i/ (EHL-ee) -- as WIKIPEDIA says so.
Concise and elegant. I like it as a nickname but it certainly can stand alone. Ages well. Pleasing to the ear.
One of the few modern names that is actually good.
This girl in one of my classes growing up pronounced it L. But yes, it can be pronounced like Ellie.
I like this name. It would be a good diminutive of Isabelle.
I labeled this comment "other" because it's sort of about a famous bearer, but a different spelling.

Though the character on "Stranger Things" is called El (nickname for Eleven), I wouldn't doubt it if she has contributed to Elle's rising popularity, particularly in the United States.
Elle: means "she" in French. So it would be a bit weird if used in France.
Elle means SHE In French. And I read in a book it means WOMAN. Two very strong words. The name meanings sound powerful. I think a strong independent woman would fit this name. It’s an amazing name. I am proud to have it as my name.
It’s okay, but definitely should be short for a longer ‘El’ name like Eleanor or Elizabeth. It’s a total shame to be used as a full name when there are much better full names that it could be used as a short version of! Wasted opportunity!
BTW, the Wikipedia page says that it's sometimes pronounced as "Ellie"/EHL-ee/ˈɛl.iː
I'd expect her brother to be called Il ("he" in French).
I strongly dislike it. It is nicknamey and seems like 'L' written down.
Elle is a character in the game Puyo Puyo Tetris. She is based on the L-shaped tetromino (Tetris piece).
I prefer it to be a nickname but as a full name I actually like it due to Kill Bill, my favorite movie.
The name can also be pronounced like Ellie is said.
I'm loving this name lately. I love it as an independent name, or a nickname. It's stylish, feminine and so beautiful.
Elle Macpherson is an Australian model, businesswoman, television host and actress. She is well known for her record five cover appearances for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue beginning in the 1980s, leading to her nickname The Body. She is the founder, primary model, and creative director for a series of business ventures, including Elle Macpherson Intimates, a lingerie line, and The Body, a line of skin care products. She has been the host and executive producer of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model from 2010 to 2013. She is an executive producer of NBC's Fashion Star and was the host for the first season.
Elle King (her real name is Tanner) is an American singer known for her hit song "Ex's & Oh's".
This name isn't terrible, but you essentially gave your daughter a letter for a name. "L" you basically named your presumed daughter "L". Ellie, Ella or some fuller name would be better.
Our daughter who is now 4 is named Elle, pronounced like "L" and I couldn't imagine her with any other name. I love this name because it is simple, feminine and beautiful. And I actually like that it means "she" in French. We live in the US so I'm not too worried what the French think of my daughter's name. I don't think it will affect her...
You can also pronounce it El-ee.
Elle Driver is a villain in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill.
"She" in French is pronounced "elle" but the meaning is from the name Elinor.
For all of the people saying that they would never name their daughter after a pronoun, Ella in Spanish means "she" but it's still so popular.
Kill Bill surely has a lot to do with my love of this name (and Beatrix), but I must say, for being one syllable and identical to the pronunciation of an alphabet letter... it seems to convey a lot of good things, to carry a lot of weight. I really like it.
My daughter who is 9 months old today is named Elle! I love the simplicity of the name. We pronounced it like the letter L or like the magazine. While we like the alternative version of the name, Ellie, as a nickname, I just didn't know how I felt about that pronunciation for when she was an adult. I absolutely adore this name, it's simple and unique.
I called my daughter Elle, we loved the names belle and ellie but found them so commonly used. We love the name Elle, everyone who hears it comments on how 'pretty' the name is. I find it unusual but not too crazy and 'out there' which was just what we wanted. I always thought the name Elle sounded quite calm and I got a baby to match it! :-)
I am currently two months pregnant and if I have a girl, we are going with the name Elle( pronounced L). Why? Because it's simple and dainty! I've read everyone's comments and what gets me is this... If the name was so bad, why do people with longer names like Elizabeth go with the name Elle?
I'm French Canadian and I know what Elle means in French but it's all in the pronunciation.
The name Elle rocks! :p.
Too common as a name ending, like Gabrielle, Michelle or Danielle, and sounds too much like the letter l.
This is far too short sounding in my ears. I don't like this as a standalone name. It's okay(ish) as a nickname for Eleanor, Ellie, Eliana etc. Or for any names beginning with the letter 'L' e.g. Linda, Lara, Lola, Lisa...
I don't really think its that bad that it means 'she' in French, Ella means her in Spanish but it's still über trendy (granted there is a different pronunciation). Despite this name being modern and my general dislike for modern names, there's nothing that bad about the sound of this. It's just very strange as a full first name. It sounds like you're saying the letter l or like whatever you were gonna say was cut short. My cousin Elizabeth is sometimes called this, and I think it's a cute nickname for names beginning in el, but as a full name it's a little strange. Even Elle fanning's real name is Mary Elle.
The name Elle can be pronounced in two different ways: like the commonplace name for the letter "L" (in other words, EL), or similarly as one would pronounce the name Ellie. (I should know, because I nearly got named this alternate version.)
I named my little precious daughter Elle and she is nothing other than an Elle! A beautiful little blue eyed, fair hair, tanned skinned girl came from a family full of brunettes and brown eyes. A unique name for a unique girl. She doesn't need any glamorizing with her name. I am so glad I didn't go for the common Ella or Ellie. The only downfall, when I loudly call her name in public it sounds like Im grunting hehe.
I have friends who named their daughter Elle. Elle is very cute and absolutely sweet. I prefer this to the extremely popular Ella. I find this name very unique without being a made up name.
I love this name, I'm not French so I don't care if it's a word in French. If people are using Belle in the US as a name why not Elle? I think Elle is elegant and pretty.
This name is HORRENDOUS as a stand alone name! Too minimalist. It's cute as a nickname for Eleanor or Elizabeth.
A cute nickname for a more complete-sounding name like Ella or Elly or Elizabeth. Also if someone was name Elle, people would probably have a difficult time pronouncing it.
Can also be pronounced EL-ee. A friend of mine has the given name of Elizabeth Quinn, but goes by Elle. It's like Ellie, without the "i."
Cute, but I'd only use it as a nickname because I personally find Elizabeth, Eleanor, Ella, Elena, etc. to be prettier and more mature. Also, as someone who has studied some French, I just could not name my daughter after a pronoun. ("Hello, this is my daughter, Elle, and my son, Il") If you want a cute French name for your girl, there are some much better options that are not lifted straight out of the grammar book.
It's cute!
There was an awesome Alternative Rock band called Elle Milano. Sadly, they broke up in 2008.
Sounds very strange to anyone who knows French, even someone who's terrible at it like me. Much prefer Ellie.
Elle Bishop on Heroes is played by Kristen Bell.
This strikes me as a rather unusual and slightly interesting name, but one should never use it unless it is short for somebody's full name or something.
Too minimalist, with a sense of being incomplete. Sounds weird in French-speaking countries and areas, as well as to anyone who can speak the language. The name rather makes me picture a beautiful, rich, yet arrogant young woman.
I love this name. Because it's mine! I pronounce it "L". In my actuality it's short for Danielle, but I've been Elle since I was very young. Elle Yeah!
My name is Ellen, and I often use 'Elle' on the internet.
Elle Driver, a character in Kill Bill, bears this name.
I want my people to call me Elle. My name is Elizabeth, so it's fairly boring. I think Elle isn't as common and a cool shortname for Elizabeth.
This is my nickname. I'm called Ellie (EL-lee) or Elle (EL-leh). I think it's very cute.
In Gail Carson Levine's book Ella Enchanted, Ella when she travels to a different country is called "Elle" in their language.
I think this name is simple, feminine, and beautiful.
I named my daughter AnnaSophia Mary Elle. She goes by Elle. I was going to have Elle as her first name, but I didn't think it was "whole" enough. It is such a pretty name though so I just couldn't pass it up.
I LOVE this name, but if you use it, you would need to add some flair! So, I would use Ella or Ellie instead. :-0
I love the name. It's very pretty and simple. It's one of my favorite names.
This name means SHE in french, it's like calling your kid Him. Please, Elle Woods was cool, but please.
My name is Elle but it's pronounced Ellie. The last "e" in my name is actually with an accent but the accent isn't pronounced. It's very weird but I can only thank my parents for giving me an unusual name!
My name is Ellinor and my friends gave me the nickname Elle but it's pronounced EL-uh. That being okay since I live in Sweden but it doesn't sound right in the English language, so I always introduce myself as Elle with the pronunciation EL when I'm out travelling and meeting new people.
The name seems a little plain by itself. Mixed with another name would be a different circumstance (example Mary Elle).
My cousin's name is Elle, but she pronounces it like Ellie. I think it's a nice, modest name, but I really prefer it as a nickname.
Elle is a women's beauty magazine.
Actress Elle Fanning, sister of Dakota Fanning.
Model Elle MacPherson is a famous bearer.
Elle Woods is the character played by Reece Witherspoon in Legally Blonde.
Elle is also the short form of other names that begin with "El" such as Eleanor.
Elle also means "she" or "her" in French.
Deriving ultimately from Helena, Elle has become an independent form in Estonian. Since there are no such things as silent letters in Estonian, unlike in French it is pronounced "Ell-eh". Both E-s sound the same, like the e in "exit".

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