My grandmother was an Eloise who went by Ellie. There are no words to describe how cute that little wispy haired old lady was. I say this because I can see this name on toddler and an old lady. I do see how you might want a more "mature" name for between those ages but imo it's not necessary :)
I heard that this name was too short and completely unsuitable for an adult, but that’s not true. You can just name her Elizabeth (also one of my favorite names) and let her nickname be Ellie.
This is a great name. Perfect for a young girl!
Sounds sweet and pretty.
Love this name, especially on a cute little baby girl.
Sounds too childish for me. Can't imagine it on a grown woman.
Youthful cute diminutive for names such as Elizabeth, Eloise and Eleanor. Longer name on the birth certificate allows for a more mature choice when they're older, with that said Ellie would be sweet on an old lady.
Smelly Ellie, Ellie Smelly. I’ve been called Ellie as a nickname, but I prefer Ella.
Objectively speaking this is a simple, girly, happy name.
It's okay for a nickname for Elizabeth and Eleanor. :)
Ellie is super cute. Works beautifully as both a full first name or nickname.
I love this name! Ellen and Ella are pretty nicknames!
It's a cool and beautiful nickname for Ella!
Ellie is such a pretty name. My daughter is called Ellie Marie and I love it!
Childish name.
I find Ellie to have a sweet, youthful and kind feeling to it.P.s why so many comparisons to Allie here? Is it because of the Notebook?
Also a nickname for Eliana.
Adorable nickname!
Very cute but sounds more like a nickname, but still a cute name!
Very cute, Allie is great as well.
I use Ellie as a nickname for my Brazilian name Elisângela. I used to use Ely, but I think Ellie is so very beautiful! I've always thought English people would have trouble to pronounce Elisângela, and it's my dream to go to England, so I'll be Ellie when I introduce myself for English people :)
I’m sorry, but we’ve gone back and forth between Ali, Allie, & Ellie and the nickname Ali/Allie wins! Ellie just seems a bit overused over the last 5-10 years whereas Ali/Allie is a bit more feminine & pretty.
Sounds so childish.
Cute, but I agree that Ali is the absolute sweetest nickname for a girl.
Adorable nickname for Eleanor!
Lovely nickname :3.
This name is short but sweet, and very cute! I agree with whoever said it doesn't age well, it kinda doesn't...but it's much less formal than Elenoar, which is good.
My husband and I personally prefer Ali or Allie❤️ Ellie is cute as well.
I love the name Ellie and if you have a problem with it than you need your brain checked. It’s a name that has been praised for years, and to all the Ellie’s out there I love your name and you are blessed with a name so youthful and graceful.
I’ve loved the name Ellie for years. It’s so pretty! I can imagine a sweet, kind, lovely girl called Ellie with long blonde hair and blue/green eyes. If I have a daughter in the future, this will definitely be her name.
Very cute nickname for a more formal name. I love both Ellie and Allie!
It's a really cute name but it doesn't age well at all. I can't imagine an adult named Ellie, sorry not sorry.
Also a “Notebook” fan. We like Ali or Allie so much better as well.
I don’t like the sound at all. One of the most boring and weird sounding names ever (in my opinion).
Hate this name. However, I LOVE Elliana and would use Elle as a diminutive.
Youthful nickname for more womanly full names Eleanor, Eliana or Elizabeth.
Cute. However, we prefer Ali or Allie which is so sweet! Love this name from our favorite movie, “The Notebook”.
As someone else mentioned it reminds me of Allie Hamilton from The Notebook too. Ellie is a sweet namesake.
Cute nickname, nothing more to it.
I like my name. It's actually short for Elinor, but then I get a lot of people trying to spell Ellie as Eli...
I like it okay; I've got a little cousin named Ellie Ana. I like how it's youthful and timeless at the same time.
Elly Berkovits Gross was a poet and holocaust survivor born 1929 & Ellie Lambeti was a Greek actress who twinkled on black & white film born 1926 so although it has a very modern feel it's been around for a while and some pretty kickass women have been called Ellie. However, it recently went through a massive boom in popularity in England that's only *just* starting to die down so it's not a name I'd currently choose, otherwise I find it youthful, down to earth and feminine and really like it. It works well as a nickname for Eliana or Eleanor.
I personally prefer Allie, Alli, and Ali over Ellie.
Absolutely love the name Eliana. I think Ellie is cute as a nickname, however, too plain for a full name. Aliana (nickname Allie) is absolutely adorable as well!
Well, I think as a full name it sounds not mature and too boring. Something like Elena and using Ellie as a nickname would be better. Nothing much to say. Just boring!
We stan the name Ellie. If you're named this, you're lucky.
Pretty as a nickname for a more formal name like Eliana, Elliana, or Elianna.
We named our sweet baby girl Elliana, nickname Ellie. LOVE!
I don’t like the “ie” bit in this name at all! I prefer Elle.
I really think this is a GREAT nick-name if you have the name Ealanor.
Very cute nickname for Eliana or Elizabeth. I personally prefer Eliana, which is very stunning, whereas Elizabeth is a bit dated.
Cute as a nickname, not a full name! I too know so many Ellie’s, seems to be a trend over the last 5 years. I would not want to be stuck with this name through adulthood. I feel like it will be like the Debbie’s in 40-50 years.
My daughter is Ellie, her full name is Ellie-Mai and she goes by Ellie at home & Ellie-Mai at school. I love the name it suits her personality and she looks like an Ellie. Everyone who knows her says she suits her name. Personally I don't like the names Eleanor or Elizabeth etc and she is pleased I didn't call her those names- in her words they are old. Anyway Ellie is a lovely name in itself. Big high five to all the Ellies out there.
So over done. I know probably a hundred Ellie’s and Ella’s. Just over it!
It’s cute, but only as a nickname. I mean what happens when you’re 50 and your name is Ellie?
Ellie Rose is a character from the Henry Stickmin Collection.
It's rather meaningless. It's a cute diminutive, I'd recommend giving your child a name that will grow into adulthood with them, such as Eleanor, for example. I've known girls named Katie and Maddie who are angry with their parents for not being named Katherine or Madeleine. Your baby will grow into a woman, let's hope.
Ellie and Allie are so cuteee.
I really love both of those names.
I think it’s cute but I believe it should be short for something like Elena, Elodie, Eloise, Ellen, Elizabeth or Eleanor.
This name has had a long lasting impression over me the past few years. I was never that big of a fan of the name until playing Last of Us. One of the characters in it is a 14 year old girl named Ellie that you grow attached to and start to think of as your own daughter. She is witty, a smartass, funny, smart, strong, and all around badass. Whenever I think of the name “Ellie” not only do I adore it for being cute n short, but I also think of these attributes attached to it. If my daughter had any of the attributes that came along with the name, I'd be very blessed.
Too childish.
Really cute nickname for Eliana.
This name is kinda cute, but what about when they grow up?
Cute name, and I prefer this over Allie.
Ellie is the art name of English singer Elena Goulding.
I used to find this name childish and annoying, but after reading a book with the main character named Ellie, I started really liking the name. I do think it ages well, and it is cute for a child but nice for an adult. This name is really nice!
Ellie Goulding is an English pop star, with her most popular song currently being “Close to me”. The song also featured singer Swae Lee and the DJ Diplo.
I fell in love with the name after stumbling across a cute video!
Ellie Bridget Bates is the daughter of Gil and Kelly Jo of the TV series “Bringing Up Bates”.
Ellie Mae Smith is the daughter of youtuber, Alanna.
Ellie Louise is a youtuber known for “Seven Twinkling Tweens”, “Seven Funtastic Girls”, “Seven Perfect Angels” and “Seven Super Girls”. She also has a personal channel “Ellie Louise”.
I absolutely fell in love with the name Ellie at a young age and now it is my first daughter's name! I had twins and named them Ellie Jayde and Kade Finely and I love the two names together. I have a love for shortened names as a baby's full name so I thought Ellie is perfect instead of Eleanor or Ellen. I also really like more unique names like Bowie and Kai (two of my other children) and Ellie is the most perfect mix of unique and common since my husband isn't a huge fan of too unique of names. Also, the middle name Jayde or Jade fits perfectly with Ellie!
My closest friend growing up was named Elizabeth, but everyone called her Ellie. She was absolutely gorgeous and the name fit her perfectly, not seeming childish at all. I think it’s a perfect name for a girl.
Ellie could also be a diminutive form of Elizabeth.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ellie* who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 265th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. *as a first name, not a nickname.
My name is Elizabeth but everyone has called me Ellie since I was born. At first I thought my name was too childish but now I love it! It’s a beautiful name and it’s Greek so I like it even more. Anyone who has this name should be proud to be called an Ellie :)
I love this name! It's just so pretty in my opinion. I just feel like it suits so many people.
My name is Ellie and honestly the deep story to behind how I came to love my names (first middle and last) my best friend is Polish and I’m British. She lives in England and I was telling her how she’s interesting because her names are unique and how she’s from a different country and how she can speak two languages, Polish and English and I felt kinda boring. My names were simple and my heritage in a way and I was kinda jealous of how interesting she was to me. She told me that if it was in reverse and I lived in Poland and we met I would be the interesting one but because it’s in my home country it’s not all that interesting to me. I kinda understood her point when I found out all my names are not English. I was actually kinda happy, obviously my first name being Ellie is Greek, my middle name is French and my last name is Irish so it made me feel more interesting and then I found out something really cool- I actually have royal blood. My great great great grandmother was a royal princess in a different country.
I think the name Ellie is cute. It's especially nice as a short form of Eleanor, Elizabeth, Gabrielle/a, Madeleine or Michelle. It also sounds pretty as a double name, such as Ellie-Mae or Ellie-Jane.
Elizabeth Claire "Ellie" Kemper, an American actress and comedy writer. She got her first starring role as Erin Hannon on "The Office", is also known for her role as the title character on "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt", as well as roles in "Bridesmaids" and "21 Jump Street".Ellie Kemper is also the sister of TV writer Carrie Kemper, and the granddaughter of Mildred Lane Kemper (the namesake of the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum at the University of Washington in St. Louis).
I love both Ellie and Elly, they are pretty, delicate and adorable, not childish in the slightest. I think they can be used as nicknames or full names, there's nothing wrong with using them as full names! I also like to see them as the short form of Ellen with the meaning of light.
I LOVE THIS NAME! THE CUTEST NAME EVERRR! SIMPLE AND EASY! Great for nicknames or names! I NEED MORE ELLIES! Way too cute of a name!
I love the name Ellie. I don't mind it as a full name, even though I personally just can't imagine an adult woman with this name, but probably just because I don't know any Ellies and it does sound a little bit childish to me as a full name, so if I would use it, I'd just call her something longer and then call her Ellie. I can't say Ellie's not serious as a full name, but just not very my style. I like its oldfashioned feel as a nickname, as a nickname it's very elegant to me, sweet and cute. I like almost all names with el anywhere in them, maybe even all of them and I could easily use Ellie as a nickname for any of them or maybe even for some names just with L, especially at the beginning. I like it also spelled as Elly, Eli, Elli or maybe something else, but I don't particularly like Ellea/Elea, Ellee/Elee, Elie and, to be honest, I actually hate forms like Elley/Eley/Elleigh/Eleigh or any like these. Just, hmmm, way too modern for me I guess. I'll associate it forever with Ellie Goulding (by the way, I love it as a short form of Elena as in her case), I like her a lot, with Ellie from Jacqueline Wilson's series for girls and with Ellie from Meg Cabot's "Avalon High". When I think of this name I see a little girl, who's a bit spoiled, but not malicious or anything at all, just very loved by her parents, conscious of her worth, maybe a bit egocentric, but not like always thinking of herself. She can be very sweet, almost angelic, she's generally balanced and quiet, but not a shy child. She's very sensitive and can be empathetic. She is short, has a bit curly, dark brown hair, I'm not sure what's the colour of her eyes and as a child she's quite fluffy. Then I can also imagine a very smart teenager, very girly, but good at sports as well, not very popular at school, but likeable and a good student, fun-loving, although needs some time just on her own, likes drawing, singing, shopping and hanging out with friends. That's just how I see Ellie in general.
Ellie is also a main character in "Avalon High" by Meg Cabot. Her full name is Elaine.
Ellie Goulding is an English singer and her full name is Elena.
Ellie is the name of Manny's second and current wife in the Ice Age movie franchise.
I think it's a really cute name, and it can also be short for Elliana which is also cute.
Ellie Delvaux, better known by her stage name Blanche, is a Belgian singer and songwriter. She will represent Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Ukraine with the song "City Lights". Blanche previously competed on season five of The Voice Belgique, where she was a member of Team Cats on Trees.
My given name is Ellison, but I've been called Ellie since the day I was born. I love it and I wouldn't change it for the world. I think it's cute, modern, and the perfect name for a sweet and kind southern girl!
Ellie Kendrick is a beautiful English actress who played Anne Frank and Meera Reed in Game of Thrones.
My name is Ellie and I love it. Loads of people say it's horrible and sounds like a spoiled kid name but it's not, it's a beautiful name. I LOVE THE NAME ELLIE.
Ellie is a super gorgeous name! It sounds elegant, modern, and stylish but also sophisticated and classy. In addition, it has such a positive meaning (light!).
My name is Ellie, not short or nicknamed for anything. Just Ellie and I absolutely love it. Those of you saying that the name Ellie should only be used for a nickname and such, I completely disagree. It's a beautiful and unique name that I would probably name my kid if I wasn't named that myself. :)
This name just sounds like a bratty, spoiled little girl. I've never once met a girl named Ellie that was nice.
Another name that this can be a nickname for (though maybe a bit of a stretch?) is Arielle. My mom named me Arielle so she could call me Ellie.
This name was quite unique in the early to late 90's but now there are Ellie's everywhere and the ones I've met are nasty little madams!
Very cute as a nickname, but I'm a bit baffled as to why people are using it as an actual full first name. Why? It's so cutesy and childish sounding, not at all like a mature whole name. Why not pick Gabrielle, Eleanor, Elaine, etc. instead and use Ellie as a nickname?
My Name is Ellie and I love my name. To me it brings sweetness, gentleness and pleasure. I am sometimes called Elle for a nickname because to make it easier to get my attention.
I also have a dog named Ellie and this is one of the reasons I get called Elle as a nickname.
My real name is ellenor (French spelling I think) but I never use this name. Since I was little I have been called Ellie for short. I don't hate the name Ellenor on other people but on myself I think it doesn't suit my personality as I think Ellenor is a bland name. However, I've always liked the name Ellie. All my family, friends, teachers, coworkers, random people I meet all call me Ellie. I will always introduce myself with the name Ellie and on past experiences people have known me closely for years until they found out that was my real name. I love the being known as Ellie and get disappointed when people call me Ellonor. Ellie is a fun name for fun people. I love my name and I think being an Ellie has made my personality and made me who I am and I will never grow out of being Ellie. People think Ellie is a childish name but it's 100% not- it's not a nickname it's a real name, so why not call your child Ellie?
Ellie is my full name and (no offense to anyone who likes it as a nickname) I just don't see why people call their kid's big long names just to call them by another. If you like a name as a nickname, just make it the full name. And Ellie is AN AWESOME NAME.
Ellie Sattler is a main character in the "Jurassic Park" novel and movies. She's a paleontologist. In the movies she is played by Laura Dern.
Eleanor "Ellie" Arroway is the main character in the novel and movie "Contact", about a courageous astronomer and her search for life on other planets. In the movie she is played by Jodie Foster.
Ellie in Arabic is إيلي.
My name is Ellie. It's not my nickname, it's just Ellie. I see comments saying it is a nickname, and I slightly agree with that. I do get asked a lot what my real name is, which is pretty annoying considering my real name IS Ellie. To be honest, I wanted to change my name for the longest time because I was jealous of the more gorgeous and longer names that stood out from mine. I hated my name, I wanted to scratch it out. But then I realized that my name is my name. I grew up with Ellie, I am known as Ellie, and I am loved as Ellie. I accept that. I even have been told by this guy I've had a crush on forever that he thinks my name is cute and unique, and it suits me well. It made me realize no one should ever want to change their name, they should own it, be proud of it. Ellie is my name, and I am proud it is my name.
My name is Ellie and I personally think that it isn't the best name, it's kinda unique and all but it started out as a nickname for heavens sake and all. I am so tired of answering people that constantly ask 'is that short for something?', now I just go as Elle instead.
I think this is a simple, sweet, lovely name for a young girl, but only as a nickname. Though it is common, I think it's a cute name. It's great as a nickname for longer names such as Ellen, Eleanor, as well as anything with elle/ella somewhere in the name.
Ellie is the most common name in my town, sorry but it bores me to tears.
Also, every single Ellie I have Ever met in all my 39 years is a stuck up show off! WHY?!?
My name is Ellie and I like my name, so I don't know why hateful people have to give a comment about my name- it's trendy and cool.
I find the name Ellie seriously so cute and awesome! THIS NAME HAS NO FAULTS AT ALL. I see no problem using the name Ellie as the offical forename on the birth certificate. Some nicknames work great as a full real name like the name Ellie. (:
Ellie, a character in The Last of Us video game.
I personally love this name. 1, because it's my FULL REAL name, and 2, because it is very unique in the USA. I really don't think people should be using the terms "worst name EVER" or "the most HORRID name EVER.". That is very hurtful to everyone with the beautiful name Ellie. Saying Ellie is the worst name ever is like saying Sam, Ally, Pam, Tamara (etc..) are the worst names ever. They are not. Every name is wonderful. Imagine how "us" Ellie's feel when you say it's the worst name... ITS NOT. I've seen people with names that are inappropriate, those are bad names. Not a sweet name Ellie. And when I get older (50, 60, 70) I will be very proud that I have a unique name. I won't think it's babyish. That's like thinking the name Samantha is too adult-ish for a child. All I'm trying to say is that I am proud that my name is Ellie. There is NOTHING wrong with the name Ellie, it's a beautiful name that means light.
My name is Ellie. Just Ellie. My parents named me Ellie from a Spanish word. And I love my name. I don't know why people say it's lifeless and boring because you don't judge a person on their name. And it means light and that's not boring or lifeless. I love that it means light because I am always so energetic. It describes me well. I only know one other Ellie, so I don't think it's common. But what's wrong with a common name! My sisters are named Olivia and Claire and I love their name too. Why does it matter if a name's popular if you, as a mother like it! Also, I think Ellie would be great when your older. Lots of you people say it's for young children, and when you're older it sounds bad. Well, when you're older then you can sound young! I mean, it's actually good to have a name that sounds younger because when you are older you can still sound like a teenager. When you guys who disgrace my name and others' it really hurts my feelings. I mean, how would you like it if I said your name was lifeless and boring! Or that it's better as a nickname! Or it's HORRID! Would it hurt your feelings?! It does to me so please don't say anything to people who have Ellie as a name. They might hate it and you are just fueling the flames. It could really hurt someone. But I think that Ellie is a beautiful name and no one should say any different. It has meaning and worth and just sounds nice. So don't let any of these people on here tell you it's bad.
I'm a fan of short names. I'm a Katie... Everyone thought my name was short for Kathryn... But it's not. My niece is Ava and my grandmother was an Emma. All names I love and short! Both Ellie and Andi are names I would name my daughter. Love them personally. The longer names that people listed as full names for Ellie are not my style... Nice but not for me! Ellie is beautiful!
My name is Ellie. I think it is a beautiful name and the meaning 'light' makes it somewhat better. People hate this name and I don't know why. They think it is not worthy to be a 'proper' name. Do you know how offended people can get by that? I am Ellie and proud. Ok if you don't like the name that is your opinion, but you don't have to go shouting about it everywhere. I bet If you were named Ellie you would love it! I feel honoured to have this name, if there is any other people reading this (who are called Ellie) you should feel honoured too! People say you 'can't imagine a 40 year old with the name,' well I can! So stop hating. It's a beautiful name.
My name is Ellie, short for Elizabeth. My friend and I found - during chemistry class - that my name is 31773 upside down on a calculator.
I am 18 years old and love Ellie as my name. Very rarely do i say it is Elizabeth...
My name is Ellie, short for Elizabeth. People always think it's cool that my nickname is short for really an entirely different name, and I think it's cool too, I just sometimes wish my parents would have just named me Ellie and left it at that. I mean, nobody calls me Elizabeth. Ever. It's basically just a name that goes on my driver's license and gets called out in waiting rooms. Sometimes I miss breaks at work because they are looking for "Elizabeth" but can't find her. Well, duh, I'm ELLIE! I am 20 years old, and I don't think it is a bad name for an adult. I've grown up with it and never had a problem.
I loathe this name. I live in the UK, and there are eight Ellies in my school year alone. They are all lovely people, but in UK, there's an Ellie everywhere you turn.
I mostly hear it used a nickname for Eleanor, but also know an Elise, Ellen and Eloise who go by Ellie. I think Eleanor/Elanor/Elenor/Elinor is a nice name, and Nell/Nelly is a much nicer nickname than Ellie.
Ellie is a good name whether for nickname or full name. I think it is sweet, cute and sounds old-fashioned yet modern.
I love this as a nickname for Elizabeth.
Ellie is really cute. It's a perfect nickname for Elizabeth or Elena. I love it for a little kid or a teenager... but not so much for an adult.
My nickname is Ellie and until two years ago I knew no one with that name, I think Ellie is a playful and energetic name. My full name is Elliane (Ellee-on) and it bothers me when people with names that don't even have the Elle sound in it call themselves Ellie. It makes the name less unique, also Ellie is a very old name and has been around forever. Take Ellie from Up for example, all the Ellie's I know (including myself) are just like her so Ellie is a name for people with lots of "light".
My cousin uses this as a nickname for Elizabeth, she's 8. It's a cute name, but only to a certain point. I have to agree with the people saying it's hard to see an adult Ellie, but if it's short for Elizabeth/Eleanor/Ellen or anything else, I don't think it's as bad. I mean, at least then they have a more proper and mature sounding name to fall back on, which is never possible when you give your child a nickname as a full name (a trend which I'll never understand). I really like the idea someone mentioned of using Ellie as a nickname for Madeline or Madeleine! I think you can use it if you pronounce it mad-a-line or mad-a-lyn. I'd use it on madeleiene if it wasn't for my cousin... But I encourage it as a prettier, more classic alternative to the ugly and childish "maddy"!
My whole proper name is Ellie and I love my name as I personally believe it's a beautiful name. Some people come onto this website to search their name to see what people think of it and there are so many nasty comments on here saying it's a plain and boring name and that it shouldn't be used as a proper name, only a nickname. If you have nothing nice to say about someone's personal name, then don't say anything at all! Some people might disagree with me but I do not care, to be honest!
My name is Elly, just Elly not a nickname or shortened. Just Elly. People acidentily spell it Ellie all the time. People saying that Ellie is a horrid name and that it only should be used as a nickname, that's your opinion, I just feel that it being my name I should stand up for it. I don't see anything wrong with it as a name. So there!
This is a nickname, not a given name. If you like Ellie so much, just use something like Ellen or Eleanor and then call her Ellie.
Ellie is a good name. But most people want an alternate spelling, so consider Elli, Ellee, Elly, Elleigh, Elliy, Ehelleigh, Elleah, or Ellehi.
Ellie is my name and I got named after Ellie Creed from Stephen King's Pet Cemetery. My full name though, is Elizabeth. Growing up I never knew any other Ellie's. I still think it's uncommon and not very much used, but I like it and it's cute.
To those of you harping on a grown-up Ellie not being taken seriously, of course they are. I know three Ellies. One is a family doctor, one is a college professor, and the other used to work as a tax attorney but is now a stay-at-home mom.That said, I do agree that it's better as a nickname.One of my friends named Ellie uses it as a nickname for Gabrielle which I think is beautiful.
I think the name Ellie is sweet name for a girl. But I prefer alternatives such as Ella. The overuse of this name has made it very common now.
I really like the name Ellie. It could work for a sporty girl or a really girly girl. I like it better as a nickname for Elisabeth, Eloise or Eleanor because I can't imagine Ellie on a grown woman. I like the spelling Ellie much better than Elly or anything else.
It's a lovely name... but it's a nickname. And it should stay that way. It doesn't have enough strength as a given name.
I love the name Ellie. Some of you are saying something like, "it should only be used as a nickname" I completely disagree. I would definitely name my daughter Ellie. And to the person saying that it doesn't have enough strength as a given name, I think that's a bit silly.
Those of you saying that Ellie would never fly for a woman out of college, have you ever watched Dallas? Ever heard of Miss Ellie?
Ellie Goulding is a famous bearer of this name. She is a British singer/songwriter.
My name is Ellie. Sometimes, I feel left out because I have to send away for personalization and stuff like that. But as I got older I realized it is very cool to have a unique name. It makes me very unique. Ellie is usually a nickname for Eleanor, which actually my nickname. My real name is Ellie. We have is backwards. Oh well! Ellie is great name for a girl, however, it is best pared with a middle name other than Mae. My middle name is Jean, and I sometimes go by Ellie Jean. I love the name and wouldn't want anything else. I am light and funny and the perfect Ellie and take pride in being the only Ellie that most people know. I get remembered more.
I think Ellie is a cute nickname for a girl, but I don't like it as a real name.
Well my name is Elizabeth but everyone calls me Elly and I for one love the name and have never met a soul with this name... now possibly in England I would... and I think you make your name so for anyone to hate a name is absolutely ridiculous. Do you now how many people you can offend by saying that? Sometimes I don't particularly like a name but then I meet a person named it and they are so amazing it completely changes my perspective and I end up loving that name. I don't judge a person on their name. Sorry to say but if you do, you are probably a shallow good for nothing person. Anyhow tons of people in Japan have cutesy types of names and they grow up and keep them and it's just fine so you will meet plenty of people named Elly who are 40 and above... so stop being so biased. Every name is beautiful in its own way and only the person can make their name ugly or beautiful. But on another note I love being called Elly but I also like Elizabeth it's just too common where I come from and I got tired of everyone having my name so I opted for Elly which I have been exclusively called by my family since I was little and now I have transitioned into using it always.
Ellie was the name of the heroine in the Australian book "Tomorrow, When the War Began" by John Marsden.
Ellie Creed is the daughter in Stephen King's "Pet Sematary".
I would love to use this as a nickname for Eleanor (as in Roosevelt) or Helena. Also become such a sweet-hearted name to me after seeing Up.
My name is Elizabeth and I go by Ellie, plus I'm 19. When I was younger, I knew one other Elie [that's how she spelled it]. It was a unique name, now it's very common, but I prefer it as a nickname rather than a given name. My mom told me about a little girl who's name is Elleigh as her given name. Once I get older, I'll probably go by Elizabeth, but Ellie is so much better than the standard Liz, Lizzy, Liza, or Beth. Most people expect it to be short for Eleanor, but I like that it's short for Elizabeth. Here at my university, there are very few people that I've run into with the name Ellie.
I mean, a 40 year old Ellie? I like Ellie as a nickname a lot. For Michelle, Rachelle, Elena, Helena, etc. Parents should think long and hard before choosing Ellie.
I mean if you love the name Ellie so much than maybe think of a name you also love so much that you can make the nickname Ellie out of and chose that. I mean, your daughter will be more appreciative it you give her it as a nickname, not a full name. A grown up Ellie (no not a young woman in her 20s) wouldn't be taken seriously by some people.
This is my favourite name for a girl ever! I think it has a really lovely and innocent sound to it. If/when I have a daughter, I'll name her that as her REAL NAME! I can't understand how people think this name isn't good or long enough to be a real name. Oh, and the fact that the name means light makes it even more beautiful. I don't know anybody with this name so I personally don't think it's common.
I have always gone by Ellie, but it is short for Michelle. I'm 24 years old and have never even heard of anybody else with that name. I have never, ever thought of it as common.
I know a mom-to-be who is naming her daughter Ellie, as a given name! It's boring and ugly. It's an OK nickname but a full name, get real.
This is a nice nickname, but as a given name in its own right, it just sounds childish and insubstantial. I hate this trend of giving kids nicknames as full names, like they'll never grow up and might want to have something more professional-sounding to go by. What's wrong with naming her Eleanor, Elaine, or another El- name and then calling her Ellie for short?
I hate the name Ellie. It's so ugly. It's too obnoxious and stuck-up! This is the worst name ever!
Ellie is easier to pronounce than Eleanor.
Ellie is one of my least favourite names, I can't see why everyone likes it so much! It is a very common and boring. It's only okay until you get past five!
I don't know how the first person could say it is uncommon, it's the most common name I've ever heard of.
I think the name is very popular but common. I'd hate to be called Ellie because it's simple and not very individual, also it is very boring and plain.
I think this is a great nickname, but not a real name; it's much too fun (for lack of a better term) for a real name. I also think that it would be a great nickname for names that have 'Elle' or 'Ella' in them, like Gabrielle/a, or Arielle/a.
I've started imagining it as a nickname for Coppelia (Coppélia) of ballet fame. Not sure it's meant to be a name (she was a life-size doll after all) but it's a romantic notion.
We named our daughter Eleanor, and she goes by Ellie. We get so many wonderful comments on her name. I agree that Ellie by itself might not be the best name, but I like it as a double name, and as a nickname for Eleanor.
I think Ellie is an adorable name and brings me back to my childhood. I'd use it however I like - as a nickname or as a full name - if and when I have a daughter.
I don't know why everyone likes it so much. I hate it! It's plain, boring and too many people have it.
I agree with the comment above this. Ellie makes a great nickname, but not so great as one on its own. My middle name is Elizabeth and friends call me Liz or Eliza Beth as nicknames. Wish they would call me Ellie if they are going to make a nickname out of it.
I have a much younger cousin named Ellie, but in her case it's short for Helena. My point is that this is a NICKNAME. I hate when people use Ellie as a name in its own right. As a given name, it's become an overused joke, especially in Britain. Just call your daughter something like Eleanor, Elaine, or Eloise and then call her Ellie for short! It's that simple!
This is such an horrid name. It looks like an unfinished name, with no strength, no personality.
I've also seen this as a pet form of Ellen.
I think Ellie would be a cute alternative to Maddie as a nickname for Madeline (if it is pronounced MAD-e-line.)
Ellie Allard, is the main character of the "Girls in Love," books by Jacqueline Wilson.
I've also heard it as a short form of Elizabeth.
Ellie is a cute old-fashioned name. It makes me think of the pretty little girl in the classic children's novel "The Water Babies".
I think Ellie would be a great nickname for Eliza, at least while she was younger.
My name is Elizabeth. It's very popular right now and has been for some time, so I go by Ellie. I like it!
My friend likes this name because it reminds her of elephants. I do like this name, though.
I think Ellie is an old fashioned name but very new also. Eleanor is a perfect in that way.
I love the name Ellie! It is short and smooth and cute and sounds kind and has a lovely meaning: light.
The name of the character Ellie Nash on the TV-series 'Degrassi: The Next Generation'.
Ellie is the name of the Nirvana-loving, rebel girl in Nick Hornby's novel "About a Boy".
I'm using it as a nickname for my daughter, Eloise.
This is a lovely soft name that suits lovely people.
Ellie also means "brightness of sun" in ancient Greek.
Can be from the ancient Greek name "ELLH", pronounced "Elee" in Greek. In Greek mythology, ELLH was the daughter of Athamas and Nefele, sister of Frixos.
The cutest name. Ellie is sweet and kind. She is hard working, intelligent, and beautiful. It's an uncommon name, but perfectly modern. It is especially nice if it's a nickname for Eleanor, because Eleanor can be so versatile.

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