An eligible bachelor from the game Stardew Valley; he is a writer who lives by the beach and hopes to publish his novel someday.
Elliott is the name of the dragon from the 1977 Disney movie Pete's Dragon and its 2016 remake.It is also the given name of the Apex Legends video game character nicknamed 'Mirage', and of the American comedian Elliott Morgan.
I find this name really smart, intellectual and cool at the same time.
I ABHOR this name so much! One of the worst names ever! Haaaaaaaaaaate! Use Eliot please! That's much better! All the variants except Eliot are so bad! I would even take the horrible Lee and Donald over this!
YUCKIE! I'd even MUCH PREFER Elliot over this! HATE!
Haaaaaaaaate! I hate it so much! I much prefer Eliot! One of the worst names ever! Use Eliot pleaaaaaaaaaase!
I don't care for it.
Handsome, masculine name for a boy that isn't too common. I despise this name on girls. It is not the least bit feminine. Instead of naming a girl Elliott, name her something like Ellie, Ella, Ellen, Elise, Eleanor, or Elizabeth.
I'm not a fan of this name. It is wimpy and, yes, nerdy-sounding, while at the same time coming across as pretentious. An awkward combination, to be sure. Elliott is bad enough for a guy, but for a girl it just sounds ridiculous.
So Elliotts are supposed to be rough and strong, and I’m neither of those, although I do agree with the nerdy part. I’m probably the nerdiest one named Elliott in the world.
El can be a nickname for Elliott.
Nice, but sounds like idiot.
My maiden name is Ellett and from our family research Elliott always is included with Ellett. We thought the different spellings happened over time. Ellett is derived from the English female Ellen who was the mother of Constantine the Great. I've always been very PROUD of the Elliott and Ellett names. I would name a girl with the name and pair it with another name like Elliott Josephine.
Wonderful name for a boy, but awful for girls! Much better female alternatives are Ella, Estelle, and Elisabeth.
People are WAY too hung up on whether this is boy's name or a girl's name! Who cares?! It's a lovely name, traditionally used for boys and now sometimes given to girls. So what?! Seriously, if you care that much about this you 1. Need to get a hobby and 2. Need to loosen up on the stereotypical gender norms. Gah.
I like the spelling of Elliot better. With Elliott, the double 'L' along with the double 'T' is a bit much in my opinion. Elliot looks nicer. It's how I would spell the name.
Pierre Elliott Trudeau (1919-2000) was a Canadian politician who served as the 15th Prime Minister of Canada from 1968 to 1979 and again from 1980 to 1984. His son, Justin, is now the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada since November 4, 2015.
I used to hate my name when I was a kid and in Junior High, I went by my middle name. But something came over me and told me that I had a special name and I shouldn't be ashamed of it. It is also my dad's middle name and his mother's, my grandmother's middle name. It's different being an Elliott... I can tell you that.
Over-given in France for several years, as Eliot, Elliot, Eliott, Elliott, etc... Both for little boys and... pets (true).
Looks weird for a girl, from my point of view.
It's an ugly name that shouldn't be used on girls. Besides, everyone associates it with that misogynist Elliott Rodger.
I really like this name for a boy or a girl. But it's very popular in France at the moment, as a boys' name. I know at least 6 boys called Elliott, all under 8 years old.
I despise this name on girls!
Reminds me of the adorable kid in cheaper by the dozen 2!
Elliott is my mother's maiden name, and I've thought for years that I'd name my first child Elliott, whether it's a boy or a girl. To all of the people here making nasty remarks about people who give girls this name: You aren't discouraging anyone. Your unkind remarks made me cement the decision on that name out of spite for your hatefulness. :)
Um, no, this cannot also be a feminine name. Just because you know a girl with this name doesn't mean it's feminine. And just because you get get a girl's nickname out of a masculine name doesn't make it feminine either. You can get 'Annie' out of Andrew, but you don't see people naming their daughters Andrew, do you?Chidoll: why would hearing so many people say they dislike the name on girls make you want to use it more? That's backwards logic. Do you want to piss people off? You're not making some big, bold statement by naming your daughter Elliott (or Elliot, or Blake, or Cameron, or Dylan). The only statement you're making is: 'I'm a trendy idiot!' So for your own sake, I sure hope your first born is a son. Because for a boy, Elliott is a fabulous name :)
Can also be used for girls with the nickname of "Ellie." I have a cousin with the name & she is a girl.
I love this name for a guy but it's absolutely disgusting on a girl. I mean, what part of it sounds feminine? If you want to call her Ellie then name her Eleanor, Ellen, or Elizabeth!
This name is so masculine in appearance and sound. I cannot possibly begin to imagine what sort of nonsense is going through the mind of someone deluded enough to name their poor daughter Elliott/Elliot/Eliot, etc! Society has prevailed in many ways, but the nonsensical thinking that a woman needs a butch sounding name to strive in the workplace is well beyond its sell-by-date. What's worse is that parents these days don't have their hearts in the right place when *wanting* a 'unisex' name for their daughter(s). Nowadays, they think it's 'cute'... then they wish to change the spelling a tad (Elliotte) to make the name appear more 'feminine'! I know, "more" feminine! It's pathetic if I am to be totally honest. I adore the name Elliot for a male, along with the nickname Lee. It's a great name that has the right amount of recognition to stay a cut above the rest for a long time to come. I doubt this gem will ever be a chart topper (thank goodness!).
I love Elliott for a boy and hope to use it someday in honor of Elliott Smith, one of the greatest and most talented song writers to ever live. I really hope people don't copy Scrubs and give this name to girls. Elliott on the show even said that her dad WANTED A BOY so badly that he gave her a boy's name... it's not a girls name.
To the morons naming their daughters Elliott: Stop stealing all the male names and tacking them onto your "sparkleigh widdle pryncysses"! What are you all, thirteen? Fourteen! Grow the heck up and use a girl's name for your daughter, not a boy's name! If you just plan on calling her Elle or Ellie, then why not name her Elizabeth or Eleanor, which are legitimate girl's names? Stop stealing boy names or we'll have nothing left but crappy -aden names to give them! "Steps off soapbox".
Only an idiot would name a girl Elliott. Sorry to be harsh, but it's true. They must be gender confused.Elliott is a lovely, masculine name, suited to any male. It will age well and will be well-respected. Quite popular in the UK for boys.
Eliot Ness helped convict Al Capone, I believe.
This is also used as a feminine name. Nicknames for female bearers can be Ellie, El, Li, Ettie, etc.
This is a male name. Naming a girl Elliott would be like naming a boy "Katherine."
I really like this name, though I'm prejudiced because it's my dad's name. HE says that anyone named Elliott has to be a dork, but I don't think so. I personally prefer the spelling with two "t"s because I like double consonants.
Hey! That's my middle name. Well sorta. Mine's ELLIOTTE {pronounced: eli-OT-tay} It's was my great-grandmother's maiden name. I used to hate it because I thought it was ELI-IT which to me was a boy's name, no offense to a girl with this name. Then I thought it was really pretty and feminine once my mother corrected me. But I've never known anyone in all my life with this name and it's not under user submissions on this website, so it's really unique. I like it but I personally wouldn't name my kid it.
Elliott Roosevelt was Theodore's brother, Eleanor's father and Franklin's uncle and god-father. He was charming and friendly, but he had a drinking problem.
"Elliott" is the name of the little boy, who encounters and befriends "E.T.", in the movie "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial" from 1982.
I love this name especially spelt with two t's. I love it for a girl but hate it for a boy.
Elliott Yamin from American Idol is a famous (not to mention hot) bearer of this name.
This is my dog's name. I did not really like it at first, but I have become used to it and would possibly use it someday. It has an unusual sound to it, but a cool sound, and it looks really strange. I also like the nickname Eli for it. That is what I also call my dog. Great name!
I really like this name. I do prefer this spelling of Elliott. But I think it is an adorable name :)
I like this name a lot. But I definitely prefer this spelling over Elliot. Either way is definitely nice. I just prefer the spelling Elliott. I also like how this derived from the name Elias which derived from Elijah. Definitely an adorable name for a little boy.
I really like this name. I think it's a good name for girl as well as a boy. This was my grandfather's name. Now two of my cousins are named it and my mom was going to name my sister this. It's a great name.
I like this name, especially spelled with two T's. I think it looks more charming when written if it has two instead of the usual single T.
I am not overly fond of this name for a girl. It is a great name though for a boy.
Elliott is a nice boys name. Masculine and not too harsh sounding. Not too popular either.
Comedian Chris Elliott is a famous bearer.
I think Elliott is a very unusual, but nice name. I like this name.
Famous bearers include dearly departed American songwriter and musician Elliott Smith and hip-hop super star Missy Elliott. I, personally, think Elliott works wonderfully for both sexes and wish it were more commonly used for girls.

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