It's so pretty. It reminds me too much of Melody. ❤❤.
This name is so underused!
I think the name Elodie is the perfect name. It’s elegant, but not too long, and definitely wearable. I love Elodie Rain or Elodie Joy.
In 2019, Elodie was given to 24 girls in Ontario.
My sister used to call me Dee Dee when she was young :}
Stunning! I really like the middle name Kathleen to go with this name.
I absolutely adore this name! I love the way sounds! I love the spelling! Imagine it with a one syllable middle name like Joy or Grace! Love Love Love! It’s cute on a little baby yet professional on an adult! And it has so many nicknames like Ellie, Elle, Ella, Lodie, Dee-Dee. It’s stunning and super cute!
Some name combos:
Elodie Joy
Elodie Rose
Jane Elodie
Elodie Blossom
Elodie Tess
Elodie Jane
Rose-Elodie Grace
Elodie Faith.
I think this is probably my most favorite girls name. I don't know how to explain it, but the way it looks and sounds.. wow! I love it so much! Who wouldn't want to be called Elodie?
Ellie, Lili, Didi and Liddy could be nicknames.
This name is so melodious and sweet it melts my heart. I wish so much to name a daughter this someday if I am able to have one. Anyone that is considering this would be making an excellent choice, it's truly something special and one of a kind. Reminds me of a small fairy princess dancing ballet mid-air.
I really like this name and I’ve never actually met a person with this name. I think Elodie Renee is a cute combo.
I love this name. It's probably the most beautiful name that has ever come into existence- it just rolls off the tongue, and into the air as a symphony. I would feel blessed to call this my name; my name is Grace; plain and boring, it does not truly do what "Elodie" does as a name. Thank you to the creator of this beautiful name, for truly doing the world a favour. In a perfect universe, every child, girl or boy, would be named Elodie. If you have this name, I'm sure you're the most gorgeous creature to ever bless the earth. Elodie, Elodie, Elodie- it's truly the most gorgeous name in the world, and if you disagree, your opinion is invalid. To every Elodie; I love you.
I used to dislike this name, because it seemed like Melody without the M (and I'm not a fan of Melody, nor really any Mel- name). But this has been growing on me lately. It's visually similar to the more familiar (in English) Eloise, but softer, and without being weak.
Like it. Reminds me of Melody.
Strongly dislike!
I like it.
Elodie is the name of a character from the Among the Hidden book series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. She goes by Nina.
This name annoys me- reminds me of Melodie. Not a fan AT ALL!
What a hideous, ugly name. It flows awkwardly. It's trendy and weird. I HATE IT SO MUCH.
I think this is a horrible name.
Anybody read Trinkets by Kirsten Smith? One of the main character's name is Elodie.
I’ve decided this is what I want to name my daughter if I ever have one. I love the way it sounds and looks. I like that it’s unique without being too out there. I think I would choose Elodie Mae as the full name.
I think this name is beautiful. If flows really well and it’s unique without being too weird.
Usages: Louisiana Creole (Rare), ItalianMeaning: Variant of Élodie.Elodie Di Patrizi, born 1990 is an Italian singer. She is Italian of both Italian and Guadeloupe Creole ancestry. After she placed second in the talent show: 'Amici di Maria de Filippi' (2015), the name Elodie enjoyed some popuarity in Italy.

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