Sounds hillbilly.
This name is growing on me. Pretty and unique, but not too unique.
A lovely name for Cornish girls. Name spelling should, ideally, not be altered. Fits just right if you have Cornish roots.
I’m not sure I like this enough for a first name, but considering as a middle name to honor a family member, Owen. -- derived from Cornish "elowen", the collective form of "elow"
Elowen is such a precious name!
Elowen looks so beautiful, balanced, and refined! It's very unique too. I don't care if it sounds like LON.
This one seems quite popular on baby name sites, and I completely see why! It's so lovely - soft but not too frilly, and a little mystical but still a friendly, wearable name. I've seen a lot of people talking about changing the pronunciation of this one. I don't usually have an issue with people using names from other cultures, and even changing the usage by giving them to another gender (except when they say it should only be used their way). But I think it's disrespectful to use a name from another culture, especially a smaller one that's been threatened and lost to some extent, and change even the pronunciation to suit (or assign made up meanings to it, which seems to happen lots too). These are people's names and the words they use to describe the world, not just pretty strings of letters. I think it'd be lovely to meet more Elowens in more places around the world, and if you're changing the spelling to reflect the way you'd prefer to say it, I'm sure any Elowen-inspired name would look and sound incredibly beautiful. But I hope somebody might reconsider before using the name as it is but changing the pronunciation so much.

ETA: For anyone who's put off by it sounding like the initials LON, it shouldn't when pronounced correctly (el-O-ən).
Named my daughter this in 1990. She has grown to merit its beauty and dignity. Looked up the meaning in several old books at the time. Got these meanings: "fair of brow"-- or "white of brow". Also her father found "bright eyed elf" although I can't vouch for that one.
What a beautiful name, and hardly anyone uses it so a girl with this name will be unique.
I really like the name Elowen. I would pronounce it EL-la-win; it sounds prettier. It is also a beautiful way of naming someone a long form of Ella or Ellie without using the common Ele(a/o)nor(a). Some cute nicknames are:
• Ella
• Ellie
• Elle
• Winnie
• Wendy
• Win

Some pretty combinations are:
• Elowen Rose
• Elowen Izzy
• Philippa Elowen
• Elowen Florence
• Beatrice Elowen
• Caroline Elowen.
I kind of like it, even though it just sounds like a combination of Ella and Owen after a while, because I don't mind either of those names. I think it is a great name for a girl.
The name Elowen was given to 13 girls born in the US in 2016.
My granddaughter is due next month and her name will be Elowen. I can't wait to meet her. I think Elowen is the perfect name for a princess... which she will be :)
After having the name of "Elowyne" for over 50 years, I have come across many meanings. "Camp El-O-win" in the Sierra's, it was told that it was an Indian name meaning "Happy House".
Also a Welsh name for boys, Elowyne (also, Elwyn-a form of Alwyn, meaning great white or blessed. Male version of Alwen).
Also, my Grandmother's name-- her mother found it in a book-- which I later found on Amazon. It's not trendy, or Elfin, although sounding like names in movies, books, etc.
It's pronounced, at least for me, as L-O-WIN, (the sound of the letters & "win", like you "win" a game).
If you choose to bestow your daughter with this name, she would be very fortunate. It's a good name to have. ;)
Elowen is a modern Cornish name meaning 'elm'. My daughter is called Elowen and we often shorten it to Ellie.
I wish this name was on the charts. This gorgeous name definitely deserves way more recognition. It's soft, feminine, classic, ageless and not at all overused. I would love to name a daughter this, with this spelling only. The spelling of Elowyn looks tacky and juvenile; a complete disrespect to a wonderful name.
I really liked this name when I thought it was pronounced EL-oh-win. With my accent, it's virtually impossible to say el-OH-en. The -in and -en sound exactly the same, especially when they're not emphasized. I hate it when people pronounce Aislin (ASH-lin) wrong, so I don't want to be a hypocrite. I guess I could spell it differently, possibly Elowin or Elowyn. I really like the look of the 'e' though. I'm really conflicted.
This is a new name to me but every time I see it I think "Oh that's kinda nice!" I'm not sure if it should be ELL-owin or El-OH-in? But either way I think it's cute. Would make a good namesake name for names like Owen, Wendy, and any "El" name.
I named my baby girl Elowyn, born March 2014. Her middle name is Aubrey. We loved it because it sounds similar to my dad's middle name Lewellen and my husband's dad's middle name Delwyn. Both families have Welsh roots. We get a lot of compliments on her name.
If I'm ever blessed with twin girls, one of them will be Elowen. Lydia & Elowen "Ellie & Lydie".
I really like this name! It's feminine, soft, has that vintage touch but is still usuable. I wish to pair it with a middle but have no idea. );
Hard time looking for middle names. Pooey.
I happen to be the bearer of this name and it is "ELOWYNE" and pronounced L-O-WIN like you "win" a game. There is a Camp Elowyne in the mountains of California, above Fresno, and the indians there said it meant "happy house" My great grandmother had found it in a book, and liked it and named my grandmother "Elowyne", as her middle name. I've been told it's a man's name and that it is Welsh, but I haven't confirmed that. There is a doll called Ellowyne Wilde, don't know where the extra "L" came from. It's a very rare name so I hope that you choose it for your daughter! Btw, nice to see a fellow "Elowyn" out there! :)
My name is Elowyn spelt exactly how I've done it and pronounced L-O-Win... My parents are not stupid and I like my name Thank you.
There's an error in the description. 'Elew' just means elm, not elm tree. Elowen comes from the Cornish word 'elowenn' meaning elm tree. [noted -ed]
It's pronounced el-O-ən, which rhymes with Rowan. Emphasis is on the MIDDLE syllable and there is definitely no in/yn sound at the end, so spelling it 'Ellowyn' is wrong.
I would pronounce it EH-loh-wen. I think it sounds prettier that way, and it keeps the L-O-N thing out of it. Possibly spelling it Elowyn could be too much elaboration, keeping it too kre8tive and too close to the name Eowyn. Not that I don't like the name Eowyn, I actually think it's quite beautiful. But they should be able to be names each in their own right without fear of being 'variant names' of each other.
I'm starting to like the spelling Elowyn. Replacing the "en" with "yn" eliminates the L-O-N factor. I also like the way it looks when written.
How would spelling it Elowyn eliminate the "L-O-N" factor? That makes no sense - it sounds the exact same when said aloud.
Nom de Plume means that if you spell it as "Elowyn" people would pronounce it "L-O-WIN" (the "-wyn" ending would rhyme with the words 'pin', 'bin', 'kin') making the ending of the name not sound like the letter 'N' as if you used the spelling "Elowen" there could be some people pronouncing it as "L-O-WEN" with the ending sounding like the letter 'N' + the ending would rhyme with the words 'ten', 'hen', 'pen', 'zen'.

... So it CAN eliminate the "L-O-N" factor as there IS a difference in sound between both pronunciations. Nom de Plume's comment isn't hard to understand; I got his/her comment just fine.
In my neck of the woods there is VERY little difference between "en" and "in" in casual speech, so Elowen and Elowyn would sound virtually the same. Also, even if you DO emphasize the difference, it's still close enough to sound at least a little bit like L-O-N, which I don't even understand why everyone is so stressed about. Who cares if it sounds like letters?
Elowen is a pretty name, but beware of spelling it with two ls, because "Ellowen Deeowen" is a character in Salman Rushdie's novel, The Satanic Verses. Her name translates "L-O-N-D-O-N".
This is a personal favorite of mine. It is similar to the name Eowyn (from Lord of the Rings), yet I find it to be much more feminine. There are so many cute nicknames to go with it (Elle, Ellie, Winnie, Wendy). Definitely would like to use this name for a future baby girl!
I absolutely adore this first name. Beautiful, very flowy, perfect name for a girl without being too flowery.
Elowen is similar to Ellowyne, the name of a quirky fashion doll designed for doll collectors.
"Elowen" looks (and sounds) like a tacky elaboration of a person's initials... L.O.N.-- Lucille Ophelia Neville, for explanation's sake. I find it neither beautiful nor even moderate... it truly is the definition of cheap, unprofessional, pompous, and infantile. In the United States it would appear terribly pretentious and perhaps even "kre8tiv"... definite trendy/fad-name prospect visible.
I think Elowen is a beautiful name! It sounds lovely and it's very unique! :) I don't think the "L.O.N." thing the user Francesca pointed out makes the name "tacky" in any way.
I love this name. It's gorgeous, and soft. Definitely a name I would use for a daughter.
Elowen is pronounced el-O-ən.
Very pretty name. I would like it more if it weren't so close to Owen, one of my favorite masculine names.

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