I’m not saying this wouldn’t work on an adult, but I feel like if a kindergartner had this name, she’d be the most popular person in her class because of it.
Also Albanian.
No one has said this yet which surprises me but there was an Elsa in Disney before Frozen! Elsa Van Helsing from the Disney movie, Frankenweenie!
This name is simple, feminine, classic, and rarely used. While it has a media association, it is positive/neutral and would not be a consideration for me. As someone who has an uncommon name that was used in a movie and became a cultural reference for a time, it was sometimes a minor annoyance, sometimes a way for people to connect with me, but never a big deal and never something that made me not love my name. I suspect little Elsas would feel the same way. I would use this name.
But my class has three Elsa's and another class in the same grade has at least two Elsa's...
Too associated with the movie Frozen. I prefer Eliza.
Elsa Greer is a character in Agatha Christie's mystery novel Five Little Pigs (a.k.a. Murder in Retrospect). One of five suspects in a 16-year-old murder case for which the victim's wife was wrongly imprisoned, Greer was the victim's secret lover. At the time of the novel, she is a 3-time divorcee and currently the Lady Dittisham.
Elsa is a very pretty name, I must admit. It's very regal, beautiful and elegant.
Elsa is in no way an English name but German and from Scandinavia. It could be a Dutch name but not an Italian.
I would have loved this name if not for the stupid Frozen movie. Ugh.
Frozen ruined this name. It wasn't that good to begin with.
Elsa is also Estonian, used as a short form of Eliisabet. The name day for Elsa in Estonia is November 19.
I love Elisa much better than Elsa. This name is like...too girlish.
Not a fan!
I associate this name with Elsa the lion.
I really love this name.
I have an aunt in Honduras named Elsa. She's really sweet and I'm going to name my kid after her.
In January 2020, 140 women in Poland had the name Elsa as a first name. 55 had it as a middle name. Quite surprisingly (at least to me, given the popularity of Frozen and the internationality of the name, it doesn't figure in the Polish most popular baby names ranking for 2019 at all, and the more familiar form Elza was also hardly used).
Also Estonian:
I don't like it cause of Frozen.
My name is Elsa and I have liked it my whole life. My family often call me nicknames like Els or Elsie or Elsa Rose (my first and middle name). I am thirteen so I have been familiar with the Frozen references- Let It Go and Do You Want to Build a Snowman- for a long time, however they don't annoy me so I just tend to brush it of or play along. Many people like my name and say it is pretty or that it suits me (I have fair skin with lots of freckles, brown hair and hazel eyes). I have only met a few Elsas before who all like their names as well.
It's a pretty great name. I would love it if it weren't for Frozen. Ordinarily I don't care about fictional namesakes, especially not if they're protagonists, but I get the impression that Frozen is going to be popular for a really long time, and I really dislike Elsa, so...yeah. But with that aside, this is an amazing name! It makes me think of Iceland, even though I've never been there, and it's such a great alternative to Elizabeth. If you want to use it, I think you should go for it, unless you're like me and the Frozen association bothers you. If you want a different super cultural variant of Elizabeth, Elisabetta, Liana, and Isabel are great. Isa is pretty similar to Elsa. So is Elsie, which is also a great name (and my cousin's name).
Elsa Birgitta Bekman is a Dutch singer of Swedish and French descent.
I would like it if it weren't for that dreadful Disney movie.
This name is very pretty and is a nice diminutive of the more formal name, Elisabeth. With that said, I would be very reluctant in selecting this name for any child I may have in light of how deeply entrenched this name has become with the Disney IP known as Frozen.
Very elegant and regal, fitting for a snow queen.
Meaning "noble" according to Frozen's TV Tropes, fitting for a queen.
As for how I imagine an Elsa, when I think of this name I see a woman in her early thirties, slim and finely built, with dark blonde/light brown, medium-length hair, big, dark blue eyes and pale skin, with irregular features but an interesting face. She is stylish, classy, elegant and sophisticated, calm and gentle, but not in an ostentatious or pretentious way, it's very natural and people respect her and admire her for that. She has a good taste in terms of what she wears, as well as music, literature and film, and is quite cultured.
Elsa Håkansson is a Swedish singer who collaborated with the Swedish-Icelandic duo My Bubba on their albums with Swedish folk songs.
The Polish form of this name is Elza, but, curiously, last year (2018) there were 4 little Elsas born, placing this name #461 in the ranking for girls, but Elza was not ranked.
Hate the Frozen association.
Slightly knocked down by Frozen, but it’s climbing back up!
Having your daughter listen to 'Let It Go' every time she introduces herself? No thanks! But otherwise, it is actually very nice.
Elsa is not a Portuguese name. But since my childhood I never thought of that because my mom's name is Elsa (with s) and only just recently I’ve come to understand that is actually a Nordic name. What made me even more curious is that most people pronounce it with an Z (out of Portugal, I mean). I think is a very strong name, possibly because I see its users and I see strong people. I don’t associate it with Frozen, but I think it’s a good name for the character.
Apparently also occasionally used in the Czech Republic:
Also Catalan:
Before there was Queen Elsa of Arendelle, there was Disneyland’s one millionth guest, Elsa Marquez.
I absolutely love the name Elsa, but I hate how everyone associates it with "Frozen". I've never watched it and I don't have any particular opinion about the movie, but I just feel it gives this name a way too mainstream feel. And I don't like how everyone here in Poland pronounces it as Elza, I mean it's quite natural because Elza is a Polish name, so it's easier, plus I really like the name Elza as well, but Elsa written and pronounced with s sounds much better. I like the Nordic feel this name has, and I like it both on its own or as a diminutive of Elisabeth/Elisabet. It's interesting how strong and delicate it is at the same time, and I think it ages well.
Elsa & Emilie are a Norwegian band, as the name suggests, consisting of two girls - Elsa and Emilie.
Most probably due to the overwhelming popularity of "Frozen", the name Elsa itself is gaining some little popularity in Poland as well. It's not much, because even the native Polish variant, Elza, is not (and from what I know has never been) particularly popular, neither as a full name nor a nickname, but still, last year (2017) there were 3 little Elsas born, as well as for Elzas. Elsa was on 511 place in the ranking.
I love this name and I love the movie Frozen, but the name Elsa is too much associated with it.
Famous bearers of the name in fiction could be Elsa Schneider from Indiana Jones and Elsa of Arendelle from Once Upon a Time.
Due to the character from Indiana Jones, I never thought about the name as anything else but an antagonist. The movie Frozen and the adaptation on Once Upon a Time changed my opinion about that name; after all, I find the two best powers to be hydrokinesis and cryokinesis, and Elsa has the latter.
Queen Elsa from frozen is a famous bearer.
I can hear this name without imagining Elsa from frozen and her annoying song Let it go, let it gooooooo.
It's a pretty and beautiful name, it's better than Elisabeth in my opinion. However, I don't like its religious meaning. I don't like the name Maria if it's used alone, but I like it if it's associated with Elsa.
My friend's name is Elsa. She hates when people point out that Elsa is the name of the Ice queen in Frozen. I think it's a nice name.
Just wanted to tell you that it is also a Faroese name and that it is quite common in the Faroe Islands.
I think Elsa is a pretty name, but it reminds me too much of Elsa from Frozen.
Elsa Lafuente Medianu, known professionally as Elsa Pataky, is a Spanish model, actress, and film producer. Pataky is best known for her role as Elena Neves in The Fast and the Furious franchise. She has appeared in the films Snakes on a Plane, Giallo and Give 'Em Hell, Malone. She also starred in the Spanish film Di Di Hollywood in 2010.
Also Greek.
Elsa Benítez Yáñez is a Mexican model and television presenter, perhaps best known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, including her appearance on the cover in 2001.
I personally love the name Elsa, no matter the pronunciation (Though I do prefer the Finnish and German versions over the English version). And whenever I think of the name the first person that comes into mind is Dr. Elsa Schneider from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" (One of my favorite characters and movies of all time). I always forget the character from Frozen exists... but whenever I remember she exists I always get sad because I realize that if I were to use the name for anything, despite it already being a name (a fairly popular one at that), people are going to think I'm using the name because I'm a fan of Frozen (which I'm really not, it was a less-than average movie in my opinion, and severely overrated).
Elsa Mars is a character in American Horror Story: Freak Show.
Elsa Anna Sofie Hosk is a Swedish model and current Victoria's Secret Angel, who has worked for a number of leading brands including Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Free People, Ungaro, H&M, Lilly Pulitzer and Guess.
The name is also used in Iceland. [noted -ed]
A famous bearer was Russian-French writer Elsa Triolet.
Swedish Model Elsa Hosk (1988-) is a famous bearer.
Hate the name because of the overrated movie Frozen.
I just don't think it's a pretty name and never did. It sounds very dated. Still, Elsa is my favorite Disney character ever! Hope this doesn't become another 'Emma' -- overrated and overused.
I wish I knew this as a nickname option for Elizabeth/Elisabeth before I knew about Frozen, haha. It's cute but the movie association makes me not want to use it.
To end the speculation of whether or not Frozen increased the usage of this name, it did. It jumped 241 positions from 2013 to 2014.
I've always found this name beautiful, and highly doubt that Frozen will lead to it being overused. It just doesn't sound like a name that will ever be common. Elsa is, however, classic, old-fashioned, and strong. I love it. (Yes, even more so now that one of my favorite princesses has it. And naturally, when a favorite character sports a name, that frequently increases my fondness for the name if I didn't like it initially. But even without The Little Mermaid, Ariel would still be a favorite as well!)
I do really love this name, and always have. However, I can't help but think of the queen from Frozen now. That's not a bad thing, but it's not the best thing either. My view on this name is now neutral, if anything.
Elsa is also a fairly common name in Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Not a bad name so no hate with it, but how many girls are running around with this name because of the movie 'Frozen?'
The name was obviously used well before the movie was ever a thought, but I think it's safe to say that it made the name more well known and popular. At least in the US or other English speaking countries.
I LOVE this name! And I LOVE Queen Elsa of Arendelle! :D.
I really used to like this name when I was younger because of the Jacqueline Wilson book, 'The Bed and Breakfast Star'. I've gone off it since. It sounds a bit harsh. Also I'm not a fan of the film (Frozen). Elsa irritates me a bit.
Slight night shiver: You basically just predicted Elsa in Frozen almost exactly (except for the upper middle class part, because she's royalty and therefore upper upper class), years before Frozen came out. Wow.
I also feel that you should use a long aristocrat type of middle name because it sounds good with Elsa and also the image of queen Elsa is going to be with this name forever to be honest, because it's such a good movie. Here's some ideas
Elsa Katherine or Elsa Catherine
Elsa Corinne
Elsa Rachel
Elsa Adelaide
Elsa Charlotte
Elsa Anastasia
Elsa Veronica
Elsa Victoria
Elsa Kathleen
Elsa Josephine
Elsa Arabella
Elsa Caroline
Elsa Madeline
Elsa Odelia
Elsa Ophelia
Elsa Christina
Elsa Wilhelmina
Elsa Genevieve
Elsa Aurelia
Elsa Simone
Elsa Gabrielle
Elsa Matilda
Elsa Aurora.
This name is really pretty and elegant. I always now, because of frozen, imagine a classy woman wearing purple and very graceful in life.
Okay, Frozen didn't make this name to be reborn in America. It was the name because if you look at the chart you notice that it has been on the rise since 2009. So it's not random and even if it did reach the top 100, who cares?! Because it's not like I met every Sophie. Or it could be one area for example- they can be a name on the top ten but you probably never meet a girl with that name because most of the reports come from somewhere like new york but can be unheard of in California. I know for a fact because I work at a preschool and I have never heard of a Disney princess name reaching the top ten so you won't have to worry. If anything, I expect the name Anna is reaching popularity because she's more liked. Frozen is not going to last forever and you should use it to your advantage. Like think about how people will never forget to pronounce her name and she can buy lots of merchandise with her name on it. But most of all don't be afraid to use this name. It's only in the five hundreds and it's very pretty and sweet, also old fashioned too, but at the same time fits with other names so please take a chance. Also here are some ideas Elsa Aurora, Elsa Belle, Elsa Marie, Elsa Winter (to stay true to Disney but if not) Elsa Katherine, Elsa Alexandra, Elsa Natalia and finally Elsa Adelaide.
It's a nice name. But childish. And because of that movie Frozen it's going to be used to death.
I'm predicting this name to become a bit of a fad.
Elsa (along with her sister Anna) is a new Disney princess from the 2013 movie Frozen.
My baby cousin's name is Elsa Mae and I want to either call her Elle or Ellie.
It's not my favorite, but I still like it. I think it'd be a nice break from the overused name Ella, and it's a heck of a lot more imaginative/non-trendy.
The current Italian Labour/Welfare minister, Elsa Fornero, carries the name Elsa.
Elsa Salazar Cade was an American science teacher and entomologist.
It's my name and, personally, I'm not a fan. However, Elsa has the advantage of being short and therefore, it cannot be turned into a stupid nickname.
Elsa is also used in Portuguese.
I quite like this name, it sounds quite refreshing. :) . But the thing is with this name, is that it's quite an old lady-esque name in Britain, and I suppose in America as well. But contrary to this, I think it's a really great name that would suit any age, and I think it suits a young girl more than it would an old lady. :)
Elsa Martinelli, Italian actress and fashion model.
Elsa is often pronounced EL-zah (its Hebrew form).
Elsa Sylvan is a Swedish fashion model currently starring in the Spring 09 Balenciaga ad campaign.
Elsa Benítez (born on December 8, 1977) is a Mexican model. Benítez was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, and she got her modeling start after winning an international model search, held in Costa Rica in 1995. With Linda Evangelista as one of her childhood idols, Benítez decided to follow her dream of modeling. Modeling opportunities opened up for Benítez soon after, first in Mexico, where she started out her career, and then in the United States and Europe.
Elsa Lunghini, stage name Elsa (born May 20, 1973, in Paris), is a French singer and actress.
Elsa Schiaparelli (September 10, 1890 – November 13, 1973) was an influential Italian fashion designer. Along with Coco Chanel, she dominated fashion between the two World Wars. Starting with knitwear, her designs were heavily influenced by Surrealists like her collaborator Salvador Dali. However unlike Chanel she never adapted to the changes in fashion after WWII and her business closed in 1954.
Elsa Zylberstein or Elsa Steiner (born 16 October 1968) is a French film, TV, and stage actress.
For some weird reason, I have always imagined this to be a great name for an aloof, enigmatic, somewhat emotionally cold, yet absolutely gorgeous young female character in a a movie that has an upper middle class background and either blond hair and blue eyes or red hair and green eyes and pale skin. I used to love the name, but I remember it to have a religious etymology of some kind, and I want to use names that are as secular as possible.
Elsa is Hebrew and means My God is a vow; joyful.
Actress Elsa Lanchester, most famous for portraying the title role as the Bride in "The Bride of Frankenstein" 1935!
Elsa´s pet forms are Ela, Elli, Elsie, Elsina, Zina, Zita, Elusha.
To quote the song "Supersonic" by Oasis:"I know a girl called Elsa
She's into Alka Seltzer
She sniffs it through a cane on a supersonic train"
Elsa Morante (August 18, 1912 - 25 November 1985) was an Italian novelist, perhaps best known for her novel La Storia (History).
Actress Elsa Pataky is a famous bearer.
I know an older German woman named Else (el-see), short for Elsa. Not very popular in the United States.
In "The Sound of Music", Baroness Schrader's first name is Elsa. (Her first name is not mentioned in the movie, only the play.)
Elsa Peretti, born in Florence, Italy is a famous jewelry designer. She has designed many of Tiffany's best selling items.
A double-crossing character in the film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" was called Elsa.
Elsa the Lioness (1956-January 24, 1961) was a female lion raised by game warden George Adamson and his wife Joy Adamson (1910-1980) in Kenya. Her life was depicted in Joy Adamson's book Born Free and "Living Free", both of which were made into movies.
Elsa is the name of a character in the Wagner Opera "Lohengrin".
Elsa Beskow was a Swedish author and illustrator of children's books.
I like this form of Elizabeth very much, along with another form, "Elsie", which sounds more cutesy than "Elsa".

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