Elvis is a very uncommon name and is strongly associated with THE Elvis. As the famous saying goes, there is only one Elvis. Just look at the popularity of the name - there was a short surge in popularity in 1956 when THE Elvis became famous and he was an international star by the end of that year and then the popularity quickly declined and there was a small increase in the popularity in 1977 when he died which again quickly declined in popularity. Thus, even he didn’t make the name popular at all; on the contrary, because his name was so rare and most people hadn’t heard of anyone with the name prior to him reaching stardom, the name quickly became synonymous with him (which is still the case today) and so people have generally avoided using it. That’s what happens when someone comes along with an unusual name.

As much as I love Elvis - I’m a big Elvis fan, I don’t think it’s a wise move for a woman to name her son Elvis. The name is too strongly associated with THE Elvis and it would come up every time you introduced him to people as well as the jokes that come with the name and that would definitely become tiresome and annoying in life because I’m sure jokes would be said pretty much every day. I think that most people would think you were having a laugh if you told people that Elvis was your son’s name and you would definitely get some looks from people. Also, I think because it’s a one-person name, people would think of the Elvis and that would overshadow another man’s personality who had the same name. It’s a lovely name, but it doesn’t work on ordinary people and is best left to The King. I’m sorry to be blunt, but I don’t think people would take anyone else with the name seriously because it would just sound ridiculous. He’s been dead for decades and he’s still adored and has pretty much trademarked his name, haha.

Elvis is among the handful of names that are one-person names and strongly associated with the famous bearers of those names so people just think of them when their names are mentioned - Elvis, Beyonce, Madonna, Prince, etc.

The name is best suited for a pet, not a person.
Beautiful name, sounds nice and rolls off the tongue easily. Most likely won’t be mispronounced. It apparently means ‘All Wise’ in Scandinavian. Cute on a boy, and choosing boy-names-for-girls is a trend, so it could be nice for a girl as well. Would constantly be associated with Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, though that might not be such a bad thing!
I think Elvis is a nice and handsome name, even if it’s associated with the singer.
I LOVE the name! Well it’s probably because... it’s my name lol. But a lot of people think it's a boy's name! But I’m a girl. So I suggest this name! Especially for girls!
When trolling try and come across as more plausible in the future. There’s only one real Elvis and it’s not you. There was and there is only ever going to be one Elvis - The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

On a serious note, Elvis is synonymous with Elvis Presley and any child saddled with the name will forever be teased and potentially bullied because of his name, it is not worth putting him through that hassle.
One person is enough to ruin a name.

Nothing against Elvis Presley... Because well, who doesn't like Elvis Presley?
I am too surprised by these comments.

Just look at the data here so that you can see this name has been in the TOP 1000 in the US AT LEAST SINCE 1880. It clearly would be an equivalence of Alvis like every pair of names that open with Al- and El-, so it has also been used out of the US for a long time.

It definitely has its history and it is NOT only for the singer who is also a part of the history now. Even his father was given it as a middle name.

This name is USABLE and FORMAL.
My dog's named Elvis because my surname's Presley. Can't picture it as anything else than a dog's name.
Nice name, but too associated with the singer.
Don't like it. Too associated with the singer.
When I was in elementary school there was a boy in our neighborhood named Elvis, the only other Elvis I had ever heard of was Elvis Presley. Both were Baptists. I wondered if there was a connection. Prior to 1950 or so, nearly all people named Elvis were in fact Baptists, just as nearly all named Wesley were Methodists. The Southern Baptists I knew said their religion had no earthly founder.

Then I learned about Thomas Helwis (el-vees), the co-founder of the Baptist denomination (the other quit to become a Mennonite). As in most French words the initial 'h' would have been silent. In England, the 'v' sound was eventually softened to a 'w' and the 'h' dropped to yield 'Elwes'. In America, the initial 'h' was dropped and the spelling changed to fit the pronunciation. Thomas Helwis should be more famous than he is, because his ideas on freedom of conscience are enshrined in the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Cromwell was a strong defender of the concept, and he supported the pacifism of the Quakers, even though he himself was a fierce warrior. He punished people for what they did, not what they believed, as Thomas Helvis taught.
The name Elvis was given to 180 boys born in the US in 2015.
I've just done some research that convinces me that the third alternative among your possibilities is the origin of this name, especially as used in the USA in the 19th and 20th centuries. Although Elvis is not really "derived from" Elwes -- they are both modern surnames which have the same origin in the medieval female given name Helwise. Figures from George Redmonds' "Christian Names in Local and Family History" show Helwise to have been used mostly in eastern England during the 1300s.

The Lieutenant of the Tower of London in King James I's reign was Gervase Helwys. Spelling was not set at this time, and his surname is spelled 12 different ways in the records -- including Elvis and Elwes. He is almost surely related to another Gervase Elwes, who was a member of Parliament in the UK in the late 1600s from Suffolk. (The actor Cary Elwes is a descendant of the second Gervase.)

In the first census of England in 1841, there are 81 people with the surname Elvis. The two oldest are William and Samuel Elvis, who lived in Woodbridge and Melton in Suffolk, towns which are only a mile apart. Suffolk is the same county Gervase Elwes represented.

Meanwhile some other Elvises had migrated to the Carolinas. There is a deed from 1784 in Horry County, SC mentioning a John Elvis. There are still people with the surname Elvis living in Horry County today.

The earliest sure example of someone with the first name Elvis I have found so far is Elvis Grisham, living in Granville County, NC in 1830 according to the US census. In the 1840 census, there are 8 heads of families with the first name Elvis, all living in or descended from parents who had lived in the Carolinas or Tennessee. The 98 Elvises in the index for the 1850 census, the first to list all Americans by name, include 3 men living in counties in northeastern Mississippi, near Tupelo where Elvis Presley was born.

So to me it's clear the derivation of Elvis is almost surely from a rare English surname that ultimately derives from Helwise. (Helwise died out in England but has since been replaced among English speakers by its modern French equivalents Heloise and Eloise.)

[noted -ed]
I have a friend who actually named her son Elvis 15 years ago. Well, her husband named their son that because, yep, he's a huge Elvis fan. At first we thought they were out of their minds, not because the name is ugly, it's just so associated with Elvis Presley. No one, but no one will ever own that name except the King of Rock. It's a one-of-a-kind name for sure and Elvis pretty much copyrighted it. The name Elvis is HIM and like they say, there will never be another Elvis. For those who think it's strange, there are a lot of names that are 100 times worse. Elvis Presley was absolutely gorgeous most of his life, not too bad being named after someone that talented and good looking. lol.
The name Elvis was given to 183 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Also used in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Even though it might be used in Bosnia, it is NOT a traditional Bosnian name! I wish Bosnian Muslims would use Arabic names instead of English Christian ones.
There was a saint Elvis. St Elvis was Irish and is known as 'St Elvis' of Munster, he preceded St Patrick. There is a parish in Wales called St Elvis.
It's really amazing to see how much the name's popularity grew during the time that he was popular! It's almost a vertical increase! :O
Due to Elvis Presley, this name sounds ridiculous on anyone nowadays.
I honestly did not know that this was a real name.
Everyone would assume you named your son after the singer, and the name will surely be associated with him for a long time to come. I have never liked names that end in -vis anyway. They actually sound quite old-fashioned. This strikes me as more of a name for a pet nowadays.
This name might work for a dog or some other pet (probably only a dog, though; I say this because my grandparents tell me they once had a dog they named Elvis). But as far as humans are concerned, Elvis Presley is really the only person who ought to have this as a first name.
Sorry, but my impression of this name is that its bearer came from white trash parents who were way too influenced by popular culture. "Elvis" has no real history or meaning besides the imagination of Mr. Presley's parents.
I think I could have liked this name if I didn't associate it with Elvis Presley so much. Though I do like Elvis Presley a lot though.
Was also used in Slovenia in the 70's.
'Elvis Ford' is the name of the character - a cop turned private eye - that was portrayed by the hunky actor Sean Patrick Flanery in the shortlived, extremely entertaining but sadly underestimated US TV-show "The Strip".
My bro's name is Kenneth Calvin Elvis, and he was named for my dad's hero Elvis Presley. This is used as a lighthearted nickname for my bro by the guys he runs around with and to them (and me also) it means 'king' because that's who everyone associates it with. My brother loves his name to the point where he loves Elvis and has tons of stuff that has 'Elvis' on it, the name not the man, though he has tons of stuff like that too.
Actor Anthony Perkins's son is named Elvis.
I have read that it means "wise" or "friend to elves"! lol.
Elvis Costello (born Declan) is another famous bearer.
Someone in my school is named Elvis. In my opining, Elvis is a very beautiful male name.
The name is cool but has sunk low in popularity it seems. Elvis PResley is my King!

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