Elysia Crampton is an American electronic musician, producer, poet, and composer. Her work touches upon themes of Aymara survival and Latino culture, LGBT and Aymara femme heritage, science fiction, references to Christian faith and ontology, and frequent utilization of samples and arrangements from varying sources.
Elysia Segal is an American science communicator, actress, and playwright. She has written over thirty history and STEM-based museum theatre pieces for cultural institutions across the United States and is a regular host of programming for the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and space commentator for NASASpaceflight.
Elysian Fields is a song by Megadeth, my favorite band!
Not as quirky as they make it.
This is my cousin's name although it's spelt Elisia, she is half Cuban and I think this name is really pretty!
I named my third daughter Elysia. It's pronounced "EH-liss-ee-uh," from "Elysian fields," with the first 2 vowels being softened (but not shortened to the unstressed "uh") and a soft /s/. We tend to shorten it to Ely (pronounced like the common name "Ellie"), but she could also use Sia if she wanted; however, she usually prefers her full name over either of the shortened versions.It comes from Greek & Roman mythology. Elysium is the home of the Elder Gods and their chosen ones; the place they retired to, in contrast to Mt Olympus, where the "active" gods resided, and Hades/Hell, where the souls of humans went. Elysium is a place of love, peace and plenty. Perhaps, it's an early conception of heaven.
I've heard it pronounced eh-LIZ-ee-ə. [noted -ed]
This is my friend's name and it is pronounced uh-LISS-ee-uh rather than uh-LEESH-uh. It's a pretty name!
Elysia is what the vampire community is called in the book series "The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod" by Zac Brewer, formerly Heather Brewer. Elysia is a beautiful name, and I would absolutely name a character this name (given, the character would probably be gothic, but still).
New and different.
I love how it looks like the word "elysian". Lovely word and lovely name! I hate the association with "Alicia" though.
I like the thought of the Elysium fields, and this name is pretty. I like how it seems modern, but it is not. Plus she can always be Ely or Sia.
I love this name. It's elegant and imbued with magical, fairylike connotations, at least for me. It reminds me of Elysium from the book series Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa.The only thing that deters me from using this name is that it may be mistaken for "Alicia," which I view as a bland, outdated name.It would be nice if Elysia became the new Alicia! Let's make it happen, people!
I've heard this name pronounced "ee-LEES-ee-ah" and "el-EES-ee-ah." Out of all the paradise names such as Avalon and Eden, Elysia is a lovely choice.
Very beautiful name, and reminds of me of the supposed qualities of Elysian Fields - blissful, sweet, joyful, and lovely.
This is a beautiful name. I personally prefer to pronounce it eh-LEE-zee-ah, with a z sound instead of an s.
I think this name is so beautiful. This is my grandmother's name, except hers is spelled Elisia. I think that may be the Spanish version.
Beautiful goth name.
I actually think, but I am not 100% and my google search left me kinda confused, but I always thought that Elysia (also thought it was Elysian feilds) was a part of the realm of the dead, which was called Hades. But I guess it is different for everyone.
I like this name, but pronounced as Elijah would be. I know it's wrong, but every time I see this name I think it's pronounced like Elijah Wood, the guy who plays the hobbit. I even plan on using this if I ever have a little girl.
This name can also be spelt Elicia. But be warned this often means it is pronounced Elisha rather than the correct pronunciation of E-li-see-ah.
Very cute name and very nice meaning, but it's a little too youthful for my taste. It sounds too close to a made up variation of Alice it just doesn't fit as an adult name.
I read that the name means "thunder-struck," having evolved from the designation of a person or place struck by lightning (enelysion, enelysios).
Elysia Hughes, daughter of Maes and Gracia Hughes, is from the anime Full Metal Alchemist.
It's a cute name!
Elysia is used by the Greeks and Romans most of all, but also by the English and possibly French.

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