It's my nickname, Estela Marie in short Em.
Em is a cool and pretty pet name for Emma.
Good as a nickname, but not for a full name.
I think this would be better as a nickname than as an actual name.
I go by Em most of the time. Actually a lot. Even my family calls me this. Idk if I like this or not...
Finally! A name I want!
Nice nickname for Emily. I love Emily.
Em as a shortened form works from cradle to senior ages.
Also used in the Netherlands for both boys and girls, pronounced "Eh-m".
Short form for names starting with "Em".
My brother's name is Em, just as his full first name.
This name should be presented as unisex on Behind the Name in my opinion.
I have a friend named Em. It's a Vietnamese name meaning "young" or "young girl." While Em is really more of a Vietnamese term of endearment, it's her actual name, and can be used as one.
Also a diminutive of Emerald.
“Auntie Em it’s a twister!”!
Good nickname, but I don't know why it isn't listed as unisex. I think it's also a good nickname for Emile and Emilio.
Also the Portuguese word for 'in'.
I sometimes use Em as a nickname for my sister Michelle, kinda of like the first letter of her name.
I also love this nickame for Emma. It is one syllable, but it is a nice nickname.
Em's Only Chance is a book by Christian author Rosey Dow. In this book, Em is short for Emma.
"Auntie Em! Auntie Em!" from "The Wizard of Oz." Her name was actually Emily.
I like this as a pet name for Emilia, as well as Emily, Emma and Emmeline.

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