Hmm...I prefer Emma.
Ema is also Lithuanian and Bosnian, used alongside Irma in Lithuania. In fact, it's currently within the top 10 for Lithuania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. [noted -ed]
I like it WAY better then Emma❤.
Nah, this looks like EE-ma.
Usages: Hawaiian

Pronunciation: EH-ma

Meaning: Hawaiian form of EMMA.

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UHH okay... my name is Ema and I didn't get to choose my name, it was given to me when I was born. So please don't be stupid, its obviously pronounced em-a. :)
I think it should be pronounced EE-ma, like the Hebrew word for mother.
Also used in Poland. The Polish pronunciation is E-ma.
I prefer Emma spelled with two m's, otherwise I think it looks incomplete.
We named our baby girl Ema (Emma) I am Bosnian and I wanted my little lady to have a Croatian name.
I once read a book where one of the character's names was Emma, but her nickname was Ema (said ee-ma) in reference to her being emo. I think Emma should have two m's, because you pronounce both of them in Emma (EHM-ma).
Not a fan of the spelling. Makes me want to pronounce it as 'E-ma' instead of 'eh-ma'

Plus it looks incomplete.
I hate the spelling; it makes me want to pronounce it as E muh instead of eh ma

Plus, I knew a girl named Ema (this spelling) and she was completely fake. Hated her. Also, the spelling of Ema looks incomplete.
The name Ema was given to 136 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
This spelling looks a bit odd to me, since Ema is Estonian for mother and is pronounced exactly like the name Emma.
Looks like its pronounced ee-ma, which isn't very pretty. In the US, it would kind of seem like you're trying to make the completely overused name Emma unique, but I honestly prefer Emma. Ema doesn't seem complete and looks slightly foreign.
This name would look silly in English, because she would get jokes about EMA money.
Ema Skye, a character in the video game Phoenix Wright.
I like this spelling more than 'Emma'. The two M's just clog up the name. Ema is waaaaaay prettier.
I think this name looks more complete when spelled with two M's.
Ema is also the Slovak, Serbian, Croatian and Czech form. [noted -ed]
One famous bearer is Ema Brabcová, singer of triphop band Khoiba.
Ema is a German name. It means "home nurse" or "merry".
Pronounced "EH-mah".
For the countries where Ema is commonly used, the pronunciation given by LoQuiero is the most correct one.

A fine alternative for Emma, easy to spell and not so overused. (Oh, and yeah, I can just see people lining up to joke about EMA money. /sarcasm).
It's also Portuguese (pronounced É-ma). [noted -ed]
Pronounced EE-ma.
No, that's not true. In countries where it's used it is pronounced like Emma: EM-ah.

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