Uh...well...all I can say is...

Stick with Emily.
I've seen worse, but seriously?
Emily and Emilie are nice, but this is not. The spelling looks ugly and teen mom-ish. Nobody will spell her name right.
Horrid spelling.
So it says rarely used but if it is a name then it is not rarely used because if people are talking to that person then their name is gonna be used a lot. Also my friend's name is Emalee so I kinda take this offensive because people are always going by what this is saying and started to make fun of her because of this saying that her name is rarely used. She and I both have lost many friends due to this but I guess if our friendships were meant then we would not have been able to separate that easily. I feel that it will be okay as long as most people just learn to overlook it like me and my friend did but I figured I would just let everyone know. Truly this website is 100% amazing other than that.
Emmalee over Emalee. Or just stick to Emily.
My name is Emalee and I'm happy it's spelled that way.
Now this is just straight up tacky and juvenile.
My name is Emalee and I LOVE how my mom spelled it.
Being that my name is spelled this way, I seem to think of it as a completely different name then Emily. I pronounce my name Emuhlee while most Emily's pronounce theirs Emilee, if that at all makes sense. A lot like the name Brianna, which can be BriANNA or BriONNA. I get many complements on it, and am sorry you guys don't appreciate it!
The first time I saw this name, I really thought it was pronounced Eh-MAHL-ee. Silly me, assuming a name should be pronounced phonetically and not thinking like a tryndy. This is one ugly misspelling of Emily.
Oh my god. No. Just no.
If you want to name your kid Emily but want to be more unique with the spelling, go with Emilie! At least it's a real name!
This is my name and I absolutely hate it. No one ever spells it right, even my family members, and it gets mispronounced most of the time. I don't like the name Emily to begin with, so spelling it wrong doesn't really help. I would not name your child this.
Yuck. Emily isn't that hard to spell, so why spell it Emalee? It also looks like it should be pronounced uh-MALL-ee instead of EH-muh-lee.
If you want to name your kid Emily, name them Emily! It doesn't matter how popular a name is. Using a variant like this to avoid using the name itself is just as bad, if not worse!
It looks unintelligent and immature. At least spell it Emmalee if you like the spelling, as Emma and Lee are names.
I have never seen it spelled this way but people can spell it the way they want. It still comes out the same way.
I like Emily, but Emalee just annoys me. Learn to spell, people.
This spelling makes sense, but it looks strange to me.
Can't these people spell?! At least with Emily, people can spell it, but this just defecates all over a perfectly good name.
It does not matter how a name is spelled. Any name can fit a person and no matter what, it shows how we are all unique.

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