I never thought it wasn’t a great name until I started seeing Emerald Fennell’s name everywhere. It’s grown on me.
― Anonymous User  3/25/2021
I love the gemstone, but I don't really like it for a girl.
MythicalCreature  3/5/2021
Glad so many people like Emerald! It is my favorite of all the jewelry names out there, such as Ruby, Amber, Crystal, Gemma or Pearl, among others. In Spanish the name would be Esmeralda, which is also beautiful and can be nicknamed Esme. I think it is original, charming and beautiful. A truly successful option.
Hanaa  1/19/2021
Very sweet and pretty— and not overused, yay! But yes, I like this name very much ^^
fluffly  1/14/2021
It's really cute in my opinion.
349234500  12/10/2020
Sounds dumb.
Inxpect  11/10/2020
I honestly really like Emerald. It’s better than Diamond.
ciara23  11/8/2020
I really like Emerald for a name. I think it's gorgeous. I do prefer it for a girl, but I actually like it for either gender. It's a strong beautiful name. I also like other gemstone names, as well, like Amethyst, Sapphire, Diamond, Topaz, Ruby, etc. All so beautiful :)
Breathe J.  10/2/2020
Emerald Fennell is an English actress, author, screenwriter and director. She is best known as the show-runner for the second season of the critically acclaimed BBC America thriller series Killing Eve which earned her two Primetime Emmy Award nominations. She is also known for her performances in film and television which include, The Crown, Call the Midwife, Anna Karenina, Albert Nobbs, and Vita and Virginia. In 2020, her directorial debut, Promising Young Woman starring Carey Mulligan debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.
Lumi  6/13/2020
This name is really pushing it.
someone-  2/13/2020
Great name, so unique and beautiful. I really like it, it's on my list. I have yet to meet an Emerald. I saw it for the first time on Toddlers & Tiaras, but the little girl named it was a beauty indeed.
― Anonymous User  1/13/2019
I would prefer Esmeralda.
kayisforkeen  9/22/2018
My name is Emerald Polee and I absolutely love it. Whenever people first hear my name they are so surprised and most of them have never heard of it before. I think that it's so unique and fits me so well. My nickname is Emmy but most people just call me Emerald. There will never be a time when I would want to change my name because I personally think it is perfect for me and my personality. If anyone else has the same name then you are lucky because it's so rare and it catches people's attention whenever they hear it because it's different. So don't ever think your name is ugly or not right for you because then you'll be wrong. Emerald is such a beautiful and unique name, so appreciate it.
Emerald Polee  6/18/2018
Emerald is my middle name, I chose it when I was eleven when I changed my name legally. I love it because it's my birth stone and I love the colour green, I wish I was given it at birth.
Clare Emerald  5/6/2018
I really like emeralds. I'm not a big fan of the name, it feels kinda like it's missing something.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2017
I honestly thought my name was a little weird when I was younger (even slightly ugly), but I couldn't imagine myself having a different name. I believe it suits me, and I like how unique it is. Seriously it's a great, odd, weird but elegant and fantastic name. I hope anyone out there who is an Emerald will appreciate this name for its rarity and uniqueness.
(lol just casually praising my love for my name here, proudly. Heheheheh...)
thegreatemerald  7/14/2017
My name is Emerald and when I was young I used to not like it, I wanted to be named something simple like the name Emily. But then I saw how unique it made me and I fell in love with it. I have never met anyone with the same name as me but I have met people with the name Esmerelda. It's kind of funny when people first hear my name, I have been in situations where I was new to a school and when the teacher said my name to the class the kids that seemed bored started to pay attention and it was obvious that my name caught their attention. There were a few reasons why I was named this and one of them was because my family is Irish and they were looking for a Irish name and when the name Emerald came up they loved it. My name suits me well due to my Emerald green eyes and personality.

Those with the name Emerald should think of themselves as lucky, for now you are easy to pick out of a crowd, and are most likely seen as a beautiful person.
emeraldm13  4/1/2017
My daughter's name is Emerald, nickname is Emmy. I absolutely love it. I knew she was going to be bright, bold and beautiful. It's even sweeter because it is her Great Grandma's, Aunt's and brother's birth stone! Her name fits her perfectly because she is very unique.
My name is Brittany, I graduated with 9 other Brittany's and I promised I would give my kids the opposite.
littleone1031  3/1/2017
I named my daughter Emerald. She was one of the "poor little girls" born in the US in 2012 and given the name Emerald. She sometimes goes by Emmy.
I think it is a pretty name. And original but not to the point we were trying too hard.
Green is the color of health. And Emeralds are pretty, at least to me.
My name is also Trulee, and I like my rather uncommon name. I do know the names Emerald and Trulee tend to get compliments a lot. And some people dislike them on occasion as well.
Haters will hate. I found no other name appealing for her. I hope she likes it as an adult, I don't see why she wouldn't.
truleesjs  11/3/2016
A classy, beautiful name.
She can go by:
Emmie or Emmy.
Eileen1209864  6/24/2016
I named my daughter Kemerald which means unique, rare, blessing. She embodies each of these words perfectly. It is something that is different and not very common at all.
TwistedPerfection  5/17/2016
I think Emerald is lovely! Just pair it with a more classic, traditional middle name, like Emerald Elizabeth or Emerald Helen. Don't use two word names together--it's too much. Emerald has the perfect balance of class and spunk if you play it right.
samoan.solstice  5/9/2016
My 4 year old daughter is called Emerald Luna Star. We chose the name because it's my birthstone.. bizarrely Emerald was born in February. The name is a perfect match to her personality and beauty. We have had some beautiful comments about her name.. it's great that she has a unique name.
TinaHill  8/17/2015
I love my "Emerald". I chose this beautiful, unique name for my baby girl because:
1. It means "love and success".
2. Green is a color that represents: happiness, abundance, health.
3. It a precious jewel of majestic beauty and rare strength.

I hope she never lets any ignorant comments by small minded people make her forget all the beauty and happiness she brings to my life; and how many nights I spent trying to choose the perfect name to represent all the blessings that I wanted for her life in this unique name.

A proud mom of a beautiful "Emerald".
― Anonymous User  8/2/2015
This is a lovely name, especially for a middle name. I do think it should only be used for a girl, though. Many people are saying it's trashy, but that is not true. Emerald has always been one of my favorite names, especially since it's the name of a jewel and May's birthstone.
― Anonymous User  1/31/2015
An absolutely gorgeous name.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2014
I have named my second child Emerald, she was not born in May. I wanted something less common pretty and interesting. People shouldn't judge others' choice of names for their children, it certainly beats the contents of the fruit bowl. Each to their own I say. I love the name but if she doesn't like it she could be known as Emma.
nightowl2  3/23/2014
Emerald is my name and I happen to love it. Everyone tells me how beautiful it is. My nickname is emmy but I like being called Emerald. I think it is very unique.
bubbles22  9/18/2013
The 'name' Emerald was given to 145 poor little girls in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/17/2013
I think it's a spunky alternative to Emma :) and it's better than Esmeralda. Please don't feel bad, Emerald8. I think your name is great! Don't worry, I won't use it as a first name. It'd make an interesting middle name, though.
CKV  4/20/2012
Wow, everybody's saying how it's not a suitable name. I just CHANGED my name to Emerald lol.
musicalemmy  7/19/2011
No offence, but I simply don't see the appeal of “names” that are in fact words. And as Emerald8 said, people who think this is a cool name should rename themselves, not impose it on their kids who might think otherwise.

(to Emerald8: Thank your parents for that. :) No seriously, pretty much every kid gets teased about their name at some point, get over it. Emerald is not the worst name out there by far. Just imagine you ended up Oralie. ;))
that one  5/12/2011
I love emeralds! I didn't think about it being a name, but I actually really like it!
Liesl  10/7/2010
My name is Emerald. At least once a week someone tells me how beautiful and unique my name is. My name has never held me back and I LIKE being the only Emerald I know. I'm not just another Emily, Ashley, or Jennifer.
windofthenorth  2/21/2010
Some of you all are so mean, my name is Emerald, and I don't like it and I am already self-conscious about it and you guys say those horrible things. Way to boost someone's self esteem down.
emerald8  2/11/2010
Just ignore them, it's only their opinion. You have a very unusual and beautiful name and some people can't see past the fact that it's quite new as a name, whereas the other gemstone names mentioned (Pearl and Ruby) have been in use for a long time. It's cool to have a rare name!
amanda82  2/16/2010
Although Emeralds are beautiful the name is tacky. Pearl and Ruby are okay, but Emerald? No, No, No!
Alora  1/9/2010
Emerald sounds tacky on a real person. Why not name your daughter Esmeralda if you wanted a name with the same meaning?
bananarama  8/13/2009
When I think of this name, I think of the gem-- beautiful and shiny. If you had this nickname, you could have the nickname Emmy.
― Anonymous User  7/28/2009
I used to really like this name, and even used it on a ragdoll I made. Now I think it sounds a little silly on a real person. It just doesn't come across the same way as some other gemstone names, like Pearl or Ruby, which seem doable as people names.
Anyechka  7/27/2009
My name is Emerald and I hate it. I just go by Emmy because it's embaressing. People think it's a cool name unless it's YOUR NAME!
emerald8  6/9/2009
Seems pretty cheap as a name.
Kerules  6/2/2009
"One short day, in the Emerald City."

From the play, "Wicked", where the Wizard of Oz is. I guess a city can be a famous bearer.
kateab1115  12/7/2008
This would be a great name for an Irish girl, as in the Emerald Isle. Don't take any notice of that stupid anonymous comment above.
Hushpuppy  11/23/2008
Emerald is a beautiful, warm, sensible name. Emeralda is also a pretty name. It's feminine but not too girly. Emma is such a cute nickname!
― Anonymous User  8/10/2008
This is such a gorgeous name. It makes me think of power, strength and excitement!
Sophannagh  7/20/2008
This name is beautiful. It also reminds me of the city of Seattle which is called the Emerald City, which makes me like this name more.
Rachelgirl1989  5/29/2008
From the American Heritage Dictionary:

em·er·ald (ĕm'ər-əld, ĕm'rəld) n.
A brilliant green to grass-green transparent variety of beryl, used as a gemstone.

[Middle English emeraude, from Old French, from Medieval Latin esmeralda, esmeraldus, from Latin smaragdus, from Greek smaragdos.]
earthnut  9/13/2007
This is a hideous, ugly name and anyone who names their child Emerald should be cursed.
― Anonymous User  7/29/2007
If I ever have a little girl I will call her Emerald but Emmie will be her nickname!
clems  11/16/2006
I think the meaning, in this particular case, is really funny, because Emerald is a character in me and my friends' stories, who is anything but loving, although her boyfriend, Pyro, loves her at an almost stalkerish level. But she got the name for her green eyes.
rain-angel03  9/19/2006
This is an absolutely perfect name, part of the reason being that my birthday is in May, making my birthstone the emerald. Either way, it's gorgeous.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2006
Emerald is a wonderful, exotic name.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2006
Emeralds are my favorite gems so the name is awesome. I have only met one person with this name and she seemed very unique!
― Anonymous User  6/22/2006
I reckon Emerald is cool name.
Taria  5/30/2006
When I think of Emerald I think of old Ireland with its brilliant green hills. It is a strong name with a lot of personal meaning.
BethanyE  1/13/2006
The Emerald represents love and success. It's perfect!
Tbird  7/27/2005
This is a beautiful name. It gives the impression that the bearer is a rare and beautiful person, a gem.
Lomesir22  6/9/2005

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