It's so cute and pretty but it's better than Emma.
According to Wikipedia, Emmy is sometimes used as a male name as well.
Emmy from Dragon Tales. Nice nickname for Emily or Emma, too.
All I can imagine is Emmy Awards. Personally, I think this is childish and not that pretty as a name.
I knew a girl called Emīlija but people spelt her name Emmy / Emy / Emi.
Cute! I like it!
Yet, if you think this is childish, along with Emmie; I have a solution for you. Try the Japanese/English name Emi, if you don't like that, try Emme.
Emmy is a fictional character in the PBS Kids show Dragon Tales.
Believe it or not. Emmy is sometimes used as a masculine name as well. It can be a nickname for Emmanuel, Emmet and other related names.
Emmy can also sometimes be used as a diminutive of Emery or Emerson.
I HATE this name. It sounds okay on a two year old, but is wayyyyy too informal. I like Emily a lot better.
Love it, but prefer the Japanese name Emi.
Like, the award?
For once, I agree with Kayisforkeen on this. Emmy reminds me of the award, but I think spelling it Emmie solves this problem.
My name is Emily. The name Emmy comes from Emily. AND YET EVERYONE HATESSSS THE NAME EMILY. Everyone loves the name Emmy though. I love the name Emmy but still... Everyone said Emily is a bad name or sounds like an old lady.
Also German. [noted -ed]
My parents told me that they chose the name "Emmy" for me because, when my mother was pregnant with me, she was reading through the newspaper and found the name "Emmy" in the obituary section a lot. All the people who had the name in there were very old people and because they wanted me to live that long too, they decided to call me that way.
I am proud of my name because of the intention that is behind it.
Let us all live happy long lives, Emmys out there!
PS: Don't forget, that you are a treasure, there is even one named after you!
I like this spelling more than “Emmie, ” “Emmi, ” or “Emme” — it reminds me of the Emmy awards.
Emmy is an Armenian singer who represented Armenia in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, sadly she didn't pass the semi finals. Her real name is Emma Bejanyan and she's considered Armenia's pop princess.
I like it as a nickname. Being an Emilia I sometimes go by Emmy among my English-speaking friends. It's cute.
This is also a rarer variant of Emmi in Finland. It has had a bit over 300 registered bearers according to the Population Information System. The pronunciation is EM-muy.
Cute for a little girl.
I always think of that little girl and boy on Dragontales. :)
I like Emmy spelled like Emmi. I don't like the Y at the end.
I am called Emma. I often go by Em, Ems and Emmy.
There is a character called Emmi in the Flynn book series by Sophie McKenzie.
Emmy's cute for a little girl, but once she turns 13 it sounds kind of silly. The name also makes me think of the Emmy Awards, which I find kind of annoying.
I was surprised to see this on the top 1000 list. It should really only be used as a nick name... I mean, it's not the worst name out there, but it's not very mature or professional. My guess is that it came back into the top 1000 because of the (over)use of the names Emma and Emily, and I guess parents were trying to be unique? Well, I do like it as a nickname, but not a full name. By the way, I use it as a nickname for Emilia.
Only for a nickname!
Emmy Altava is one of the main characters in the Professor Layton video game series for the Nintendo DS.
London based singer-songwriter, Emma-Lee Moss goes by the stage name Emmy the Great.
Also a nickname for Emmaline or Emmeline. Very cute for a little girl! I would love to name my daughter this, but she'd probably go by Em as a teen/young adult.
Emmy Nöther was an eminent 20th century mathematician and probably the most important woman in the history of mathematics.
I love the name Emmy. I also like it spelt Emme.
As a nickname, Emmy sounds fine, but as a given name it would sound weird because of the Emmy Awards.
My name's Emerald, but I go by Emmy. It's ok.
I love this name as both a pet name for Emma and a diminutive of Emily! I think it's cute and pretty.
Emmy was the little sister of Matt in the book The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin.
Potter Puppet Pals creator Neil Cicierega's younger sister is Emmy Cicierega.
Jennifer Lopez named her first and only daughter Emme. She named Emme's twin brother Max.
I know a girl whose name is Mary Elizabeth, but goes by Emmy (from the M from Mary and the E from Elizabeth). I think it's cute.
A mundane, ditzy-sounding name with few worthwhile bearers.
The Emmy Awards are United States television production awards. "Emmy" was a feminization of "immy", a nickname used for the image orthicon tubes that were common in early television cameras.
Some people spell it Emy in Sweden. The perfect name for Emo-parents?
I love this nickname of Emma. It is cute, but short.
My niece is named Emily. My whole family has been guilty of calling her "Emmy." But it's a cute nickname for Emily.
Host of "Extra!" Dayna Devon has a daughter named Emmy Reese.
Famous bearer is actress Emmy Rossum, born Emmanuelle Rossum.
A famous bearer of this name is Emmy Rossum, the young, talented actress/singer in Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom Of The Opera.

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