I’ve recently fallen in love with this name and it’s gone straight onto my list of top picks for a future daughter. From reading the comments pages for the other variants of this name it seems whether or not to include the last “e” is a topic of debate, but I think I’m inclined to keep it (though I’m honestly torn about whether or not to include the accent).I don’t care much for the possibility of mispronunciation, or for the fact that the name is literally 60% the letter “E”. It’s a beautiful name, sounds lovely, and makes for a refreshing choice.
I don’t like it at all. Just use Esmé or Esme.
Probably will be mispronounced a lot.
Esmee could be a nickname for Esmonda or Esmeralda.
I like this name a lot more than Esme because it looks a lot more feminine, like Renee and Rene and such. I think it sounds like the name of a very beautiful person with blue eyes and brown hair.
I love this name when pronounced EHZ-MAY. I hate that parents are starting to name they're daughters Esme pronounced EZ-MEE. Whenever I hear the name EZ-ME, I think the parents didn't know how to pronounce EZ-MAY correctly.
A angelic and beautiful name. I'm so glad this name is uncommon, it is beautiful and very sweet on any woman.
The name Esmee was given to 30 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
The Dutch pronunciation of this name is: es-MAY. [noted -ed]
It's quite pretty, and I came across a baby Esmae.
To the above comments, yes Lemony Snicket called her Esme Squalor for that book, and it was just spelled with one E at the end.
There's little-used variant, Esma. It was borne by Aussie actress Esma Cannon (1905-72) who acted mainly in Britain.
Her full name was Esma Ellen Charlotte Cannon.
I adored this name until the Twilight series became a fanatical circus. Now I'd be terrified to use it. People would assume I'm an avid fan of the series.
Yawn. This name is overrated, even though this is the proper feminine form. I don't like it because it reminds me of the similar-sounding "name" Renesmee (which I strongly dislike).
I think Esmee is a beautfiul name. I would name my daughter this. I'm into E names now.
This names is also used in the Netherlands where it´s pronounced ehs-MAY and also spelled without the accent sometimes. I think it´s a beautiful name with a great meaning.
This name is certainly a breath of fresh air. In Scotland the male version was used sometimes, dating from the 16th century and the "Auld Alliance" between Scotland and France - and as a result it was occasionally (in the male version, with only one e) given to girls. I hate it with only one e, as it's grammatically masculine, but it's quite pretty with two ees, the correct feminine way.
If using this name for a daughter, I think it's important to make sure that the registrar registers the name with the double e and the correct accent.
Very lovely name! Gorgeous! Esmée stands for:Exquisite
ExhilaratingIf you are thinking about using this name, go for it!
Esmee Denters is on tour with Justin Timberlake. I first saw her on YouTube. She is an excellent singer. She even has a record deal.
In Lemony Snicket's A series of Unfortunate Events, there was a character called Esmee Squaller.
There is probably a character named Esmee Squalor in Lemony Snicket (as noted by someone before me) because of JD Salinger's wonderful short story "To Esmee with love and squalor".
Is very posh in England right now. Cute name.

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