Reminds me of the magazine by this name.
This name is questionable.
I kind of like it, however I can definitely see why others don’t.
Actress Essence Atkins. She got her big break in the 90s playing Tasha Henderson in the TV sitcom "Smart Guy".
Weird name.
Sounds bougie and stripperish.
This name is super pretty. Very feminine and all, but I couldn’t use it because of that one vine:

Guy: what’s your name?
Superhero: my name is... Evan.
Guy: Evan?
Superhero: Evan... Essence.
If you like vines, this name is not for you.
My name is Essence I sorta like my name but due to another person with the name I tend to hate my name, because of that person.
My sister's name is Essence, it's a very pretty name.
Essence Carson is an American WNBA player for the Los Angeles Sparks.
This name is very unique and sounds sophisticated, like a business woman, but it doesn't give me any negative feelings as opposed to other business-like names. It gets people's attention.
So pretty! I agree with HewoHewo!
Ridiculous name.
I think it's beautiful and unique, maybe as Essencia.
Essence is the name of a magazine designed specifically for black women. It's been in circulation since May 1970.
Sounds like perfume. 'Essence of roses' and the like.
The name Essence was given to 156 girls born in the US in 2015.
Awful name that's best suited to a stripper.
Tacky for an actual person, but I honestly think it would be quite nice for a character.
This name is simply beautiful. I don't know why all you other people don't like it. It has a pretty sound to it, regardless of its association with perfume.
Very corny and awkward as a name, makes me think of perfume. Ugh.
Extremely corny and pathetic, and won't sound professional in adulthood.
This name just makes me think 'essence of what?' It doesn't seem like a good word for a name.
Very corny. Makes me think about perfume, and I hate perfume and cologne. The smell of those nasty things makes me nauseous and gives me a headache. This sounds like the name rather uneducated and trashy people would choose because they have the false belief it sounds glamorous and pretty.
Essie or Ess are possibly nicknames for Essence.

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