Fictional Characters from Television: 1 character
Estelle Winslow   1989   Family Matters  
Notable Actors and Entertainers: 2 actors
Estelle Getty   1923-2008  
Estelle Parsons   1927-  
Notable Musicians: 1 singer
Geri Halliwell (a.k.a. Estelle)   1972-  
Notable Writers: 1 author
Octavia E. Butler (a.k.a. Estelle)   1947-2006  
Olympic Medalists: 1 bronze
(bronze) Susan Sloan (a.k.a. Estelle)   1976   swimming - 4x100 m medley relay  
Oscar Award Winners: 1 actress
(actress) Estelle Parsons   1968   Bonnie and Clyde  
Other Royalty: 1 princess
Estelle of Sweden   2012-   Sweden  
Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers: 1 musician
Estelle Bennett   2007   The Ronettes