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ScriptsΕυλαλια Ancient Greek
PronouncedPron.yoo-LAY-lee-ə English

Meaning & History

Derived from Greek ευλαλος (eulalos) meaning "sweetly-speaking", itself from ευ (eu) "good" and λαλεω (laleo) "to talk". This was the name of an early 4th-century saint and martyr from Merida in Spain. She is a patron saint of Barcelona.
VariantOlalla Spanish
DiminutivesEula, Lalia English
Other Languages & CulturesEulàlia, Laia Catalan Eulalie French Eulália Hungarian Eulália Portuguese Eulália Slovak
Same SpellingEulália, Eulàlia


Depiction of Saint Eulalia by Meister von Meßkirch (c. 1540)Depiction of Saint Eulalia by Meister von Meßkirch (c. 1540)

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