Biblical Characters: 1 character
Eve   (f)   Gen. 3:20  
Emmy Award Winners: 1 actress
(actress) Eve Arden   1954   Our Miss Brooks  
Fictional Characters from Television: 2 characters
Eve Donovan   1965   Days of Our Lives  
Eve Lockhart   2000; 2011   Waking the Dead; The Body Farm  
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: 1 storm
Storm Eve   1969  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actress
Eve Arden   1908-1990  
Olympic Medalists: 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver
(bronze/silver) Marie-Ève Drolet   2002; 2014   speed skating  
(bronze) Marie-Ève Nault   2012   football  
(bronze) Eve Muirhead   2014   curling  
Title Characters: 5 books, 1 song
(song) Eve   2003   Eve, The Apple Of My Eye  
(book) Eve Green   2004   Eve Green  
(book) Eve   2009   Eve  
(book) Eve   2010   The Creation of Eve  
(book) Eve   2011   Eve  
(book) Eve   2014   The Murder of Adam and Eve