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Anyhow, I like this name and the meaning. It’s quite nice and refreshing.
Given Name EYDIS

GENDER: Feminine

USAGE: Danish, Norwegian, Faroese

CONTRIBUTOR: cutenose on 4/18/2016

Meaning & History

Modern form of Eydís.

The modern Norwegian version of this name is Øydis. [noted -ed]
If Eydís is pronounced how I think it is (AY-dees), then I think it's beautiful.
Actually, the meaning of "ey" in this instance is NOT "island" but "happiness", "good fortune" or "luck". It is derived from "auðna". Also, "dís" can mean "a being of good fortune" or "some sort of fairy".
In the game "The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind," the leader person of the Fighter's Guild in Balmora is called Eydis Fire-Eye (which is sort of unusual and probably accidental as most of the other people have made-up names).

I mean, ya know, just in case anyone CARES.

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