Fabian is not a common name that I hear very often in the States where I live.
I mean, it does have a vintage charm from the sound of it, but the meaning is a bit of a letdown in my opinion. :(
I'm trans and this is my chosen name. I think it sounds pretty cool and intelligent without being snarky like other names that can sound kinda stuck-up. Most people pronounce it properly as faye-bee-ann. Some of my nicknames are Fabi, Fabes, Abe, Fab, and Faye.
8-9/10 name. Timeless and awesome.
Coming from someone who has Fabian as a first name, it is nowhere near a good name. It may sound classy, but it is not professional whatsoever. Especially when you’re working in a field where the majority of the race are Caucasian and have normal names like Chris, James or Michael.
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Fabian in Latin means ‘bean’, in contemporary Hungarian it means, ‘bean grower’.
I hope that will help those who are researching the surname.
As the other comments have noted time and time again, this is a truly remarkable and handsome name that is not overused which fundamentally adds to its charm.
Hard to hate this name.
Top tier boy name.
Also used in Romania: [noted -ed]
Fabian Raymond Picardo is a Gibraltarian politician and barrister serving as Chief Minister of Gibraltar and Leader of the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party since 2011.
Very handsome.
Sounds so classy.
I love this name! It has that classy vibe that I admire. It will suit almost every boy, so I’m really considering this for use.
Used by Shakespeare in Twelfth Night for a jester/comedian in Olivia's household. His talent as a voice artist makes him useful when Sir Toby and Maria are being unkind to the, admittedly horrible, steward, Malvolio.
I don’t even know why but this is my favorite name ever! Fabian suits all ages and sort of combines with the word fab(ulous)! It’s a teeny bit boring in a good way, maybe simple is a better way to say it, but for some reason I love it. It is also slightly rare and it complies with my religion of Christianity because of Saint Fabian. Although I dislike the nickname Ian (personally), nicknames could be decided later on! Future says it that for my child’s name, this is a very possible choice!
Also Occitan: (Source: Institut d'études occitanes)
I am so in love with this name especially the fact that it is the name of my boyfriend. Hearing this name is like music to my ears.
This name is not a bad name by any stretch of the imagination. However, the meaning, “bean tiller”, is not an illustrious meaning by any definition. Still not a bad name, just not my cup of tea.
Handsome name.
I personally like this name, it sounds elegant. It's also my boyfriend's name.
I love this name for a little boy! It's third on the list of boy names for me.
Also French, e.g.,
Fabian Washington, an American football player.
Fabian Rutter is one of the main characters on Nickelodeon's House of Anubis.
Swedish born hockey forward Fabian Brunnström of the NHL Dallas Stars.
The pop idol of the 1960's called Fabian was just a pretty face with scant musical talent. Reportedly he performed on stage miming to a record because he was too nervous to sing.
Fabian Perez, a current Argentinian painter.
I love the sound of this name I think it would go well with Michael. Fabian Michael, yep I like it.
Fabian´s nicknames are Fabs, Fabby, Fabek, Fabish, Bian, Fabera.
A famous bearer is Fabian Prewett, a fictional creation of J.K. Rowling. He is a brother of Molly Weasley neé Prewett, and of Gideon Prewett, brother-in-law to Arthur Weasley, and uncle to Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny Weasley. He and his brother, Gideon, died "heroically" against five Death Eaters, sometime before the fall of Lord V.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Fabian here:
Popular name in Germany.
A teen idol singer popular in the 1950s has this name.
The Fabian Society is a British socialist intellectual movement, whose purpose is to advance the socialist cause by social democratic, rather than revolutionary, means. Edith Nesbit was a member of the Fabian Society, and named one of her sons Fabian because of it.
The German pronunciation of this name is 'Fah-bee-ahn'. [noted -ed]

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