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Also common in Malaysia. [noted -ed]
BEAUTIFUL name! If ever I have a daughter I'm going to name her Farah.
Love that it isn't common and never have I met someone with this name so it isn't ruined for me.
Any girls with this name are BLESSED!
I don't like it. Although much more common, I prefer Sarah.
I think it's beautiful! ❤️.
Ugly, just ugly.
It's pronounced FƎR-aH (FUHr-aH) (h is pronounced) (r is tongue pronounced) FUHRAH.
I know it's an ethnic name, but because of Farrah Fawcett it will always sound dated to me, like they were born in the 1970's. It's so overused.
Farah Black is a character on the 2016-2017 TV show "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency".
Personally I think Farah is more of a girl’s name. Rhymes with Sarah. I can’t imagine it on a boy though.
I am starting to like the sound of the name Farah, but still wouldn't pick it for my girl.
Pronounced FA-RAH. The h is also pronounced.
This name is also used in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Even if I'm not Muslim or a native Arabic speaker I want to give Farah to my daughter.
My name is Farah and I really like it! I don't know why people would dislike this name, but I really like it.
I developed a real liking for this name after watching the '70s fantasy adventure film, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. In it, Farah was the name of Jane Seymour's character, a beautiful Middle Eastern princess and Sinbad's love interest. Princess Farah was a breathtaking blend of exotic Eastern promise and '70s Boho chic.
Fara (minus the 'h') is the blacksmith/healer in Act II of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. She is said to have once belonged to the Church of Light but is no longer part of the Zakarum. She is an upstanding woman.
This is my absolute favorite name, but I would feel very awkward using it since I do not come from an Arabic background.
With a double "r": Farrah Fawcett, of 70's fame.
Farah is the name of a character in the Prince of Persia Playstation game trilogy.
It's pronounced FUR-AH, not FAY-RAH or FAI-RAH. It sounds pretty like that too!
My father told me it means "star" in Urdu. No, it DOESN'T mean "STAR" in Urdu, I'm pretty sure. I think that's Sitara (star).
This is my mother's name. I think, personally, it's beautiful beyond compare. The name in of itself always brings a smile to me, I'd love to call my child Farah, if my mum would allow me!
Another famous bearer is Star Fox's girlfriend; Fara Phoenix (without the "h") phoenix (arguably pronounced 'fennecs'). She appeared in Star Fox comics from 2/'93 - 12/'93.
A famous bearer of the name is the former Queen of Iran Farah Palavi.
My father told me it means "star" in Urdu.

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