My mother wanted me to have a unique name. One day she was sitting on the front porch and saw a baby deer running through the trees with its mother. She told me that's when she decided to name me Fawn. My mother is a descendent of Creek and Choctaw Tribal Indians. I used to hate my name, because I didn't hear of very many children with the name. As I became older, I began to appreciate it, because I remembered what my mother use to always say. She wanted me to have a very special name.

I looked up the meaning of the name and I found the origin is French and Fawn represents inner peace, tranquility, gentleness, intuition, graceful action, and self-awareness. They have a strong spiritual connection, as they are aware of subtle energies happening all around them. They can also represent your deeper connections with your close family and friends, bringing unconditional love, belonging, and community to the forefront. The meanings associated with the deer combine both soft, gentle qualities with strength and determination:

• Gentleness
• Ability to move through life and obstacles with grace
• Being in touch with inner child, innocence
• Being sensitive and intuitive
• Vigilance, ability to change directions quickly
• Magical ability to regenerate, being in touch with life’s mysteries.
FAWNJCOL  4/26/2021
Cute and innocent! I do prefer Dawn, though.
Crystal_Fox  4/1/2021
It’s very cute but reminds me of ‘porn’ but it doesn’t matter.
I can imagine a girl with light brown hair and maybe brown eyes with this name.
Inxpect  12/10/2020
Fawn is a cute name!
― Anonymous User  8/16/2020
Fawn is the name of that fairy from tinkerbell.
Bubbles293739  5/24/2020
So natural and beautiful!
nylonpanda  11/5/2019
It's cute.
someone-  10/14/2019
It's kind of cute.
kayisforkeen  10/31/2018
In 2018, 29 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Fawn who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3, 074th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/18/2018
I really like the name “Fawn” even though it’s the name of some deer.
Curious me  9/15/2018
I like this!
― Anonymous User  8/17/2018
Fawn Arable is a character in the book Charlotte's Web. She saved Wilbur from getting slaughtered when he was a piglet.
kayisforkeen  7/24/2018
Fawn is one of Tinkerbell's fairy friends from the Tinkerbell series. She is an animal fairy.
kayisforkeen  7/24/2018
The name Fawn was given to 20 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
I love the meaning, but it's just a kind of ugly name. It sounds weird.
― Anonymous User  11/30/2015
Love this name. My youngest's middle name although I didn't pick it. Grampa did and I sure am happy. It's a gentle loving name. Very feminine...
Cortammiller  7/10/2015
I had a beautiful, gentle white dog once... when we rescued her, she got out of the car and curled up on the ground. My husband said - your name is Fawn and oh did it stick. She was a Fawn in every aspect - she looked and acted so like a deer. She was the love of my life, RIP Fawnie.
lorimorton  6/10/2015
I used to hate my name growing up. But it's grown on me.
Fawn86  5/8/2015
The TV series New Girl introduced a recurring character in 2015 named "Fawn Moscato."
myguitarisinmymind  3/22/2015
Fawns are some of my favorite animals, and they are very adorable. In my opinion, this would make a really great name; so far I think I have run into only one person who has it. It's simple but pretty (if you think it isn't, try saying it aloud, and picture a girl or a woman who has it in your head), and it is a name that a small girl can easily carry with her all throughout her life. (If you ask me, a lot of parents don't really think about that when they're naming their babies, and a lot of names are hard to picture on seniors; it does not necessarily mean they're bad names, though). I'm also partial to the name Fauna.
StarMoon  8/11/2013
I'm usually not big on animal names for girls, but Fawn has a really pretty sound to it. It's sweet, but can grow on a person.
EchoSketcher  11/1/2011
This name is alright, but not something I would suggest actually using.

However, it is fairly cool because this name is not only a name, but also its own pronunciation and meaning - that is to say, the name is "Fawn," pronounced "FAWN," meaning "Fawn." That amuses me to no end.
emmaofthechaparral  2/8/2011
I think this is an utterly ridiculous name. Immediately makes me think of the phrase "fawn over".
Starshelle  6/27/2010
Fawn sounds so hippie it's unreal. I don't like how it makes me think of "fawn over", and the "elaboration" Fawna is even uglier.
bananarama  9/26/2009
It sounds cute, but it also looks tacky and infantile.
number1212  12/28/2008
Like Dawn, this name can sound really awful in certain people's pronunciation. I don't really like the sound much even in its proper pronunciation, ha ha. Someone a bit ditzy comes to mind.
slight night shiver  5/24/2008
I love this name! It is so beautiful and soft! Such a lovely name, Fawn.
harry_sent_me  10/18/2007
This is a delicate, soft-sounding name and I would definitely consider it as a favourite of mine now. :)
Surreal  12/20/2006
I have also seen the name Fawna.
― Anonymous User  10/10/2006
I love this name! I have never heard of it used for a name before until I met a girl with it once and have adored it since. What a sweet and gentle name for a girl.
childdoll  9/12/2006
My mother's name is Fawn. I have only known this name to be used on females but my mother once knew a man named Fawn.
marcoco7702  4/10/2006

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