Strange with two "f"'s. Prefer Fion.
As you can tell by my username, my name is Ffion. There are many reasons that I could name many things but this annoys me the most, my name is spelt F F I O N not FION or FFEON or PHEON or PHION. To all of the other Ffions out there, only we understand.
Wow, this is a gorgeous name. It's short yes, but it's strong. However if you name a girl this, her name will get misspelled so I suggest you go for an Anglicization if you live anywhere other than the UK and Ireland.
There are not that many names that start with ff, so people might spell it "Fion" or something, but I like it. It's unusual.
As you can see by my username, my name is Ffion. I think it's important that people know how to pronounce names and details behind them, I think it shows a mark of respect to that person. The name "Ffion" is pronounced "Fee-on". It's not spelt or said with a "P". It has got the meaning of foxglove behind it. A foxglove has a lovely colour, and I think it suits the name. No matter what everyone thinks, "Fiona" is the English version of "Ffion" as "Ffion" is a Welsh name, not an English name. My nickname is "Ffi"- said "Fee". It really irritates me when people spell my names "Fi or Fion". That is a whole new name and it isn't the one my parents chose for me, so if you know a girl called "Ffion" please make sure you say it right, and spell it right!
The 2 Fs sound just like 1 F. It's simply pronounced FEE-on ('on' as in the word on). It's simple to pronounce. It's not ef-fee-on like someone else said.I'm Welsh and know loads of Ffions (it's a very popular name here) so trust me, I'm correct.
Hi, my names Ffion and my name's pronounced Fee-on, not f-fee-on, but it's funny when people do, and it's also not pronounced ef-ee-on. Hoped I helped people.
It's pronounced "Fee-yon".
This might sound a bit nitpicky, but my baby name book says that as a name, it is actually from the COLOR of a fox-glove. In medieval poetry, the word is used to describe the color of a beautiful girl's cheeks. So by extension, it is describing the owner as being as pretty as someone in an old poem, with cheeks as rosy as fox-gloves.
Will teachers ever enjoy trying to pronounce Ffion.
Pronounced Phee-on (the "ph" is how you pronounce "ff" in Welsh).
Ffion is NOT a Welsh version of Fiona. Many people 'presume' this but they couldn't be more wrong. In fact, it is FOXGLOVE in Welsh. It's pronounced fee-on and is surprisingly easy to say. The two F's tend to confuse people. In the Welsh alphabet 1 F makes a 'V' sound whereas the 'FF' makes a 'F' sound. Simple! [noted -ed]
I've only heard this pronounced as fee-ON.
I like this name a lot, it just has something that makes me love it, I don't know why though.
I'm called Ffion and apparently it's the Welsh version of Foxglove! One thing I can't understand is why English people can pronounce Fiona but not Ffion!
One of my good friends is called Ffion (from foxglove) and it's pronounced Fi-on. I like the name. It's unusual but my friend hates it when people only spell it with 1 F.
It's pronounced EFf-ee-on. Effion. Therefore Ffion. William Hague's (ex-Tory leader, UK) wife bears this name and he pronounced it 'EFfion'.
Ffion is not the Welsh version of Fiona it is the Welsh word for Foxglove and is therefore unique.

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