Fidel Castro. Nuff said.
Sorry if you have it but it's just not a nice name. Why would anyone name their child after an inhumane, sociopathic dictator? Hilarious there's commenters who like him. Who knew there would be authoritarian loving tankies on a a website about baby names.
Fidel Castro, dictator of Cuba from 1959-2016.
Hello everyone!
A real Fidel talking here. I'm gonna give my opinion about living with this name...

For starters, yes I was named in reference to Fidel Castro, my mother was a strong believer of the Cuban Revolution (we're Argentinian nonetheless).

Tbh the biggest problem about the name it is not the meaning of it (literally meaning "a faithful person"), nor the social importance of it (the Cuban Dictator)... The Real Problem™ of the name is the lack of real nicknames (at least in Spanish or Latin-Romanic languages). I grew up with 3 nicknames that I hate personally because of the lack of creativity or how dumb they sound.

"Fideo" - Literally meaning noodle in English, it´s dumb, bland and no one want´s to be called like that even in a lovely manner.
"Fifi" - This is mostly used by my relatives and close familiars or friends. It's cute but again, it's dull... it's the less hated.
"Castro" - Do I need to say something else about this nickname?

And now for the good part about the name:

It's quite unique, I know this is kinda dumb to say but having this name make you think stuff like "Wow I´ll probably never see or meet someone with that name". Most people remember you easily because of this trait of the name.

Beside the nicknames and all that stuff, I learn to love the name and embrace the flaws that come with it...
As a Spanish speaker this name just sounds so ugly. It's so ugly and dated that no one even uses it. In Spanish it sounds like fideo which means noodle and in English it sounds like fiddle. It also reminds me of the word infidel. It's a horrible name fit for only a DICTATOR.
Fidel Castro wasn't the only president of a country with this name. Fidel V. Ramos was a former president of the Philippines, his presidential term lasted from 1992 to 1998.
Fidel is also a Catalan name.
No thank you.
Reminds me of "infidelity" and there's the Fidel Castro association...
I think this is a really pretty male name, connotations to Castro put aside. If I have a son, I plan to give him this name.
I don't know about any of you, but I think of a fiddle when I hear this name. But I still like it and I think it would be nicer on a girl spelt "Fiddelle".
It wouldn't be a very good idea to use this name outside of a Spanish-speaking country, mostly because of the polarizing late leader of Cuba.
The name Fidel was given to 99 baby boys born in the US in 2012. Benito is currently more popular but I don't think I'd advise using either for obvious reasons.
In many countries this name is chiefly associated with Fidel Castro.
All I can think of when I hear this name is "infidel".
Yes, but obviously Fidel is the exact opposite of "Infidel".
I love this name, even with the whole Fidel Castro thing. I have a friend who wants to name his son Sidel in honor of his friend Fidel.
Fidel derives from the Latin word for faithful 'Fidelis'. Though it's a name made infamous by the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

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