This isn't African.
Yes, as the comment below, this name did not originate in Eastern Africa. I haven't done the research, but I'm fairly confident it existed in Europe first. Maybe someone could update that or verify it.
Only two things I associate this name with: the nut Filbert, and the squirrel from Animal Crossing.
Filbert the Flea was an early 1950's children's show. The show consisted of a narrator drawing the title character's adventures on a pad and tearing off each page as he continued.
Filbert was the name of the turtle on Rocko's Modern Life. He always said "I'm nauseous, I'm nauseous!"
In the series, Children of the Red King or Charlie Bone by Welsh writer, Jenny Nimmo, the main character, Charlie, lives on Filbert Street.
Funny name, it reminds me of saying I've heard somewhere: "I'm Gilbert the Filbert, the Colonel of the Nuts".
Reminds me of a kind of nut.

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