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Hello there. I am an amateur writer who loves names. I like Old English names, American Historical names, and the forgotten names that have been hiding, while parents are epidemicing over names with butchered spellings, no background at all, or sticking them with just another Josh, Ashley, or Jessica just to be safe. Life isn’t about being totally safe, so take a risk and name your child something special that means something worthwhile. Let them be remembered as a Desdemona or Milo, not just another Chris M or Jessica W.
Bookshops are my sanctuary. I read the works of Jenny Nimmo, C. S. Lewis, Lemony Snicket, Cornelia Funke, Harper Lee, and J. K. Rowling till dawn.
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-Evelyn "Evie"
-Alexandria "Aly"
-Archibald "Archie"
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-Lila Adelaide
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