Given Name LARA (1)

GENDER: Feminine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Лара (Russian)
PRONOUNCED: LAHR-ə (English), LA-ra (German, Italian, Spanish), LA-RA (French), LAH-rah (Portuguese)  [details]

Meaning & History

Russian short form of LARISA. It was introduced to the English-speaking world by a character from Boris Pasternak's novel 'Doctor Zhivago' (1957) and the subsequent movie adaptation (1965).
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Larisa, Larissa (Greek Mythology), Larisa (Latvian), Larisa (Romanian), Larisa, Larysa (Ukrainian)
SAME SPELLING: Lára, Lara (2)


Chrono characters, fictional characters, literature, movies, Ogre Battle characters, Tomb Raider characters, top 10 in Slovenia, top 100 Portugal
Entry updated December 8, 2017