Absolutely horrid name, as is it's similar names. I used to live in Liverpool (UK) and this name was ridiculously common among children.
Could also be pronounced as Fin lay.
No, it's not unisex. It is the anglicization of a very old Irish masculine name.Yes, you can use it for girls, but it's about as masculine as George or James.This is only used for girls by Americans (and usually as Finley) but it is masculine in Europe, where it comes from.Using an old Irish masculine name for girls is a bit odd. It is not a surname-name like Ashley or something which works better for both genders but a traditional male given name.
This doesn't even look like it's pronounced Fyn-lee. Finley is much MUCH better!
This name is UNISEX! Well anyways, I love this name and the variant spellings.
The original spelling of Finlay is Finley which I hate because I’m Finlay.
Finlay is the Scottish spelling and Finley is the Irish spelling, so I was told.
My name is Finlay and I have this to say. Please spell my name right. It is Finlay as not many people can spell it correctly. All throughout school only one teacher could spell it right. When I graduated the high school computer just started they put my name in the computer to see how many people were named Finlay in Canada- it returned only one- me. So if you bear the name Finlay I will tell you this- bear the name with great pride and be prepared to do great things. Your name will not go unnoticed, no matter where you go. I want to thank my parents for naming me Finlay. Oh by the way one of the greatest singers that ever lived is Taylor Swift, and the name in the middle is Finlay. I try not to play favorites, but with a name like Finlay I can't help myself, Lol.
I hate this name. It sounds made up and extremely infantile.
The name Finlay was given to 64 boys born in the US in 2015.
I love the name. I have been interested in gaelic names for a long time. Finlay is the name I chose for my Sheltie puppy. I got right after Christmas 2012. I love him very much. The name suits him.
I have seen this spelling on both boys and girls and, contrary to my personal negative opinion on boys names on girls and vice versa, I think it actually works on either sex very well.
This is my dog's name. We called him this because he is a Scottish breed of dog and he is white.
Finlay is a Scottish Royal name. Finlay MacRory (c.975-c.1020) was the father of Macbeth and ruled from 1014 until his death in 1020.
"Dr. Finlay's Casebook" is a television series that was broadcast on the BBC from 1962 until 1971. Based on A. J. Cronin's novella entitled "Country Doctor", the storylines centred on a general medical practice in the fictional Scottish town of Tannochbrae during the late 1920s. Cronin was the primary writer for the show between 1962 and 1964.Dr Alan Finlay was played by Bill Simpson.
I prefer the spelling Finley, as it looks more logical considering the pronunciation, but this is a fantastic name. Unlike many other names with the same ending (the ''ee'' sound), this name sounds mature, so it's not too boyish or youthful. I also like Finn and Finnegan, so I just happen to like names with Fin/Finn, and no, it's not because I'm a Finn, ha ha!
I wouldn't use it as a girl's name. It sounds too masculine to me, and I don't really care for using former boy's names on girls. This name makes me smile, possibly because it sounds a little funny. It must be the "fin-" prefix. It makes me laugh when I hear it in other names.
Macbeth's father was called Finlay.
I think Finlay is a good strong old fashioned name which has been used as a first name for centuries.
It was ranked at number 75 in 1900 (Scotland).
The "ay" spelling is a nice alternative to "ey" one. With all the male & female Rileys, Ashleys, Marleys, etc. running around it really helps to distinguish the name. It also appears slightly more Irish / Scottish in keeping with the traditional Fionnlagh spelling. I would use this name for both a male & a female, as its usage as a surname gives it that unisex appeal.

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