Flowery and feminine but unfortunately for Brits this is also the name of a top margarine brand.
Albanian stats:
(Albanian usage is certainly influenced by:
Also used in Albanian:
You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
Flora, soft delicate and flawless. Also not super common!
Flora Reinhold is a major character in the Professor Layton video game series.
Flora - the name of England's most famous brand of margarine.
Also Judeo-French:
Also Judeo-Anglo-Norman:
I really like the name Flora! It's charming, soft, and feminine, but it doesn't sound childish like many flower-inspired names, like Lily, Ivy, Daisy, etc... Flora has charm, ages well, and isn't a very common name. A great choice!
What an amazing name, who doesn’t love Flora?
Beautiful name!
Another bearer of the name would be Flora from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon DS. In both games, she is a sweet, somewhat quiet archaeology assistant to the town’s archaeologist, Carter. She is also described as a poor cook in both games, though she does try her best. She is available as a marriage candidate only in the DS version.
Flora is a major character in the show The Haunting of Bly Manor (which takes inspiration from The Turn of the Screw). She is a sweet, precocious child who is shown to care deeply about those around her.
I really want to name my son this, but this is a girl's name. And this is my favorite name!
Flora is also Croatian, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Polish. The name day for Flora in Croatia is July 29. The name day for Flora in Greece is August 18. The name day for Flora in Latvia is May 4. The name day for Flora in Lithuania is June 11. The name days for Flora in Poland are August 29 and November 24.Sources: (I think)
I just love this, it sounds sweet and pleasant.
Love it so much! Gorgeous, short, sweet, and simple! Absolutely wonderful name ♡.
Flora McKinnon Drummond (née Gibson) (born 4 August 1878, Manchester – died 17 January 1949, Carradale), was a British suffragette. Nicknamed 'The General' for her habit of leading Women's Rights marches wearing a military style uniform 'with an officers cap and epaulettes' and riding on a large horse, Drummond was an organiser for the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) and was imprisoned nine times for her activism in the Women's Suffrage movement. Drummond's main political activity was organising and leading rallies, marches and demonstrations. She was an accomplished and inspiring orator and had a reputation for being able to put down hecklers with ease.
Flora Sandes (22 January 1876 – 24 November 1956) was a British woman who served as a member of the Royal Serbian Army in World War I. She was the only British woman officially to serve as a soldier in that war. Initially a St. John Ambulance volunteer, she travelled to the Kingdom of Serbia, where she was welcomed and formally enrolled in the Serbian army. She was subsequently promoted to the rank of Sergeant major, and, after the war, to Captain.
Used as the main character in the movie Flora and Ulysses.
Also Provençal, Gascon and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Super pretty!
Apparently also used in Croatia:
Also French:
Reminds me of mops.
I love Flora! I'm using it for a story. I actually prefer the French Florie, but Flora is great, too.
Flora is also Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Croatian, Slovene, Greek, and French (sometimes used alongside Fleur, Fleurette, Flore, Florette, and Florine in France). The name days for Flora in Poland are August 29 and November 24. The name day for Flora in Latvia is May 4. The name day for Flora in Lithuania is June 11. The name day for Flora in Croatia is July 29. The name day for Flora in Greece is August 18. The name day for Flora in France is November 24.Scripts: Φλόρα (Greek)
Also occasionally used in Slovene:
So elegant sounding! I don't think it sounds old-fashioned.
Also Sicilian:
Also occasionally used in Estonia:
The Polish pronunciation is FLAW-ra (the r is rolled).
It’s nice but very old fashioned.
My name's Flora and I love it so much, it perfectly captures my love for nature and it’s unique.
Flora is getting very popular among celebrities. Amy Smart chose this name for her daughter and recently Ryan Seacrest’s niece named was Flora! Flora is very beautiful and reminds me of blossom, flowers and floral.
Flora Robson (1902-1984) was an English character actress.
Classic, basic, and straight-to-the-point, yet elegant, marvelous, and beautiful. A definite must-have in my name list.
Flora is also commonly used in the Dutch-speaking world as well as the Spanish-speaking world and the Portuguese-speaking world. [noted -ed]In all of these, the name is also encountered as a short form of names that start with Flor-, such as: Florentina, Floriberta, Florina and Florinda. In fact, I myself have an ancestor from the 19th century who was officially named Florentina but always went by Flora. Of course, as a short form the name is informal, because it's not the official name on the birth certificate. But given how common some of the Flor- names are, Flora must also be pretty common as a short form of these names.For more information, please see:- (in Dutch; shows the prevalence of the name in the Netherlands in 2014)
- (in Dutch; shows the prevalence of the name in Belgium in 2009)
- (in Spanish)
- see page 116 of "Diccionario de Nombres de Personas" written by José M. Albaigés Olivart: (in Spanish)
- (general):
* (lists only bearers living in Belgium)
* (lists only bearers living in Brazil)
* (lists only bearers living in the Netherlands)
* (lists only bearers living in Spain)
* (lists only bearers living in Portugal)
- Argentina:
- Belgium:
- Brazil:
- Mexico:
- Netherlands:
- Portugal:
- Spain:
I'm not a fan of this very old-ladyish name.
This name is gorgeous, great as a short form of Florence, or (less pretty in my opinion) as a long form of Floss, Flossie, Flo etc. I love that it means flower, as though a bearer of the name will be as pretty and delicate and sweet as a flower. Some pretty combinations are:
· Flora Charlotte
· Elizabeth Flora
· Flora Emily
· Emily Flora
· Flora Autumn
· Isabelle Flora
· Flora Isabelle/a
· Flora Maisie
· Elanor Flora
· Flora Ellen.
In 2018, 80 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Flora who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 113th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Not a fan of Flora, Flossy, Florence...
It's a bit old fashioned, but it's very pretty.
Flora is a nurse hamster from the anime Hamtaro. Stan has a huge crush on her. (Unlike other girls Stan has flirted with, Flora seems to like him back.)
Flora is a fresh, colorful name, no one can resist the delightful mood of the name Flora. I like it very much. And currently, Flora Italy is a name for a luxurious skincare, that added much to my skin glow, and I think that is because OF THE NAME FLORA, makes you feel serenity.
I'm not a fan of this name. It reminds me of gut Flora.
Also a Modern Greek name, written Φλωρα. [noted -ed]
The name Flora was given to 173 girls born in the US in 2015.
I like this name, a little plain but it's still good.
Flora Tristan was a French socialist and women's right advocate during the European revolutions of the early and mid 1800s.
I would definitely have used this name as it's a family name but then the man who invented Flora margarine named it after his wife's middle name, and ruined it for the rest of the UK, because let's face it, no girl or woman wants to be associated with the word 'spread'. It is such a shame, as I love the meaning, the goddess connection and it's short, flows well and is feminine. I disagree with people disliking it because of Flo, it's like people shortening Laura to Low. I mean come on, it's only 2 syllables!
@queen_vic 1/20/2015 I agree, I'm from the UK and the Flora margarine assoociation is quite a damn shame for people over here who really adore this name. I would love to use this name. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to use it though.
Still needs to be actually listed in Scottish names.
Flora is a lovely, pretty name. (:
I love this name. It's not very common, but simple and beautiful. I also think it would age gracefully.
8 Flora is an asteroid that was discovered by J. R. Hind on October 18, 1847. It is named after Flora from Roman mythology, the goddess of flowers and the season of spring.
We're seriously considering this name for a daughter. It's very uncommon here in the US, but that's what I like. It's old fashioned and sweet, and suitable for all ages. Although, my name is Lily, so that might be a little too 'flower-y'.
This beautiful name was given to 124 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Flora is Miss Spider's real name in the Miss Spider books.
This should be listed as a Scottish name as well, as it is often used as an Anglicized form of Fionnghuala and similar names. [noted -ed]
Flora Cross (born 1993) is an American actress.
This is the real name of the title character, Flora Barnes, in Candyfloss by Jacqueline Wilson.
A lot of people might think this is old-fashioned, but I think it's really pretty. Not my absolute favorite, but it's really nice.
So many literary tie-ins! Definitely a name with strong and darling roots.
My daughter's name is Flora. I think it's a beautiful name, and my daughter is born in the spring so it fits her perfect.
It's not very common here which I also think is a good thing =)
Flora is also the main character in Mary Jane Beaufrand's novel, "Primavera."
If you dislike Flora, I think Floral would be a pretty alternative.
The German pronunciation is FLO-rah. [noted -ed]
Flora is the name of the Countess De Lave in George Cukor's all-female 1939 movie "The Women".
There is a very nice song by Enya called Flora's Secret.
I do believe that "Flora" is the name of the little, angelic girl in Henry James' "Turn of the Screw".
As long as you don't have another daughter named Fauna, and as long as you don't call the girl Flo, this name is alright. It rhymes with the very common Laura and Norah, and it also rhymes with the beautiful names Cora and Dora, and it has a soft, pleasant sound to it. It's quite old-fashioned and a bit too flower-y in a very literal way, but it's not bad.
I love this name, I just wish there wasn't a butter called Flora because that will be the first association for a lot of people.
Only this name sounds like that butter.
Flora is the heroine in Stella Gibbons' book Cold Comfort Farm, which was made into a film with Kate Beckinsale as Flora.
In Scotland the name became popular as an Anglicised form of the Gaelic name Fionnghuala and its variants. Flora MacDonald's given name was actually Fionnghal.
I really like this name, elegant, simple, and lush. It can be used as a nickname for Florence as well.
I don't know why, but I don't like this name. Which is weird, considering I love Moira, Laura, Zora, Nora and my eldest daughter's name, Leonora.
Though it has terrible connotations.
Aunt Flo.
Enough said.
Beautiful name. Reminds me of the darling daughter in Moll Flanders. A great, fairyish name.
Flora would be a great name for a cat.
Flora MacDonald famously hid Bonnie Prince Charlie on the Isle of Skye when he was fleeing his pursuers. Flora is quite a popular name in Scotland.
Flora was one of three good fairies in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty."
Flora Tristan was one of the founders of modern feminism and Paul Gauguin's grandmother. Her complete name was Flore-Celestine-Therèse-Henriette Tristan-Moscoso.
In Sweden Flora is the word used for a lexicon about plants, and in general for vegetation.
Flora is also the brand name of a type of margarine.
Flora is the name of the heroine in the novel "Cold Comfort Farm" by Stella Gibbons.
I love this name so much because it means flower and makes me think of spring. Very pretty sounding as well.

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