Florin Cezar Ouatu is a Romanian opera countertenor, singer and pianist, sometimes known by the stage nicknames "Cezar The Voice [Vocea]" or simply "Cezar".

Ouatu released his first pop-opera single "Cinema Paradiso" on Christmas Eve 2012. In May 2013, Cezar represented Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with the song "It's My Life", and finished in 13th place with 65 points at the end of the contest. A week later, on 25 May 2013, he performed alongside Andrea Bocelli and Angela Gheorghiu at Bocelli's concert in Romania at the Romexpo, which led to a collaboration with Vangelis.
Florin is also the French and Russian form of Florinus. In Russia, the name is spelled as Флорин.
To expand on my previous comment from February 2013: Florin is also the German form of Florinus, as just like in French and Russian, Latin '-inus' becomes '-in' in this language. The name is rare nowadays in the German-speaking world and the francophone world, however - and is possibly archaic in Russia.

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I think it sounds more feminine than masculine. Maybe because it is one of the nicknames I give to my best friend. It sounds like a flower.
It's very interesting that people have commented on how much Florin sounds like it belongs in a fantasy novel, considering that Florin is the name of the kingdom in which "The Princess Bride" takes place.
Actually, this name is not the Romanian form of Florian; rather, it is the Romanian form of Florinus. [noted -ed]
I think this is a great name for a character in a fantasy book. Strikes me as both masculine and feminine.
This is a really lovely name, sophisticated and underused yet slightly masculine. I love it.

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