Cute as a nickname, like for someone with red hair. I would never use it as a real name.
I love this name, but the "FOX news" or "What time is it, Mr. Fox?" game does NOT stop me from loving and enjoying and using this name. Do NOT judge a book by it's cover.
I have an uncle named this. Also, foxes are like the most adorable creatures ever.
Just as a silly nickname.
I think it's not a bad name, but I'd prefer it on a fictional character or as a nickname. But I definitely wouldn't hate it as a given name, it's got personality and a nice sound too.
Fox is Sarah's nickname in The Wild Girls, a novel by Pat Murphy. Her ever-present sidekick is Joan ("Newt").
I've only heard it used as a surname.
I've liked this name for years- ever since I saw Fox Mulder in the X-Files. It never occurred to me to connect this name with the lamestream media site (I don't like either political side) until I read the comments here. If you like the name, use it, but it would probably take a handsome man to pull it off.
I’m English so we’d pronounce it “fo-ck-s” but I think if I’d ever use this name, I’d use the American pronunciation.
Not using that name. Not after a walking animal. Sorry.
Only one other person mentioned Fox Mulder from The X Files, is it because I'm getting old?!
In 2018, 10 girls were given this name.
It could work as a unisex name!
Yeah Fox would be a cool name, but be realistic, kid will probably be teased. Maybe use it as a nickname or middle name.
I like this name... but I would only use it as a middle name.

These Fox News comments are hilarious. XD.
I named my son Fox and he IS a redhead. Well, more strawberry blonde but red nonetheless.
I love his name and get way more compliments than strange looks.
We also paired his name up with a very classic and traditional name to balance out the uniqueness of Fox (Philip).
One thing to note that we didn't consider before naming him is that it is difficult for toddlers to pronounce Fox. They all seem to omit the "s" sound in his name so it sounds like a bad word! He's only 2 though so I imagine that it will pass soon. :)
Would be very cool for a redhead as people have said in the comments. It sounds a bit trendy but it's quite nice.
You know what would be cool? If you had twins, you could name them Fox and Tiger. Super cool! And if you had a daughter, you could name her Cheetah! Amazing!
I named my son Fox. I love it and it fits him perfectly, but it certainly gets polarizing reactions. People seem to either love it and find it bold and strong; or they hate it and find it silly as a given name. We paired it with a classic middle name (Edmund), but I’m so glad we went with Fox.
Would be a little upsetting when you think of fox hunting.
As a full name, it's a bit short and seems like it's missing something. I imagine the lovely fennec foxes. I think it would make a cool nickname though for the right person.
My son is named Fox Oliver (we have a pretty standard last name) and as someone before mentioned, people either love it or hate it. He has red hair and is definitely quick like a fox, sly like a fox, crazy like a Fox... etc. I can't imagine him being named anything else. It fits him perfectly and we LOVE it. If we have more children, I'll definitely name them something more relaxed though! :)
The name Fox was given to 323 boys born in the US in 2016.
Sister name: Vixen.
Fantastic Fox.
Our 12 year old son's name is Fox. He's never been teased for it and one of his teacher's this year told him that his name was cool. ;) I find that people either love it or hate it (with more people liking it than not liking it). The only problem is sometimes people think it's his last name instead of his first name. I'm glad we named him something unusual so if you're worried that your little Fox is going to be teased for his name then I wouldn't be. He's popular and the captain of his school rugby team. (although his friends do call him Foxy and Foxy bingo and he could do without those nicknames!)
The name Fox was given to 193 boys born in the US in 2015.
Major General Fox Conner, Chiefs, Plans and Operations Staff Officer for the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. A mostly unknown figure, despite his accomplishments, which include predicting World War II and being primary mentor to Eisenhower, who described Maj. Gen. Conner as "The ablest man I ever knew."

Fox Conner was given his mother's maiden name.
I love foxes, and I love the surname Fox, and I basically love anything Fox, but Fox as a first name or middle name? I don't know. It doesn't quite work. It's just like, "Fox Ariana Ward." What? Maybe "Patricia Ariana Fox" but... just... no. Doesn't work. I'd love to say "Fox Elizabeth Ward" sounds cool, but it really doesn't. It sounds really dorky. Maybe you like it, but I'd suggest it as a last name if your fiance's last name is Fox or something, choose their last name! But, I wouldn't suggest it as a first or middle name. Maybe a secondary middle name, or something.
In a movie or story, that sounds pretty damn cool, just in reality...
This is a wonderful given name which I feel will become more popular soon. There is a shortage of good animal names -- Fox is an accessible choice which deserves more usage.
I think someone named this would get 'What Does the Fox Say?' jokes all the time.
I have the first name Fox, and I do get that tease often.
I have heard this used as a nickname for Francis. It could also work as a nickname for Frederick and Felix.
It's a guilty pleasure.
Fox is pretty damn cool.
There's a fairly famous comic strip called Foxtrot that follows the Fox family. Occasionally one of the characters is referred to as "The Fox".
Fox sounds dumb as a given name. Foxes are thought of as sly in folklore, and the "news" channel Fox is quite awful.
Why, of all things, would this make you think of Fox News?

Anyway, it's a good name, but it's probably better as a nickname.
It reminds me of both the channel and all the hilarious jokes made against it on Futurama, The Simpsons, Family Guy, etc. So, I would never use the name. The actual animal is cool, though.
This is definitely a guilty pleasure name for me. As people have pointed out before me, this name sounds like an unpleasant word, and reminds me of the horrible Fox News station. It's okay as a nickname, though.

Oh, and a (sort of) famous bearer of this name would be Fox Maharassa, a main character in the webcomic Friendly Hostility. In this case, it's used as a nickname, because his real name is Kailen.
Most people think of Fox as a guys name, but I like it as a girls name as well. It's got power and a bit of sexiness. Though it's only my last name, I wouldn't mind it as a middle name or something.
The recently-born son of celebrity-adored British fashion designer Alice Temperley is called "Fox London Temperley von Bennigsen Mackiewicz". A real mouthful but I really love that my favorite clothes-designer gave one of my top favorite names to her own child!
I love the name Fox for either gender. I love foxes, and would use it in honour of Michael J. Fox.
Actually, these comments about Fox Network are making me laugh quite loudly. Personally, I like the animals. It's a good middle name or surname. Overall, it's OK.
Makes me think of the American "news" channel, so it's disgusting. Anyway, it's a horrible, childish, tacky name and sounds like a gross English word.
Never in my life would I use the name of a channel that has such garbage on it as the crappy program Fox News. In American English, this is pronounced like the 3rd person present form of the f-word, and it's an animal.
Foxxy/Foxy/Foxie can be pet forms.
This is the name of Fox McCloud, the anthropomorphic Fox, who stars in all StarFox videogames.
I actually like it, for some reason. Although, whenever I hear the word fox, I always think of Fawkes, the phoenix in the Harry Potter books.
Very nice.
Fox Butterfield is an author, and New York Times correspondent. There is a movie about the birth of his daughter called "Born Too Soon".
Instead of Michael J. Fox, I think of THE Fox, a character for video games or something.
I think it sounds really cool. I also think of Michael J. Fox instantly.
I love it. Not sure why.
Michael J. Fox is an actor who has been in many T.V. shows and movies. He's also an activist for Parkinson's research.
Fox is the first name of the blond haired, blue eyed, pretty boy, hero of the hit soap opera "Passions."
Fox is the first name of Agent Mulder from the hit drama TV series "The X-Files."

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