I LOVE IT. Whether it’s for a boy or girl, or short for Frances or Franklin or even something else. I honestly prefer it as a nickname but I also think it’s cute as a full name. It’s just perfect.
(for the record my username is an inside joke so don't take it literally)
Hi, people that aren't the biggest fans of my name. I am a girl with this name. I'd say I'm the opposite of a tomboy honestly and it's silly to assume what a person is based on a thing people cannot initially choose. I'm sorry if you think we are 'toxic' or something but it makes no sense to be this mad over a name. It's so petty! Personally, I'm 50/50 with my name. For my own reasons, I'm considering phasing the name out and using my middle name or even a variant of the name i.e. Fran, Francine, etc. I want to keep the name alive as it suits me for the person I am, and I'm also named after my nanna. The name isn't common so people against the name should probably tone it down, it's unlikely that you'd meet someone with the name and if they're aware of what you've said about the name they probably wouldn't want to talk to you either! Maybe reconsider what you choose to be petty about :)
To all you “anonymous” people talking $#!t, saying some really messed up things, why don’t you tell everyone what your names are so we can judge you the way you’re judging us? Everyone’s name is beautiful and meaningful to themselves and their families probably, so there’s no need to be ugly and dog someone else’s name just because whatever your reasons are. How do you think all the people named Frankie feel when they read people writing how disgusting it is and they would hate to be stuck with it. Personally, I think it’s old school O.G., Super Italian and gangster and bad ass, so keep your ugly, “disgusting” comments to yourself. Thank you very much….
Frankie Jonas is the youngest Jonas brother.
Not even going to lie but to me this name sounds freaky weird like for real weird as ever, and I would also hate being stuck with this name.
Frankie Stein is a character in the doll franchise/show "Monster High". She is one of the 5 principal characters and is the daughter of Frankenstein's monster and his bride.
When I think of the name Frankie, I think of Monster High character, Frankie Stein. Lol, but seriously, I actually like this name. In my opinion, it's great for a boy and/or girl.
Frankie Addams was the main character in The Member of the Wedding, a novel and play by Carson McCullers.
Love for a girl.
BBC’s Waking the Dead, Frankie is the female forensic scientist.
I would hate being stuck with this name!
Frankie MacDonald is a Canadian amateur meteorologist from Nova Scotia who's known for his boisterous online weather forecasts.
I prefer this as a nickname rather than a full name, but I LOVE IT. I know a Franklin who goes by Frankie, but I can imagine a lot more names that can have this as a nickname, like Francis, Francois, Frances, and Francine. So cute! One of the best unisex names out there.
Frankie is cute, but it's better as a nickname.
Frankie Gaines from the Nickelodeon show "I am Frankie" is also a famous bearer.
I always think of an old person when I hear the name Frankie.
Francette, Francine, Franceline and Francelina could be longer feminine names for Frankie.
Wow wow Wow! I’m disgusted to see how harshly some people react to a name. It’s okay to have an opinion but not okay to be nasty about it.
I first heard a baby girl named this and was taken by surprise. All I could think of was Frank.
Any “ie” “y” ending name can sound feminine so it works. I actually later met an older woman named Frankie and it fit her so well. So I actually like it now (boy or girl), I just had to open my mind.
I hated my name in grade school. I messed with people when they’d ask me what it was short for. Elizabeth! They’d be like waaa? Sometimes I’d tell them just Franki or I’d be like yes what’s the problem? I’m 25 and named my baby Kennedy. I’ve fallen in love with Franki and Kennedy! I have two sisters named Jennifer (mom and dad didn’t know each other then) and the other 10 siblings have basic run of the mill names. At least I have a name where people stop me and say “Oh my goodness I absolutely LOVE your name!”. I hear it at least once a month! You know it’s not the name that makes the person, it’s the person that makes the name. People think I’m funny and crafty. I make friends super easily and I’m great with kids. Actually used to be called Sister Sunshine when I was a teen! TO ALL THE FRANKI’S OUT THERE: be someone that brightens someone’s day! The sunshine to someone’s storm!
... My words can't describe how disgusting this name is! It is one of the most ugliest and toxic names out there! It sounds childish and wimpy for a boy, for a girl it reminds me of some prisoner with tattoos. And shall I go on? The pronunciation is horrible, it sounds like a dying cat to my ear.
I am a male. Sometimes it stinks to have the name Frankie because 2/3 of people spell it wrong. Franky, I think it is a feminine name and Frankie is a masculine name.
I love this name for a girl! I think it's sooo cute and I wish it was my name.
I like this name for a boy too. It makes me think of my friend's dog and Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance; one of my favourite bands.
Frances "Frankie" Heck (née Spence) is the protagonist and narrator of the American sitcom The Middle.
The name Frankie was given to 282 girls born in the US in 2016.
51.11 percent of people with the first name Frankie are male.
My name is Frankie and I was named after a song called Frankie. I am proud of my name. I think it's a great name for a boy or a girl and I think it's good to have a unique name because it makes you stand out.
I'm a female with the given name of Frankie Lynn, named after my father Franklin. I enjoy having a unique name.
For boys it's a good nickname but as an independent name it's ehh.
For girls it's an OK nickname but only for a young girl, once they get into adulthood they'll probably rather go by Fran or Frannie/Franny, but as an independent for a girl no way, and the same goes for Ricki.
To all those with a negative bias to the name Frankie as a girl's name. I'm reading that it sounds too "tomboy-ish", or it would make a "cute nickname but not a real name". You are all SO lucky to have me as your personal, anti-Frankie's-Not-a-Girl's-Name, Myth and Propaganda Buster.
My name is Frankie. Yes, Frankie. Not Francine, Frances, nor Francios. It is Frankie, and yes, I am FEMALE. I was named after my grandma AND my grandpa. To all you scornful haters, my middle name is Jo. So stick that in your pipe... So my name is a double masculine given name, to which, did I mention, I am PROFOUNDLY AND GRATEFULLY PROUD.
Let me describe characteristics of a real Frankie. I am unique, I am intelligent; with an I.Q. of 168. I am NOT a tomboy, however I am adventurous, I am funny with a great sense of humor, and I am ADORABLE, with beautiful red hair, sparkling gold eyes, and an infectious smile. I am a leader, not a follower, however I acknowledge someone other than myself may be better for the job than myself and will follow them. I have an even temper. I am an optimist, I am a dreamer, I am a conservationist, I believe in Obamacare.
I am a female named Frankie Jo.
I think it is a great name for either a boy or a girl. I think it is fine as a given name or as a nickname.
Frankie Sandford, a member of English-Irish girl group The Saturdays.
American actress and model Drew Barrymore welcomed her second child into the world today, a girl named Frankie. I don't think it's short for anything.
My name is Frankie and I'm a girl. I love it as a name, its different and unique. I was named after my father cause he wanted a girl ( I have 2 older brothers). Most people remember my name right away 'cause its so different from other girls names. I was a tom boy younger and the name suit me well. Now, 16, it goes along just as good. People always remembered me because of my name. People always think Frankie is a nickname for Francis, Francesca, or fransica.
It irritates me quite a bit that this is more popular than both Frank and Francis in the UK, not to mention used as a full name for girls.
One of Chris Wolstenholme's (Muse bassist) sons is called Frankie. I don't know if it's his real name or a nickname for Frank, though.
My friend uses this as a nickname for Francesca. It's also my cousin's dog's name... I think Frankie is a cute nickname for Francis, Franklin, frank, or Francesca, but not very good for a given name.
'Minding Frankie' was the last novel that Maeve Binchy wrote. Frankie is a baby girl that is born towards the beginning of the story. Her first name is actually Frances.
As much as I like the name Frank, I don't care for this nickname. My unfortunate experience with a man who went by this makes it hard for me to picture it on a boy, but it sounds even worse on a girl. Whoever decided that Frankie was a girls' nickname must have been nuts.
It's okay, but it is a bit chavvy... especially for a girl. It sounds tomboyish too.
I think Frankie is a wonderful name :)
Actually my older sister is named Franki (no "E"), and it suits her perfectly, even though she's a "girly-girl" it fits because it's cute. Just like her!
Frankie was the name of the second youngest of the sisters (second youngest of the five biological sisters, but youngest of the four main sisters) in the television series Sisters.
The nickname Frankie makes me think of a little boy with shaggy hair and a shark tooth necklace... or Frankie Heck, the mother on The Middle.
I really like Frankie as a nick-name, although whenever I hear this name, I either think of a teenager wearing a fedora and smoking a cigar or an older guy behind a desk... Too much Godfather, I suppose :)I'm kind of surprised- no one mentioned Francis 'Frank/Frankie' Sinatra I don't think. :3
I've never really liked this name to begin with, and I just cannot imagine it on a girl; unless she's a tomboy, it sounds too rough, too masculine. As a nickname, fine, but a given name it's just very butch.What's wrong with Francine, Françoise, and Francie?
I just love this name. Great for a boy or girl. Totally, do not agree with bean from India.
Frankie Valli (born Francesco Stephen Castellucio) is an American musician, most famous as frontman of The Four Seasons.
Frankie Jonas! (full name Franklin Nathaniel Jonas) He's the youngest brother of the famous Jonas family, often referred to as "The Bonus Jonas." Gotta love Frankie!
A famous bearer of this name is the actor Frankie Muniz.
I am a girl, and Frankie is my name. No, it's not my nickname. (Almost everyone asks me if it is. XD) It's my real name and I'm very proud of having it as my name. I think it's rather unique for a girl, you know? :3
This name belongs to Frankie Foster, a character from the TV show, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, which airs on Cartoon Network.
I hate this nickname on girls. They should go by Fran, Franny, or Francie, not this boyish nickname. The nickname is too immature for guys past the age of 15, so Frank is much better.
This name is a nice nickname for Francesa. But ONLY a nickname, but not a real name.
I love the name Frankie for a girl - when I think Frankie, I think a strong, independent, smart, but beautiful tomboy. Although if I had a daughter, I would probably use Francine, with the option of Frankie as a nickname, because the tomboy connotation might clash with a girly-girl.
Frankie Wilde was a famous deaf DJ, which he recorded the best tracks. :)
What a name! I'm from India, and there 'Frankie' means a mixture of vegetables and spices stuffed in a chapati (pancake).
My husband's name is Frankey and I think it's a strong and respectable name, although when you think of Frankey you probably think old old man but not me, I think young sexy marine who kicks butt, I think of my husband. He is a third generation Frank so he has that going for him too.
I think that this is a perfect name if you wanted the Frank name to run in your family. My Grandad (Frank) and I were very close. He died 10 years ago and I think this name would be such a lovely name to include when/if I have a daughter. This will keep the name of my grandad going and it isn't an old fashioned name.
There's a little girl I know named Frankie, but my friend calls her "Franklin!" I think Franklin can be a girl's name if you spell it FRANK-L-Y-N-N-E.
Yeah, it could be possible to name a girl Franklynne, but I think it would be pretty to spell it Franqueline. :D
I think that it would be wonderful to call a girl Frankie. What a beautiful name for a girl! I can not think of a more beautiful name for a girl.
Latin: From France, free one; feminine form of Francis.
I think it would be cruel to call a girl Frankie.

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