Longer feminine forms for Freddie could be Elfreda/ Elfrida/ Elfrieda, Wilfreda, Winifreda, Fressenda, Frideswide/ Frideswida/ Fredeswida and Winfreda.
Freddie Mercury is a good namesake.
It's way better as a nickname rather than a legal name.
This can also be a diminutive of the feminine name Winifred.
No. Just think of Freddy Krueger.
I love Freddie just as a nickname of Frederick. Which is a handsome name for a boy. Classy but unusual.
Even though I like Fredric better, Freddie Mercury is enough to make me love this name.
Pretty great as a nickname, and might work well as a full first name too. You can't really go wrong with this one.
Also a female nickname for Frederica or Alfreda.
My dad and his new wife are expecting a little girl and they're gonna name her this! I think it's absolutely adorable! It's a little edgy and unique but also super cute.
Freddie Reign Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's son's name.
Fredricka "Freddie" Lounds is a character on the television series "Hannibal."
The name Freddie was given to 110 baby boys born in the US in 2012. It's a lot less popular here than it is in the UK.
What about Freddy Krueger?
Freddie Mclair, a character from British television series Skins, played by Luke Pasqualino.
I love this name, mainly because of it's ties to a God. Freddie Mercury was the best musician in the history of the universe, better than Mozart or Beethoven, or anyone who is "supposedly" a legend. Freddie Mercury is the real legend! And AIDS didn't kill him; Pure, epic power simply devoured his body.
I love the name for a baby girl as a nickname for Frederica or Freda.
I must say, I find this name to be utterly enticing. It's probably to do with the incredible vocal talent of Freddie Mercury, I think.It's a very sweet nickname, but as somebody's full given name, I couldn't be too sure.
Freddie Benson, a character on the highly successful Nick show, iCarly, is a famous bearer of this name. He's played by the actor Nathan Kress.
I love this name. The spelling is not overused, and Freddie Mercury was one of the world's best musicians ever in my opinion.
I am strangely attracted to this name, and I'm sure it's not just because of Freddie Mercury (though that's a positive connotation to me). It sounds like a good name for a fox (I think in animal terms). Very very green-sounding.
This name is becoming very popular, all the Freddies I know seem to be such great characters, a lovely outstanding name for a little boy.
Freddie (Alfred) Highmore is a young and talented British actor who played the lead part in movies such as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Finding Neverland".
Actor Freddie Prinze Jr., and his namesake father, comedian Freddie Prinze, are two famous bearers.
Freddie Mercury bore this name - the lead singer of the popular rock group Queen. Freddie later became a solo artist and recorded 'The Great Pretender' and others. He died in 1991 of AIDS. RIP Freddie Mercury.

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