Love ❣️! Freakin' out over this name!
― Anonymous User  7/29/2020
Freek sounds and looks too close to the word “freak”. I only think this name would suit a kid or adult that is a freak, because it would give them as much character as they need to help them stand out as individuals. I dislike the name for someone who is normal, unless it was for that meme I invented about somebody who gets a name that opposes their personality, that’s an exception. That said, it would be cruel and awful to name a kid Freek no matter if they’re stupid or smart. I know a lot of people with mental disabilities who have more normal and mature names than me. If you want to use this name, go for it! Personally I wouldn’t use it. As for a nickname for Fredrick, I prefer Fred, Freddy, Rick, or Ricky.
― Anonymous User  12/15/2018
In Dutch this name is OK, in English, no. People would butcher it.
Jghazt333  6/2/2016
Reminds me too much of freak. If your going to name your child this, you better plan for him to stay in that country. In an English speaking country, it would be said as freak

― Anonymous User  9/7/2014
I love this so much more than Fredrick. It's a shame people here in the States would butcher it.
Cuss10  2/12/2012
This name would be hilarious in English-speaking countries. Of course, the life of the bearer would be hell. So, if you name your son this today, just stay out of English-speaking countries!
slight night shiver  5/25/2008
I really like the sound of this name, I would love to use it. It's a real shame most English speaking people would mis-pronounce it based on the spelling.
Topaz Kitsune  2/16/2007
In the Netherlands, this name is pronounced "FRAYK", not "FREAK".

Saying that people must have issues if they name their son this makes you sound quite ignorant, people. Not all names sound good in English, and they don't have to - there are other languages and cultures in this world.
Fleur de Lys  9/24/2006
Freek is a good name for a child that crawls on the ceiling.
Dogmaster  4/21/2006

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