Also Romanian:
Gabriela as a name is super cute and pretty and that is my name.
I think Gabriella is a pretty name. It sounds very feminine and elegant. It's very melodic and rolls off the tongue gorgeously. Also, I feel like it would age wonderfully. The meaning, which is “devoted to God” is lovely too, in my opinion. I also like the Gabriela spelling. I think I would say Ella, Briella and Brielle are my favorite potential nicknames. I also like Brie.
Overall, I think Gabriella is a beautiful name.
I love the name Gabriella! This is my cousin's name! It's pretty; just too childish.
The name is also Spanish.
High School Musical.
Gabriella is also German (used alongside Gabriela, Gabriele, and Gabi in Germany), Spanish (used alongside Gabriela in the Hispanosphere), and Portuguese (used alongside Gabriela in the Lusosphere). I have met a person from Brazil named Gabriella.Sources:
Very pretty but I dislike the nicknames Gaby (meaning stupid), and Gabby (talkative). My very pretty cousin has this name but was bullied and called "Gorilla" in school. Brie, Brielle and Briella make much better nicknames, but I still wouldn't choose this name.
It's okay, but I despise the nickname Gabby. Gabbi is okay.
It’s okay but despise the nickname Gabby!
British singer Ella Henderson's full name is Gabriella Michelle Henderson.
I think it’s ugly.
I really like this name, more than our Polish Gabriela which feels kind of overlooked. Gabriella is an interesting blend of strength (it has a lot of strong consonants in it and its meaning conveys strength) and a sort of princessy frilliness and sweetness. I quite like it, though I prefer Gabrielle a little bit over Gabriella. They're all fabulous names though and my preference for Gabriella over Gabriela and Gabrielle over Gabriella is only slight. I like a lot of the nicknames for Gabriella - I don't like the way Gabby looks in writing but I quite like Gabi, - Briella/Brielle, Bella/Belle, Bree, Ellie, Ella/Elle. I know one Polish Gabriela with a single L who goes by Bisia and I think it's an adorable nickname. I like the religious/angelic connections of this name as well.
Gabriella Bishop (stage name BSHP) is a British singer.
I don't know a single Polish Gabriella but I assume most of the bearers over here with two L's also pronounce it with two L's - gahb-RYEHl-lah or gab-ri-El-lah.
The standard Polish form of this name is Gabriela, which is currently very popular (\#23), but Gabriella has also been in use. Last year (2019), 21 baby girls were given the name Gabriella as a first name. 5 got it as a middle. In January 2020, 880 women in the whole Polish population had this first name, and 162 women had it as a middle name. Gabriellas could celebrate their name day with Gabrielas (19th December) or Gabriels (27th February, 24th March). Nicknames could be the same as for Gabriela.
Gabriella Montez in "High School Musical".
I love the name Gabriella! I have 2 daughters and a third on the way. My oldest is Lilianna (Lili), my second is Victoria (Tori) and we are going to name our third daughter Gabriella (Gabi). As you can see we like long, 4 syllable names for our girls with a cute, short nickname. Our boys have 3 syllable names and we don’t use any nicknames for any of them (Xavier, Dominic, Julien and Sergio).
It's an okay name, but I much prefer Gabrielle.
I love this name. A crazy girl I know has it and yeah. So, haters gonna hate.
My name is Gabriella. I love my name! I don’t like the fact that Gabby is what people automatically call people with this name and also its popularity. However, I love the meaning of my name and I love the sound of it. I don’t think it’s too frilly, and I find it graceful and exotic. I am not tan skinned with dark hair like many picture people named Gabriella to be, but I have pale skin with auburn hair, blue eyes and freckles. My friends say I fit my name well though, and I think this name can fit many different people! Overall, this is a very nice name. :)
My friend is called Gabriella and my sister's friend is called Gabrielle but everyone calls her Gabby. Here is my personal impression on the name:G for great
A for amazing
B for brilliant
R for right all the time
I for incredible
E for energetic
L for lovely
L for lively
A for absolutely crazy
Lovely, feminine name. Though I prefer the nickname Bella over Gabby.
This is my middle name and I'm quite fond of it. I love the nickname 'Gabby' but no one calls me that.
I'm so happy to see this name decreasing in popularity! It has been increasing for the past 20 years, and it was just starting to get popular when I was born. It is my name, and I’ve always wanted an uncommon name. I don’t want there to be 5000 Gabriella’s in my class - it would be so annoying. It is at 104 in 2019, I know it’s still the beginning of the year, but just seeing that it dropped out of the top 100 makes me really happy. I don’t want an overpopular name but I love my name. I hope it keeps decreasing to the point that having my name is very uncommon, though that could take a while. We’re on our way, though!
I’m a Gabriella, and I love my name! I love long names, they are so beautiful. To the people who are saying it is a mouthful, what about Isabella or other 4 syllable names? Anyways, I think it’s beautiful, but very common where I live. I am called Gabby, but I’m starting to prefer my full name. It’s hard to change what already is though, so I’ll just live with it for now haha. If you have this name, you should be glad to have it!
I like the name Gabriella. I think it's strong and beautiful and refined. A name for a princess... a warrior princess. Lovely. I would definitely name someone Gabriella, as it sounds pretty with just Gabriella or one of the nicknames, such as: Ella, Ellie, Elle, Gabby, Brielle, Briella, Bella, etc. It sounds good with the middle name Isabelle.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Gabriella who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 645th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I love this name! My grandmother who recently died of cancer had that name and she was always my only adult support and she was also very beautiful when she was young and older. My middle name is Gabriella and I wish so badly it would be my first name because I really hate mine. Also Bella and Gabby are two of my favorite names and they’re perfect nicknames for Gabriella.
Pronounced GA-BREE-ELL-AH.
Short names are Gabby, Ellie/Ella/Eli, La, Abi/Abby and Ria/Reah.
So cute and little and innocent, I love this name. It reminds me of a little cute nursery child.
Okay, one of my names is actually Gabriella, in fact. I love the name but it sounds weird when other people say it. I love the nickname Gabby it's the best. I feel like Gabby is the best name for me. I'm the only Gabby in seventh grade.
Love the name!
I can't imagine this name on a teen or adult. Just doesn't sound good on anyone over the age of 8. Gabrielle sounds better.
My name is Gabriella and I was born in 2003. My parents simply chose this name because they liked it. Also, my Dad is Italian and I have a lot of Italian family. As a nickname, I go by 'Gabs'. I absolutely HATE the nickname 'Gabby' although, not many people call me Gabby as I have grown up being called Gabs. The only people who call me Gabriella are my Mum and Dad. My younger brother calls me 'Gab' and has called me this since he could practically talk. He never calls me Gabriella. I do like the name 'Ella' as a nickname for Gabriella and I also like 'Bri' or 'Briella', although, nobody calls me these. Since I've been called 'Gabs' for so long it's even on my school register. It's on all my school books and all my teachers call me Gabs. I actually really like my name as you can choose from so many nicknames and it's very pretty to say. My friends call me 'Gabriella' as a joke when they're mad at me and they always say that my name is nice as it fits with my Italian surname.
22-year-old Gabriella Lenzi is a Brazilian supermodel. She’s known to be a fitness freak, and she stays in shape through swimming and gymnastics.
Also used in Greece, variant transcription of the name Gavriella (Γαβριελλα).
Love this name, minus the nickname Gabby and the association with Gabriella from High School Musical (what a dull character).
With 57 077 bearers, Gabriella is the 21st most common feminine name in Hungary. (01/01/2016).
I don't like the gab at the start. Gabby/gab means annoyingly talkative. So someone with this name would get called Gabby which isn't a nice nickname and they could also get teased and called Gobby which is worse. So I would stay clear of this name due to the bad association. Briella/Brielle is way prettier in my opinion.
For some reason, this name makes me think of an overly sweet, bad acting Disney Channel star who sings highly autotuned bubblegum pop and will release one album before fading into obscurity after her TV show gets cancelled. I don't know why this image comes to mind when I hear Gabriella -- especially because I love the highly similar Gabrielle. Maybe the extra -ella instead of -elle just makes it seem too frilly to me, maybe it's because there was a Disney Channel star named Gabriella that this happened to and I'm just subconsciously remembering her. I don't know, but I don't particularly care for the name, and much prefer Gabrielle.
My name is Gabriella Marie and I love the name Gabriella because it is Italian and I am Italian so it goes great with me and I love the nickname gabby because my nickname is gabby, lol. Sometimes people call me Ella.
I find Gabriella very beautiful. It is more feminine than Gabrielle. I love the nicknames Ella and Brielle.
Gabriella "Ella" Henderson is a British singer-songwriter.
I love this name, but it reminds me of the annoying Gabriella from High School Musical. Ugh!
Gabriella is my name too. I love it and it's not common in Nigeria.
I like to write it as Gabrielle, I think that's way cuter.
Mum has a habit of calling her kids by the first letter of their names so, I'm called Gee. I absolutely detest Gabby. I think it'll look better if it's spelt Gabbie. I also do not like Ella, it's common here. There's lots and lots of kids called Emanuella and they're almost always called Ella.
The name Gabriella is so beautiful and stunning. 10/10 perfection. ^-^ This name makes me think of High School Musical. :)
This is my name too! It means "God is my strength" which is very fitting :) My extended family started calling me "Gabby" since I was little, and most people automatically shorten it to this, but I dislike "Gabby" A LOT. It just doesn't fit me, which has made for some awkward convos in which I had to tell my family members, people I've just met, even teachers, etc. that I dislike it and would prefer my full name. However, my parents call me Ella, which we all prefer and find much more fitting, so I've decided to start giving people this option too. I like Briella too, but it feels like a full name rather than a nickname. It can work, though! I was born before HSM, but I loved the whole movie series and part of this was the fact that the main female character shares this name and has a similar personality to me lol! It was the first time I heard my name in pop culture, and have noticed that it's not as rare as I once thought. It still feels unique to me, not too common, so I'm alright with this. I believe truly that "the name makes the person" to a considerable extent, so I'm glad this is mine :)
I was named pre HSM and absolutely love my name. No one at my school, both primary and secondary had this name, nor at my college so it's very unique (to me at least). Inevitably I get called Gabi now and again which I've learned to love, but when I was younger (0-11) I was called Lella, which people said suited me because I am very shy and soft-spoken. Now I get called a whole range of different things which is great because it feels more personal between me and who I am speaking to. I've been called Gabrielle, Gabi, Gab, Gabbo, Brie, Briella, Brielle, Ella, Elle, Bella, Belle, Gabrie, Gabria, Ri, Rielle, and Riella. I love them all.
My name is Gabriella and I didn't like the nickname "Gabby" at first, but after a while, I managed to warm up to it. Everybody usually does and now I actually DO like being called Gabby rather than my full name.
I am latina and my mom named me Gabriela because my dad's name is Gabriel. I was born 1993 and some people call me Gabby and in Spanish Gavi. When I'm asked what my name is I say Gabriela my name completely does not bother me at all to be called Gabby. I feel like it fits me, I love to talk lol but not in an annoying way. I'm a people's person, I'm pregnant and if I have a girl I might name her after me but I will pick out a middle name because I don't have one. I personally haven't met another Gabriela but I have met Gabrielle and for latinos to us it sounds like a guys name but in English I guess it sounds ok, but if I name my daughter after me, hopefully she can be called by her middle name or Ella or Bella because then we are going to get confused with our names but we will see. I love my name, I love it, I just love it so much I'm so happy my mom named me after my dad ☺.
Hate, hate, hate this name. Gab reminds me of jab, which reminds me of punching, which reminds me of fighting, so I can only associate the name with a brat who fights.
My name is Gabriella, I was born in 1990 before the name became very popular. I grew up as the only Gabriella in my class, in the era of Christinas and Alexandras or some variant of those names. My family and closest friends have called me Bella my entire life (I’m also from an Italian family). Even when people ask me what I want to be called and I tell them “Bella”, they still end up calling me Gabby (which I can’t stand, even though I have nothing against the name itself, it’s just not mine), so I’ve learned to deal with it. If you love the name Gabriella but hate the nickname Gabby, I would think twice about naming your daughters this name, very few people will remember to respect your wishes. I’m from the pre-High School Musical/Twilight times, and I've noticed the amount of Gabriellas and Bellas is really getting out of hand. Though I love both my name and nickname, now as an adult I tell people they can call me by my last name, which is more unique.
My name is Gabriella and I am absolutely in love with it. I don't know a lot of Gabriellas so its quite uncommon. I was born in 1999 so my name had nothing to do with High School Musical. My mom told me that the only thing when she named me Gabriella was that she didn't want people to call me Gabby. All my friends call me Gabby and I'm fine with it. I don't think its tacky or ugly. My family calls me Bella because I am from an italian family so Bella in italian means beautiful. In my opinion Gabby is a cute nickname and if you thought it sounds like a name for a girl who talks a lot you should know that I'm actually really shy. Also my name is really easy to write and easy to say. It doesn't take long to write cause I'm so used to it. If you think Gabriella sounds like a snotty, girly name, I am actually the opposite. Aha. So I recommend this name to women who are about to have a babygirl.(:
I think Gabriella would be better as a middle name rather than a first name. I also like the spelling 'Gabriela'.
This name is very popular in the United States.
This is my cousin's name, she goes by Gabby. She was born in 2000, so no, High School Musical had nothing to do with her name.
I really love this name, so much, it's one of my favorites. I would name my daughter this... if it wasn't getting so doggone popular! Seriously, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY PREGNANT FRIENDS is having a daughter, and ALL OF THEIR NAMES ARE GABRIELLA! This name is skyrocketing on the most popular baby names charts, and it's rising by the year. It's right up there with Bella. You know how every time you meet a girl, you know most likely her name is Emily or Ashley or Hannah? Well, a few years from now, when you meet a girl, you're going to know her name most likely is Gabriella or Isabella or Emma. Which is sad, all of those lovely names being ruined because parents couldn't come up with anything other than the latest trend. I feel sorry for all the Gabriellas in 2016, who probably know 8 other girls in her class who go by the same name.Gabriella 1: Hey Gabriella!
Gabriella 2: Hey Gabriella! What's up?
Gabriella1: Oh nothing, just hanging out with Gabriella and her cousin Gabriella. Hey look, there's Bella!
Bella: Hey Gabriella, hey Gabriella. My science partner is Bella and the girl sitting behind me in class is Bella and my next door neighbor is Bella. Where's Emma and her best friend Emma and her brother's girlfriend Emma and her aunt Emma?
I love the name Gabriella. So many nickname possibilities. Don't like Gabby but others are nice. Gabriella is a feminine form of Gabriel which means God is my strength. It's a good strong name yet feminine and not wildly popular. We did not name our daughter Gabriella because of High School Musical we just love the name. We decided on it before that even came out. It has been a name in royalty, actresses, singers and olympians.
I dislike Gabriella, Gabrielle is a far nicer name. The addition of the A on the end looks like a pathetic attempt to differentiate it, and 'feminise', as I call it, from Gabrielle, since the form with only one L is used as a masculine.
I think this name is quite a lovely name, and at first sounds really overly girly and sickly sweet, but after hearing it for a while I definitely think it is more usable than I originally had thought. Although the association with High School Musical kills it a bit for me, I think it is still a usable name. :-)
Really tacky and ugly.
I love this named! I wish I was named this, but I still like my name=) I think if you had to do a nickname I would do Ella... but I think it sounds better without a nickname.
I love the name Gabriella but it annoys me that whenever someone hears Gabriella these days the first thing that pops into mind is "Vanessa Hudgens and her scandalous photos". I think the name suits a shy girl. I hate the name Gab or Gabby.
I like the spelling Gabriela better. It's a really pretty name though, and my fave nickname for it is Brie or Brielle. :)
I think people who are named Gabriella should go by Briella, Ella, Elle, Brielle. Anything but Gabby. It's an insult.
In Italy Gabriella was typical of the 1940s. It was the 3th most popular name in Rome in 1941 (behind Annamaria and Anna, with the double name Maria Gabriella 25th) and the 7th in 1946. Today it doesn't sound totally old, but it's not even popular. I guess most Italians could hardly believe it's being so fashionable in English-speaking countries!
The Italian pronunciation is gah-BRRYELL-lah.
I'm pretty sure that's not the ITALIAN pronunciation of the name.None the less, this is my daughters name and she was born way before those HSM movies came out. It's a really popular name in Spanish-speaking countries but it's spelt with one L, same in Portuguese. This is the Italian spelling, but I've met Spanish Gabriellas.Lovely name.
I think this is a beautiful name, but I don't like the nickname Gabby. It sounds like someone who talks too much.
Nicknames: Gába, Gabby, Gábika, Gábina, Briella.
On paper, I tend to hate this name. But yesterday, I met someone named this, and I couldn't get over how pretty the name is in person.
I like this name, and Gabriella Cilmi has made me LOVE this name!
Absolutely gorgeous and upper class. I'm using this as a middle name for my first little daughter. :)
Rising singing sensation, Gabriella Cilmi.
UGH. This name was NOT popular until those High School Musical movies. I can't stand them, and neither can my kids, so they don't watch them, but I still don't like this name. I especially don't like "Gabby". This name is too long for a kid to have to write. I wouldn't name my kid Gabriella, it sounds too little kidish. But my son did name our cat Gabriella.
I used to like this name, but after High School Musical, I can't stand it.
Gorgeous name! I love Gabriella Montez! Now, whenever I hear this name, I think of a young, beautiful shy Spanish girl with warm heart!
Gabriella is a great name and I love this spelling.
I love my name because it's classic, has a ton of nickname possibilities and it's relatively uncommon (though it's climbing ugh). I go by Gabbi. Sorry if you think it's tacky. ^_^
There's a Gabriella Montez on High School Musical, played by Vanessa Anne Hudgens.
This is my name (obviously) and I love it. It's classic but not common and I never had to go by "Gabriella H" or "the Asian Gabriella" in school. I go by Gabbi, usually. I absolutely HATE Ella, mainly because it reminds me of fat annoying girls.
It's pretty, but a mouthful.
My sister's name is Gabriella. We resort to calling her Gab (I don't like Gabby either).
I hate this name, it's too girly, and too icky!
I LOVE this name! It is my favorite name EVER! But in my opinion, I actually DO like the nickname Gabby.
Much better than Gabrielle, in my opinion. I would never use Gabby as a nickname, it's tacky (as said above). I would probably use the nicknames Brie (pronounced: BREE) or Ella.
This is one of my favorite names! It is very beautiful and graceful. If I had a daughter, her name would be Gabriella. The nickname Gabby is better as Gabi. It is not that tacky.
Love the name, would use Gabby as a nickname, too.
I much prefer Abriella. I hate the nickname Gabby. Abby, however, isn't that bad. You can also play with this name. Aubriella, Ambriella, etc. I like to stick to A's, but you get the point. Brielle is such a beautiful flowing name that sounds great with almost any combination.
I absolutely love this name, Italian names are the best, all of them are so beautiful. This is the name of my friend by the way.
This is a beautiful name for a girl. Very feminine and strong and not extremely common either. While I'm not crazy about the nickname Gabby, this name presents another pretty alternative, Ella.
I love this name, it's been my favorite for as long as I can remember.
Hate the nickname Gabby. It is really tacky.
It's too fluffy.

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