Not much better than Gay, but at least the e makes it more visually decent.
Gail is better.
Even worse than Gay. What is this? Lmao.
What is this? No matter how you spell it, it sounds terrible.
It doesn't matter how you spell it, a child with this name will get teased.
Wow. I think Gay is a pretty name. Maybe if I change the spelling to Gae, my girl should have a successful life! No! Nice try! You aren’t getting off that easy! Gay is a terrible name to give to a child, and no alternative spellings will make it any more acceptable.
At least it’s a great alternative to the spelling that will get gay people triggered. This spelling is a disguise :)
Even uglier than Gay.
One of the top 100 ugliest spellings.
I find it difficult to believe that anyone would actually call their child "Gae". It looks like some failed attempt at creating a variant of the name "Gay", probably in hope to try and hide the real meaning of it in modern times. Gay is a silly name anyway - even before the meaning changed, it would still be like calling your child "Happy". Changing the name Gay to Gae doesn't make it any less ridiculous; it actually makes it even more ridiculous. Please, do not use this name. EVER!
This could make a cool middle name, I think. It would be less embarrassing plus, the alternate spelling subtracts from the negative assocations.
Gae is also the Korean word for dog.
I like the spelling Gae more! Also it is sad how this name is abused by the immature. But that is society for you. However, due to the turmoil the wrong have caused, I would only ever use this name as a middle name. If I were to use it! Or possibly use it as a nickname to another name maybe like Gail or something. But more than likely if I ever chose this name I would only use it as a middle name. Another spelling is Gaye. Aside from the obvious spelling of Gay.
Knowing how the minds of so many people work, especially in the US, this isn't the best of name choices. If you like this, you might as well name the girl Gabrielle and call her this.
Who in their right mind would name their kid this?!
To the person who asked who would name their kid this, there was a time when 'gay' had a different meaning than it does today. Until recently, the word gay meant happy or joyful. A lot of people really liked the meaning I guess and used it for their daughters, not knowing that the definition of the word would change so vastly. This spelling could possibly be influenced by the spelling Mae for May, a similar sounding name.
"Hello! I'm Gae. Who are you?" If that were my name I would so change it! It would be weird.
It's still an embarrassing name, even if you spell it differently.

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