I think I this is a pretty decent name considering I actually have it. It's generally pronounced
As written by others, it's not related to Gwenael at all.
It's not from Gwenaël but from the name of Celtic people : Gaels (from the same root as Gaelic).

It also has been used in Brittany as a short form of Judicaël.
On the American TV show "How I Met Your Mother", Robin had a brief fling with an Argentinian guy named Gael, played by singer Enrique Iglesias. In the show, it was pronounced "Guy-elle".
This is my cousin's middle name, except it is pronounced (guy-elle), and it doesn't have the accent. I think the name suits him, and it's cute :)
In Irish, Gael is the word for Irishman, or in general, Irish person.
I have always been told that the Gaels were the Scottish Highlanders and well know for their fighting ability.
Gael is also part of the word Gaelic which is the name the Irish use for their language. Having ancestors from both Scotland and Ireland, I think I was named apropriately.
My research shows that the Gaels were originally an Irish tribe who have subsequently spread to Scotland and the Isle of Man, and appear to be the originators of the Gaelic language.

Different spellings of this name seem to have different meanings: "Gale" refers to the English synonym for "storm", while the spelling, "Gayle" is derived from the Old English spelling for "gaily", meaning "happy", as is the spelling "Gail".
And my research shows that the Gaels were likely of Hebrew ancestry, specifically from the tribe of Dan (Tuatha de Danaan). They migrated to Ireland and Great Britain the same way the Moors did later--that is, through Portugal and Spain. Other Danites settled in Scandinavia, and later also lent their influence to the clans of Scotland. Thus, the name Gael (from which we get the word Gaelic) is likely of Hebrew origin.
As for the Old English word for "happy," it's likely derived from the Hebrew word "gil," meaning "to rejoice." Gail (usually short for Abigail) thus means "joy."
Atarah Derek, sounds like you've hit paydirt.

Today, a story appeared in the Times of Israel showing the discovery of a clay seal from the First Temple period (

The seal bears the name of Elihana Bat Gael. Amazing, really.
There is the same one with another origin: Gael (Gah-El) in Hebrew. It's a rare Jewish name, its meaning is "disembarrassing", "emancipation".
Mexican actor Gael García Bernal, from Y Tu Mama Tambien (English: And Your Mother Too) and in Diarios de Motocicleta (English: The Motorcyle Diaries) as Che Guevara, bears this name.
This spelling has been transformed by the French. The Breton original is not supposed to have an "ë". It may come from a saint of Gaelic origin (a big number of the saints famous in Brittany. No reason to relate it with GWENAEL which meaning may be "the white angel" or it may come also from gwen-ahel.

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