I think it’s really pretty and beautiful as a name. I also love the meaning. Any girl who has this name is lucky.
Also Gascon: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Beautiful ❤️!
The Gaia I knew was a GAY-ya.
I love this name but I would pronounce it Gai-a and not Gay-a for um... reasons. I'm not homophobic and actually I'm not straight, but still, man.
Gaia da Camino (1270-1311) Italian poetess and noblewoman.

Gaia Servadio (1938-) Italian biographer, writer and artist.

Gaia Germani (1942-2019) Italian actress.

Gaia de Beaumont (1951-) Italian writer.

Gaia Tortora (1969-) Italian journalist.

Gaia de Laurentiis (1970-) Italian actress and Tv presenter.

Gaia Straccamore (1978-) Italian ballet dancer.

Gaia Bolognesi (1980-) Italian dubber and radio presenter.

Gaia Ranieri (1984-) Italian singer and TV presenter.

Gaia Rayneri (1986-) Italian writer.

Gaia Vuerich (1991-) Italian Cross-country skier.

Gaia Gorini (1992-) Italian basketball player.
I think it's an easy name to pronounce.
When I think about this name I imagine a woman with an extrovert personality and a positive attitude.
In my book that I'm currently writing, one of the main characters in named Gaiana and goes by Gaia. I also have a character named Giana, though I think it's alright to have a Gaia and a Giana. It's a beautiful name, and I even considered it as a nickname for my name (Maya).
I only like the Gie-uh pronunciation.
This name screams ugly.
Gaia is a beautiful name. Anyone who teases it because of the gay in it, is not worth considering or paying attention to. Besides, gay also means happy.
In a book I'm currently writing, "The Snow Princess", Gaia is the given name to the feminine element of Earth.
Gaia is pretty. But people may hear gay from it... which might lead to teasing.
Gaia is one of the few short names I like. Beautiful, exotic, unique, easy to write, cool symbolism.
Gaia Cauchi is a Maltese child singer and the winner of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013.
The character Chip from the Sonic the Hedgehog series is also known as Light Gaia.
My daughter's name is Galilea but we call her Gaia for short. Both names are other worldly.
Gaia Stone is the protagonist of the Birthmarked trilogy of books by the author Caragh M. O'Brien. She is a young midwife who rebels against the government Enclave in a dystopian future.
The Gaia hypothesis, also known as Gaia theory or Gaia principle, proposes that organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a self-regulating, complex system that contributes to maintaining the conditions for life on the planet. Topics of interest include how the biosphere and the evolution of life forms affect the stability of global temperature, ocean salinity, oxygen in the atmosphere and other environmental variables that affect the habitability of Earth.

The hypothesis was formulated by the scientist James Lovelock and co-developed by the microbiologist Lynn Margulis in the 1970s.
The name Gaia was given to 74 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
GAIA is a Greek name coming from the Greek mythology and is a collateral form of "γη" ("ΓΗ" in capital letters).
In Greek both: "Γαια" and "Γη" mean: Earth.
The pronunciation of "Γαια" in Greek is: Yea.
From Γαια-Γη derive the words and names: George, Geography, Geology etc.
The Greek letter "η" (eta) in Greek pronunciation is "i" (as the word: is) and in Latin is "e".
Gaia Bawden is a character in JK Rowling's new novel, The Casual Vacancy. She is sixteen years old.
The Gaia that is used in Italy probably comes from the Latin Gaius (Gaio in Italian), rather than the Greek mythological Gaia. In Italian the Greek Gaia is known as Gea (from the Latinised form Gaea).
I disagree. I think that the name Gaia in our country, Italy, is referred to the literal sense of the name. In fact, Gaia means "happy person, person with a joyful temper".
I stand corrected. As you say, Gaia means "happy" in Italian and that is the main reason behind the name's use in Italy.
But it is also a Latin name. It was used as part of the Roman wedding ceremony: "Ubi tu Gaius, ego Gaia" (as you are Gaius, I am Gaia).
Also an unusual feminine name in Czechia and Slovakia.
“Our world is in peril! Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, can no longer send the destruction plaguing our planet.”
I will never, ever shake the association.
Gaia is the name of a character in Ayn Rand's Anthem.
In Italy Gaia is a fashionable name. It ranks 14th of the most popular names in Italy in 2004 and in 2006.
The Italian pronunciation is GAH-yah. [noted -ed]
I've always heard it pronounced as GUY-uh.
There is a website called, usually shortened to Gaia. It has been described as the MySpace for anime nerds.
Usually spelled Gaja in Slovenia.
Also an unusual feminine name in Slovenia.
It sounds nice and isn't overused! I would consider it for a middle name.
Gaia Moore is the main character in the book series "Fearless".
I think this is a lovely name, definitely one of my favorites.
On the show "Captain Planet," it was Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, who recruited the Planeteers and gave them their powers.
Actress Emma Thompson has a daughter named Gaia.
In Portugal, there is a city called "Vila Nove de Gaia" (New Village of Gaia), which people usually call Gaia for short.

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