I very much prefer Abigail.
A bit masculine for my taste. Sorry. It's not really that I'm a fan of super girly names, but Gail strikes me as more of a man's name than a woman's, especially because of the pronunciation. I prefer other names.
Gail is from the Old English word gaile, meaning jovial.
Just awful. Nothing much to say.
Better than Gayle.
Very very very pretty.
Gail Jhonson is a smooth jazz pianist and the leader of the all-female smooth jazz band Jazz in Pink.
A notable MASCULINE name bearer is an American inventor: Gail Borden.There is also Gail Borden Ii as a MASCULINE figure skater.
This name can also be used as a MASCULINE name as a VARIANT of GALE, making it UNISEX.
Wikipedia DEFINES this name as UNISEX.
Gail Zappa was the wife of musician Frank Zappa.
According to Wikipedia, Gail was used equally for males and females until about 1930, after which its increasing use for females marginalized its use for males by about 1960. Some examples of males with this name are: Gail Borden, American inventor, 1801-1874; Gail Borden, American figure skater, 1907-1991; Gail Bruce, American football player, 1923-1998; Gail Goodrich, American basketball player, born 1943; and Gail Halvorsen, American Air Force pilot, born 1920. Actor Craig Stevens of Peter Gunn fame, 1918-2000, was born Gail Shikles Jr. (I'm sure the male name is not short for Abigail and surely the female name is not necessarily either. Perhaps this is really two names with separate origins.)
Seems okay as a nickname for Abigail, but a bit unpleasant as a full name.
I like it spelled “Gale.”.
Better than Abby as a nickname. It's great for a full name too.
Gail Kim is a female professional wrestler.
Avigayil is the Old Testament Hebrew styling of the English Abigail and it means "my father's joy" so I guess Gail is the "joy" bit. It's my given name and I'm always trying to find a substitute because to me it is blah. I've tried some pseudonyms but none stick. It does have an interesting history though. And people with foreign accents make it sound charming. Still deciding...
My name is Abigail, but Gail's better. It doesn't make me sound like an ignorant, innocent five year old like Abby does or an old fashioned housewife like Abigail does, and it has a good ring to it.
Gail is my given name and I've always considered it boring. One syllable, nothing there, no one famous has held the name (no one I know of, anyway). But I've never disliked it enough to change it. Just blah...
The name Gail was given to 15 girls born in the US in 2015.
I love my name! It's soft and sweet sounding. But watch out, I can be stormy if pushed.
I did change the spelling to Gayle because I thought it was more modern and fresh.
I also like the connection to the Irish Gaels. In fact, I met a girl from Ireland once named Gail, who spelled her name Gael.
I think Gail is a wonderful name. I think it can be used as a boy's name too, as a variant of Gail. There's a character in the first game of the series Dino Crisis called Gail, and he's a manly, rough person.
Gail McKinnon is one of the main characters in Irwin Shaw's novel "Evening in Byzantium". She also appears in an old TV movie of the same name.
Comic book writer Gail Simone is a famous bearer.
Gail Macaulay, played by Ann Blyth, is the main character of the touching 1950 movie Our Very Own. Gail is the oldest daughter of a typical American family who finds out when she turns 18 that she was adopted, and the movie follows her as she moved from anger and hurt to acceptance. I never really thought about this name much before seeing this movie, but though it isn't my favorite it has a nice sound and a pleasant connotation.
Gail is a Hebrew name. Gail means Joy of the father.
My name is Gail and I have never met another Gail under the age of 50. I'm 15 but what I have noticed is that when I'm reading movie credits or author's names and stuff the most creative of jobs are given to Gails. It is my belief that Gail is a creative and normally well liked [personality].
This is my mom's name! I like the name, but I get irritated when people spell her name wrong, a lot of people spell it Gale.
The name doesn't have the most pleasant of sounds because of the dark 'L' sound, but I prefer it to Abigail. At least the name is short and simple. It's quite plain and boring, but it's still better than Abigail, as the nickname Abby makes me think of little girls and convents. This is a mature enough name.
My research shows that the spelling, "Gail" is derived from the Old English spelling for "gaily", meaning "happy", as is the spelling "Gayle". The spelling "Gale" is simply an English synonym for "wind storm".Also worthy of note: The Gaels were originally an Irish tribe who have subsequently spread to Scotland and the Isle of Man, and appear to be the originators of the Gaelic language.
Gail Wynand of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead.
Maybe this would be a good name for a weather forecaster.
I personally love the name Gail. My wonderful music teacher is named Gail, but it is not short for anything. Because of my association with Gail, I always think of music blowing on the wind.

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