It's gorgeous. People should use Lord of the Rings names more often.Arwen, Elanor, Eowyn, Galadriel - they are all lovely.
Name of the day 9/22/2021.
I like the meaning and spelling but I dislike the pronunciation.
I've loved this name ever since my fourth grade teacher read us the book The Great Gilly Hopkins. It was the full name of the title character.
I don't like the name, love the meaning.
I LOVE this name! I wish it was my name. But it's definitely on my Top 5 Girls names! I might even use it as my pen name for my books! I LOVE Tolkien, so I'm kinda...yeah...
The Great Gilly Hopkins's name is Galariel, and I look like the actress who played Gilly...another reason I like the name.
Don't like the name, but the meaning is wonderful.
Galadriel sounds like an odd name but unique at the same time.
I think it's a lovely name and I agree with Sam Gamgee that Galadriel is AMAZING but I wouldn't name anyone it. It's very long and fluttery and works best on Galadriel herself. I love Tolkien's names as well, I am named after the Rohan people, but I would use a different name that is still unique but not too wild, like Daeron or, while not a Tolkien name, I am quite fond of Meriadoc.
Never even heard of this name, so beautiful! Would make a very good middle name.
Not exactly well known, but Tolkien was actually upset that people used the names in his books for real people. It takes a certain amount of level headedness to separate yourself from an “obsession” (in this case a great piece of fiction). Using those names in real life takes the obsession too far.
We have named our daughter Galadriel. She is an adorable three month old baby, so we have to wait to see if she would be glad with her name.
Not at all corny. The diminutive would be Gayla, and most people are apt to shorten names down to single consonants, e.g., Elizabeth /Liz or Beth.
The meaning is pretty, but it's kind of corny to name a girl this.
Tolkien himself translated 'Galadriel' as "glittering garland," "Maiden crowned with gleaming hair," and "maiden crowned with a radiant garland". Others have suggested that Galadriel consists of 'galad' ("light, radiance") + 'rî' ("crown") + 'iell' ("daughter"). Tolkien himself stated that the element 'galad' had no relation to Sindarin 'galadh' ("tree", or Silvan 'galad' "tree"), but people outside Lórien often made that mistake and called her 'Galadhriel' ("tree-garland") instead.
Tolkien Gateway has this for the pronunciation: [ɡaˈladri.el]
Wikipedia has: [ɡaˈladri.ɛl]
You can listen to the pronunciation here:
I love this name so much but I don't think I could put my child through that. But a cute nickname could be Gabby if they didn't want such a unique name.
My name is Galadriel Ambre Aline (then last name/family name). I was teased at school for not being blonde, tall and elegant etc... Kids can be mean. But I love my name. My mother always told me it meant "lady of light". My middle names in my country mean "jewel" and "fair"/"beauty" (and my family name basically means "woodworker") which I think and my parents would agree go very well together. My friends call me Gala and my little brother and grandpa call me Galine.
My siblings are also named after fictional characters; Cherlindréa from "Willow" and Gringoire from "Notre-Dame de Paris". Our names are quite rare and unique, though sometimes annoying to explain why we were named so.
Funny story... a friend of mine's mum has a dog named Galadriel and it kinda became way too awkward that she stopped inviting me over. So naming kids after fictional characters has its up and downs, just double check that it's not too far fetched and so on.
Galadriel Stineman is an American actress and model. She is best known for her roles as Gwen Tennyson in Ben 10: Alien Swarm and as Cassidy Finch in The Middle.
There's a character in "The Last Song" named Galadriel, though she goes by Blaze for most of the book.
My name actually is Riel, because my father thought I could be named after a Tolkien character and have a unique name at the same time. He always told me my name came from Tolkien Elvish, and I just wanted to say thanks for a great detailed insite to what my name means! Thank you all!
It's a lovely name, but I have to say that if I were to name a child after an elvish woman, I would use a different one... perhaps Luthien, or perhaps one I would find on combing through the Silmarillion... one that was pleasing to the ear but not as well known as Galadriel.
You are right. This name flows so well. It's disappointing to hear that lazy people are creating nicknames that are not as pretty. I very much want to give this name to my daughter. But I would need to have more children.
Lol, my name is actually Galadriel and my middle name is Lorien. I usually go by Gale because for some reason people don't know how to sound a name out.
I think Galadriel is absolutely stunning! I, however, am not game enough to use it as a first name. But I'll definitely consider it as a middle name. I also love the character in LOTR.
Late musician Duane Allman has a daughter named Galadrielle.
My name is Galadriel! I do not hate my parents; All I ever got was compliments for this name! Yes, I was named for the Lord of the Rings character, but that's awesome. Mostly, people do find it a bit cumbersome to say Galadriel, so they call me Rielle instead. Do not hesitate to name a child after your favorite book character! :D.
Galadriel is pronounced Gə-LAH-jree-el.
An actress, Galadriel Stineman has this name; presumably after the character.
It's really pretty. Far too much but really pretty.
This name does not look one bit feminine.
I have to say I love the name Galadriel. But I wouldn't have the courage to name my daughter that. If I met a woman named Galadriel, I would think her parents were Lord of the Rings fans.
Lady would make a cute nick-name! It's too tied to the one character though which is a problem but it is a very elegant name.
I like the name Galadriel, and I have neither read Lord of the Rings nor watched the film adaptations.
I read 'The Great Gilly Hopkins' as a child and found the story very touching.
It's a pretty name, and the LOTR character was awesome. However, it sounds quite silly as a human name. It also sounds rather obvious that the parents are obsessed with LOTR.
Beautiful name, neat character, but as far as naming a human this name, that would have to be a middle name. Unless you call her Gala for short, but other than that it's better as a middle name. I also love the ring she wears, it's so pretty! :)
It might have been an all right name before the LOTR films were made, now loads more people will know where it's from and it could cause teasing. I'm a fan of unusual names, though.
I like this name, but of course I couldn't use it. It's pretty.
Galadriel, pretty, sweet, and suggests an inner strength and beauty.
I love this name, not only because I'm a "Ringer", but because it's beautiful as it is! It flows off the tongue so nicely, like many other Elvish names. Legolas, Arwen, Elrond.
Hmmmm...Galadriel is a name I will associate with the character in Middle-earth. Association does not mean it is a bad name. Like with the comment above, Tolkien's Elven names sound pleasing on the tongue, and you can get the pronunciation to lilt off the tongue without much effort.This was the second cat's name, which we changed to Willow. It seems ridiculous. Having this name put on you can cause some 'elven' teasing, but the name is still beautiful notwithstanding.
Please don't name your child after a fictional character. Please.
Why should they not name their children after a fictional character?---It's been done for a very long time, except that usually people who do so happen to choose characters with more common names, instead of an invented one.
Pronounced ga-LAD-ree-ul.
The only difference between "radiant" and "light" in this case is that radiance is an adjective whereas, in this context, light is used as a noun. Galad means "light" or "radiance" A-N-C-E. Although the concepts are the same, it would be improper grammar to say "Galad"riel means "maiden crowned with a radiant garland". Maybe it means "maiden crowned with a garland of light/radiance", or something similar?
Galadriel is a beautiful name that suggests inner strength yet elegance. But Galadriel does not under any circumstance mean "Maiden crowned with a radiant garland". I know something of Tolkien's Elvish and the Elven word "galad" does not mean radiant, or gold, it means "light". I'm not sure about the suffix "riel", bu it does not mean "garlanded maiden", because in Elvish names, the suffix "wen" means "maiden". If anything, it would be my guess that Galadriel means "Lady of Light" or "Queen of Light", for in Tolkien's books Galadriel was the Queen of Lothlorien, and was often referred to as the Lady of Light.
The word galad means "radiant" in Sindarin from gal or kal meaning "shine." The word riel means "garlanded maiden" from the root rig meaning "twine, wreathe."
Actually, 'riel' does mean 'garlanded maiden' in Sindarin. 'iel' is a feminine suffix, and the 'r' comes from the verb 'rig', meaning to wreathe. And yes, 'galad' can mean 'radience' or 'light' - the concepts aren't that dissimilar. In fact, 'galad' comes from the Sindarin 'kal' meaning 'to shine'. And I'm getting this from a documented source, so I'm not making this up.
I didn't like that name, because my second name is Galadriel. I don't know how my parents came on that stupid idea. My name's Michelle Galadriel Hermine (the German Hermione) and then my surname. I hate my parents!
I'd never have the guts to use it, but I do think the name is absolutely gorgeous. It's also the full name of Gilly in Katherine Paterson's excellent children's book "The Great Gilly Hopkins."
Galadriel is also, apparantly, the grandmother of Arwen Undomiel.
"Galad" also means "gold".
"Galad" does not mean "gold" — that is "laurel." "Galad" means "light."

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