It ain’t that bad.
ciara23  3/16/2021
Stop with all these hate comments! This is my daughter's name and she is 15 years old on the 14th of January. We do not regret naming her this and she really suits it!
― Anonymous User  10/29/2020
I agree with some other commenters that it sounds a bit harsh. To me it doesn't really fit as a first name, maybe a middle name though.
Snowlilly612  1/7/2020
I like this name. I think of the Steven Universe character, and the name already gives off a strong vibe as is. I think it'd be kind of cute as a middle name, because it also reminds me of my grandma and her favorite stone was the Garnet.
IronClocks  2/20/2019
Ugly and harsh. This gem name just doesn't work as a name.
kayisforkeen  9/12/2018
Garnet is the birthstone of January (my birthstone).
― Anonymous User  5/26/2016
Garnet is a main character in the TV show "Steven Universe".
Melly_clemmy  5/15/2016
Pretty stone, ugly name. It just doesn't sound good.
― Anonymous User  12/7/2015
I don't think Garnet is cute at all but a lot of people do like it! I think it's a nice sounding word but as a name... it sounds frumpy.
silly_rabbit  7/12/2015
Actually "the yarn" in Swedish is pronounced "Ett garn", not "Garnet". So there's no need to worry.

I like this name, and I'm definetely going to use it for a character in my stories. :) It's as vibrant red and sassy as "Ruby", but "Garnet" is a lot less common and a lot more old-fashioned, pretty good for a British girl in my opinion. There's a character named Garnet Barker in "Double Act", a novel by the English writer Jacqueline Wilson.

I do not think this name sounds harsh. I think it's a very strong name for a girl and may suit both a child and a grownup. Garnets are also the birthstone of January, so it's a great name for a girl born in the month.
Kuo-Yi  8/14/2014
Swedish is my mother tongue, so I should know. "Ett garn" means "a yarn" and "Garnet" means "the yarn".
Caprice  12/23/2015
I like it, despite the fact that "Garnet" actually means "the yarn" in Swedish!
Caprice  4/18/2013
Yuck. It sounds kind of like granite... It also sounds really modern, so I'm surprised to see that it's not. At least it has the classic/old fashioned aspect going for it. But I do not like the sound of this name.
― Anonymous User  3/17/2013
Sounds a hair-bit harsh!
SEC908  12/21/2012
This is my personal favorite name. It's absolutely beautiful. I consider it a girl's name. It does not sound harsh to me, rather it's strong and powerful.
Lady_Pup_30  4/27/2010
Ooh, pretty name! I love the colour and the way the gem seems to stand out as a glittery January birthstone. I love this name!
missBridget  7/13/2008
The name has a rather harsh sound to it.
slight night shiver  5/25/2008
In Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson, Ruby and Garnet are the names of the twins.
FairyGirl  6/20/2006
Princess Garnet is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy IX.
CodPor  4/1/2006
I love the name Garnet for a girl. I have a character by the name of Garnet, and I think it is lovely. Her full name is Garnet August Black. Very pretty. Garnet is my birthstone, and it would make a perfect name for someone with red hair.
author  8/15/2005

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